Zachary Levi sees his SHAZAM! Toys for the first time! | DC Kids

SHAZAM! Okay, I’m ready
to see my toys… …for the first time now. That’s me! Well, that’s not me, that’s Dr. Sivana. Oh, my gosh, that’s so cool.
That looks just like Mark Strong. He’s so charming and handsome
and evil, isn’t he? Oh, come on. Oh, come on! Guys, I got a Pop! I got a Funko Pop!
I finally got a… Thanks, Funko, you finally–
You finally came through! Oh, dude. This has been 38 years in the making. Well before Funko even existed. Thank you. I appreciate this. Oh, he’s so be–
He’s so beautiful. I’m gonna take that one right now,
in case they change their minds. Oh, this is so slick. Oh, he can move
in all the different directions. It’s like a real boy! And does this Thunder Punch?
I’ve seen this guy. Hold on. Stay there. Stay… Okay. Yeah. By the way, the likeness is perfect. You got my quads…
down, like, to a T. But I tell you what, though,
he looks pretty dope. Now they’re gonna fight each other. I win. Oh, and I didn’t even see this. Look at that. You can put on… You can put on my chest. Oh, that’s so cool! Oh, guys. Yeah, all right. I’m sold. I’m sold. SHAZAM! APRIL 2019

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