Yunie’s pullip doll photo tips

Hello, today Yunie would like to share 5 doll photo tips with you. Lack of light will usually result in poor quality pictures. Try shooting your pictures in daylight I prefer outdoor photo, but if I really have to shoot indoor I would do so on my window still. Although with camera, the quality comes with a price, You don’t neccessarily need an expensive camera for doll photoshoot. Two things I’ll always do with my camera: One, for close ups I always use macro mode. That means choose the ‘flower’ mode. Two, for shape image, always use a camera stand. If you don’t have one then use a box or pile up some books. Outdoor serves great background for photos, but indoor is easier to control. This is poor setting for a photoshoot. Try built yourself a setting. This is a makeshift room I created in 15 mins, and it’s ready for a photoshoot. No offense, but I’m tired of the pullip videos that shows pretty much just the doll’s head all the way. Try not make them stand there the whole time. Even with standing, do avoid using the stand as much as possible. Use different pose, length and angles. The video won’t be too interesting if it’s just the face the whole time. Try balance it out with some shot with not the whole face, or some with just the props. Of course, with more than one doll there’s more to see. So this is Yunie’s photo tips for now. See you soon.

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43 thoughts on “Yunie’s pullip doll photo tips

  1. @HoneyluvsJapan Not that I forgot some letters. Windows movie maker ate some. It happens to some videos of mine so I don't bother to explain.

  2. @Bratz2Angle889: I know about white balance. If the camera is good, then it's auto white balance would handle most of the situations. This is only a few brief tips so I don't think I'll talk about that here.

  3. @yuniedhc, okay but i don't have auto white balance, i change it manulay when im in a diffrent room. XD

  4. @kittzykk With dolls it's hard to take good shots at night, at least I couldn't do a good job. Try to get more room light, I'd say.

  5. u have such nice camera my camera is so stupid and looks all wierd and grainy cuz i got it or real cheap i want a nice 1 like yours

  6. I love the props!
    And where did you get the little strawberry tea set?It's super adorable 😀
    Great tips!
    I will definently try "macro mode" the next time I do a photoshoot of my dolls 🙂

  7. @smile2361 No, do they even look like tissue paper? They are color paper, those you buy in art supply stores.

  8. Thank you so much for this Yunie! I'm pretty new to photographing Pullips and this will help me A LOT!! (Even though my camera is awful T^T)

  9. Hellooo!! Where did u get those clothes…I got for my birthday a Pullip doll: Aya..Her dress is stuck so..Yeah She got something but its not fits perfectly.. So pleasssssee Say where you buyd it?!

  10. Hi Yunie!
    I was really stumped on what your pink background in this video is. In alot of pullip photography videos, they have these backgrounds! Would you mind telling me what it is or where you got it? Thanks!!

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