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What’s going on? Nothing that concerns YOU spacemen Okay 🙁 I better take a look anyway Uhh- woody? [NEW YTP BIG BANG] (Not this again) Buzz… was that you? [Teleporting to YTP Dimension] I don’t have time for this (QWISTOFF IS BACK) Oh no. Where’s that bonding strip [Audible Fear] (OOF) (OH SHOOT) Hahahaha. REAL FUNNY WOODY! [Still coming] [Rethinking life]>:D Darnit woody! (WE GOT A RUNNER, CALLING BACKUP) (OOOOOOF) OH I’M A SHAM! (Spiky patrol incoming>:D) MY..! (SLAM) [Insert roblox death noises] (Qwistoff is too OP. Nerf incoming) (YOUR GONNA MAKE IT) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH [N64 Death Noises] (Not enough eggrolls) Woody! (ONWARD) So.. We meet again, Buzz Litebeer DOHHHHH OHHGG YoU LiTtle [Le Deflect] (Lemme just keep shootin’) [DINK DI-DINK] DOHHHHHH [BONK x INFINITY] [True Pain] You’re going to pay for that! NAH ZURG [Ded] Hohohahaha! [BONNKKK] (Angry zurg noises) Didya miss me? [Ded 2.0] Kill them with one bullet, don’t get no deader. [Buzz goes Supersaiyan] (INCOMIINNNGGGGGG) [Soft landing] WAH! Its the chicken man! What are you talking about? You really are stinky Pete, huh? Right? I just want you to know that I will be sitting around a campfire making delicious hot schmoes. Oh, they’re called s’mores buzz (TAKE THAT BACK) OOF (Bro you stink at this game) OH NO! NO!! Ooh! You almost had him :c I’m never gonna defeat buzz! (Let’s calm down now) [Pickaxe turning noises] I tried reasoning with you woody… (This thing is pretty tight huh) .. but you keep forcing me to [Keeps screwing] [OFF] W a i t a m i n u t e . You turned on the TV. I don’t know how that television turned on [ON] (You think I’m buying this?) Prospector, this isn’t fair! [Fair.exe has stopped working] I’ll tell you what’s not fair Spending a lifetime on a fair store shelf watching every other fair be sold! Well, finally my FARE has paid off and no hand-me-down cowboy doll is gonna mess it up for me now! I’m officially freaked out. FAIRRRR HELP! BUZZ! GUYS!! It’s too late, Buzz! [Alohomora] [Xtra Tight Screwing] [Ninja Gas] I tried reasoning with you woody (AMBUSSSSHHHH) How did you get out of there! Woody, your in danger here, we need to leave now. It’s okay buzz, I actually want to go- YOYO (R u srs rn) Woody, stop this nonsense and lets go. Ahh, buzz… I can’t abandon these guys. They need me. Woody. You, are, a hairy fella. Stop with this thing Somewhere in that pad of stuffing is a toy who taught me that: I am Mrs.Nesbitt Well you wasted your time And another thing I WAS A YOYO x2 [YOYO x Infinity] (Sicc beats) (What.) Let’s go everyone (To the next scene!) YOOO YOOOOOOOO- OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SALE! Guys! Wake up, Wake up! Theres a YOYO- [WOODY.EXE has stopped working] (Are you kidding me right now) DARNIT WOODY YOOOY SARGE! Emergency role call! Red-Alert! All dirtbags fall in position now! Single-file! Lets move-move-move! (Shoot) [Still thinking about Yoyos] (Yeah… no) All civilians, fall in position NOW! Single-file, Lets MOO- Oh, for crying out loud. Hey woody! Ready to go to cowboy camp? No. [Real thonking hours] I d o n ‘ t w a n t t o p l a y w i t h y o u a n y m o r e . NO! NONO! DONT LEAVE, DONT LEAVE. hmm? Ready to go to cowboy camp? Yes! I’m saved! I’m Saved! Just kidding! (Woody is trash now) HAHA! So long, sucker! [WAKE UP FROM NIGHTMARE] Uhh, Woody? [FEAR] Strange, little man. a-a-a-ah OOF a-OOF [Gravity is over 9000] OOOOF Uhh, Woody? WOODY are you alright? Yeah, yeah, I’m fine- All right then! (GET DUNKED ON) Wow! Impressive. [Audible Depression] (The final stretch!) Okay woody! Lets go! [Stinky punch] [Stinky punchES] Hey! No one does that to my friend! [Keeps doing it] Take that! Hey! [Woody uses TACKLE] (NO HOMO) OOF Get in the box! No! (GIT OFF) Your choice woody. You can go to japan together, or in pieces! You turned on the TV last night! Your bringing this up, now? I was a YOYO! Whatever. Gotcha! Idiots! (Low blow, dude.) Gotcha! Idiots! Children destroy idiots! You’ll all be ruined! Forgotten! Spending eter- Right over there guys! No.. No!!! (Pony Peril) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (There’s a pun here somewhere, I swear!) Yo, thanks to Pandocula, RookitMaster, as well as my other patreons supporting me right now. Let me know in the comments below. Are they called s’mores or schmoes. Thanks a lot. See you later (We are just glad you’re back!) (Don’t think I didn’t notice some megamind audio sprinkled in. There better be a YTP!)

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