XOXO HUGS – The Toy Vandal Takes our NEW Light Up Unicorns!

– [Child’s Voice] Tic Tac Toy! – [Lucy] This is a sponsored advertisement for Tic Tac Toys XOXO
Light Up Unicorn Hugs. – Well, I think we nailed our
newest XOXO Friends, Maya. – Yep, they’re glittery,
shimmery, and oh so sparkly. – And not only do they look adorbs, but we can still swap wings
between all our flying friends. – Let’s swap Luna and Clair’s. – [Maya] Great idea! – [Addy] Your turn Luna. – And swap.
– And swap. – This totally works. – And what do you think of
my new glitter bracelet? – Love the sparkly gold. What do you think of my
silver shimmery version? – So, so stylish. – I think all our Tic Tac Toy fans will fall in love with all these. – And they’ll simply adore the Light-Up Unicorn Hugs we designed. – Speaking of the new Hugs, Lucy should be back with them any minute. – OMG, I can’t wait to see them. – Wow, you got quite a
collection here, Boss. – Yes, but it’s not enough. I need more. (fingers tap) – More? But it looks like you have
every single collectible from Tic Tac Toy’s XOXO Collection. – I have what’s out in
stores, but I don’t have this. – Whoa, what are these? I haven’t seen these before. – Exactly. These are the Light-Up Unicorn Hugs. The newest addition to their line of toys. – Whoa, light-up Hugs? – Each package also includes
six exclusive Glitter Friends and six exclusive Glitter Wings. – Oh yeah. I see it right here. – Plus, there’s a bonus glitter bracelet that I need for my wrist. – Well, it looks like
you have them right here. So why don’t you just open them up? – Those boxes are empty, fool. Prototypes that have not been filled yet. – Oh, yeah, I see. – My Miscreant 73 swiped those boxes from their factory for me. – Well, when do these toys
actually hit the stores? – Soon, very soon. – Well, there you go. Just wait another week or two and you can buy some at the
store for your collection. – Who do you think I am, Miscreant 432? – Well, the Toy Vandal, of course. – Precisely. I am the Toy Vandal. Avid toy collector and
expert at toy sabotage. I do not simply buy toys at the store. – Oh yes, of course, pardon me. – I have a plan, and I
need your help with it. If all goes well, I will have these boxes filled very, very soon. (electronic music) – I think we got more glitter on the table than on our new XOXO Friends. – I think you might be right. – So which XOXO Friend do you
think turned out the best? – Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe Bops? She looks so cute all glittery. But Stella’s pretty cute, too. So sparkly. What do you think? – Hmm, I’m digging Koko or Star, probably. – But Addy and Maya are pretty epic, too. – For sure. – Addy, did you do that? – No, it definitely wasn’t me. – [Toy Vandal] Hello, Addy and Maya. – It’s the Toy Vandal!
– It’s the Toy Vandal! – [Toy Vandal] I’m a big fan of yours. – Thank you, I think. – [Toy Vandal] But I’m quite hurt that I have not received
any of your new creations. – Well, we’re still working on them.. – [Toy Vandal] Excuses, excuses. But that doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve already taken care of the problem. (laughs) – That was so weird. – And what did she mean when she said she’d already taken care of the problem? – Oh no! I think I know. Our XOXO Friends are gone! (ominous music) – Hmm, I must say, these are even cuter in person than I expected. Good work, Miscreant 432. – Why thank you. – Now, where are the light-up unicorn Hugs and my special edition Glitter Bracelet? – Uh, I didn’t see any of those in the Toy Makers’ Studio. Sorry. – Are you telling me that you
did not get the whole set? – Well, I turned the lights
off as you suggested, and it was pretty dark, and
those are all I could see on the table. – Unbelievable. (phone rings) Get out of my office immediately
so I can take this call. – Okay, very well, sorry. – Hello, this is the Toy Vandal, avid toy collector and
expert at toy sabotage. What do you want? (nails tap) Interesting, very interesting. I’ll be on my way. – It worked, the Toy Vandal fell for it. – Perfect, she’ll be far
away from her office now, hunting down the Light-Up Unicorn Hugs. – Which aren’t gonna be
where we told her they’d be. – Exactly, and when
she’s out of her office, we’ll sneak in and get
our XOXO Friends back. – It’s time to head to the
Toy Vandal’s headquarters. (tense electronic music) – Whew, no one’s here Addy. – Now where are our new
glitter XOXO Friends? – She’s got tons of
our toys on the shelves but I don’t see our new ones. – Uh-oh. I bet I know where they are. – Where? – In this safe on the Toy Vandal’s desk. – Oh no. I bet you’re right, Addy. – We have to figure out the combination. Why don’t you look through
her desk for any clues that might help us crack this thing. – Okay, good idea Addy. (tense electronic music) Oh no, there’s so many files here. – I’ll check the computer. There’s gotta be something somewhere. Uh, looks like I need a
password for this, too. – I think I found something! – What is it? – Check it out. It’s like four different clues. – Jackpot, there’s usually
four digits to open the safe. And it looks like these are clues to figure out those four digits. – One, number of Emmas, two,
number of Mayas and Addys, three, number of Purple XOXO Bracelets, four, number of Pop Stars. – That all seems a little bit confusing, but let’s not overwhelm ourselves. We’ll start with the first digit
we need to unlock the safe. – Okay, number one says number of Emmas. – Yes, now what does that mean? – Addy, Maya, I got the
Light-Up Unicorn Hugs! Addy, Maya? Where’d they go? That’s odd. I know they were super excited to see how Star and Stella turned out. Their fur is beautiful, the
wings are sparkly and swappable, and the manes are so cool. I wish they were here so
I could show it to them. And I wanted to wait for the girls to see the horns and the tails light up. But, oh I don’t think
I can wait any longer. – Okay, to figure out the first digit of the safe combination,
we have to figure out what the number of Emmas is. – Well, Emma’s the name
of one of our XOXO Hugs. – You’re right, just a second. Emma is the light purple poodle. See, she’s right here. – You’re right. Let’s go see how much
Emma the Toy Vandal has in her office. – Well here’s an Emma right here, Maya. That’s one. – And here’s number two! – You’re right! And there’s the third one! – Okay, let’s see if there’s any more now. – Okay, I only see three Emmas in here. So three must be the first
digit we need to crack the code. – But Addy, what about all these XOXO Hugs that haven’t been opened yet? We can see a few of them
have light purple fur, like this one, see? These could be Emmas too! – True, but we don’t know
if these are Emmas or Kokos. See, light purple could be Koko. They both have the same color fur. And the Toy Vandal wouldn’t know either. – Yeah, good point. – I bet the number that we’re looking for only refers to the Emmas
out of the package. – Okay then, let’s write
down the number three and then get on to our second clue. – [Addy] Okay, then. (upbeat music) The second clue says the
number of Mayas and Addys. – Well there’s only one real Addy and Maya in the office right now. – Yeah, but I don’t think that’s quite what the Toy Vandal means. (sneaky music) – Light-Up Unicorns, where are you? There are no Light-Up Unicorns here. Whoever called me lied to me, and I do not like being lied to. I’m going to head back to the office and rectify this situation. – Okay, so we know that
there are Addy and Maya XOXO Friends that kids can collect. – Right, there’s an AddyX, and AddyO, and a MayaX and a MayaO. – So let’s see how many
Addy and Maya characters are in the Toy Vandal’s office. That number has to be the second
number in the combination. – Sounds like a plan. Okay, here’s Swirly,
Button, Wally, and Vella. But no Addy and Maya yet. – There’s a bunch over
here, Maya, come over here. Here’s a Maya X and a Maya O, but I don’t see any Addys anywhere. – Neither do I, that’s strange. – Well let’s keep checking
out the other shelves. I don’t see any open ones over here. – Here’s a Silver, Clair, and Kiki, but still no Addys and no more Mayas. – Okay, well I guess the
second digit has to be two. – Two digits down and two to go. – And that means it’s
time for our third clue. Three, number of purple XOXO Bracelets. – All right Star, let’s see you light up. Just gonna press your paw. And your horn’s glowing
blue, and your tail too! Couldn’t be cuter! Now I have to check out Stella, too. All right Stella, time
to see you glow, too! And your horn lit up and your tail too! So super cool! Oh, I wish Addy and Maya were here. They’ll just die when
they see you two glowing. They’ll be so super surprised. – We know there’s one XOXO Friend, one pair of wings, and one XOXO bracelet in each of these surprise packs. – Yeah but the bracelets come
in so many different colors. We don’t know which surprise packs contain the purple bracelets. – Good point, the clue did say the number of purple XOXO Bracelets. – I think I saw some bracelets
that were already open over there on those shelves. – Oh, here’s some right here. And I see one purple one. – And look, there’s some way up here. Help me, Addy. – I got ’em. And it looks like there’s
two more purple ones. – So that’s three total. Hey, there’s more over there. Two more, that makes five. Five has to be the third
digit in the combination. – Which means we only have one digit left to crack the code, open the safe, and get our XOXO Friends back. – We can so do this. (mysterious music) – [GPS] You will arrive
at your destination in five minutes. – Perfect, just perfect. – Here’s the clue for the last digit. Number of Pop Stars. – Pop Stars, like Taylor Swift? What in the world does that mean? – I have no idea. – There you go Star, and let’s
get you in the box, Stella. Now I just need those girls to come back with the XOXO Friends, the
wings, and the bracelets, and we can get you guys off to the stores. Hurry back, Addy and Maya. We gotta get going. – We have to figure this out quickly. I don’t know how much time we have left before the Toy Vandal gets back. – Okay, okay, let’s think about it. Number of Pop Stars. – Hmm, I think I’ve got it! – Perfect, what does it mean? – Well, you know how each of our XOXO Hugs come with an accessory kit? – Yeah. – Well, what are the
accessory kits you can get? – Well our Hugs could get a chef kit, a unicorn princess kit, or a pop star kit! – Exactly. – Okay then, let’s see how much of these XOXO Hugs have pop star kits. – Let’s do it. Well Izzy here has the
princess accessory kit, so we won’t count this one. – But check out Emma! She has the pop star kit! She even got her microphone in her hand. Or maybe I should say in her paw. – And look, Koko has the
pop star accessory kit, too. That’s number two. – This Izzy is a chef
and Bella’s a princess. So we won’t count them. – Look, I found another Emma with a pink pop star accessory kit. That’s number three. – Emma’s a chef, Izzy’s a
chef, but Glitter’s a pop star. She’s number four, Addy! – Great, I think that’s all of them, Maya. – So the last number of the
combination must be four. – [Addy] Three, two, five, four. – Now let’s bust this baby open and get our XOXO Friends back. (sad music) (heels click) Three, two, five, four. – Here’s the moment of truth. – I think it worked! There they are! – I knew we’d get you guys. It’s Addy O and Stella! – And I got Sweet Hops and Maya X. So glittery and pretty. – Let’s grab them all and
get out of here quickly. (dramatic music) – Someone is going to
pay for that unnecessary field trip that I just took. At least I still have my new XOXO Friends. (buttons beep) (screams) Addy and Maya must be behind
this, and they’ll pay. – So, so precious! – These turned out cuter than
I could have ever imagined. – I couldn’t agree more. I especially love Stella. – And I especially love Star! – Well perfect. I’ll pack Star in the box that comes with Addy’s XOXO Friend. – Great idea! – There you go, Star. – And Stella can go in the box
that my XOXO Friends are in. – Exactly, perfect. There you go, Stella. – That worked out perfectly. – I’m just glad you two
outsmarted the Toy Vandal and we got all the XOXO Friends back. – Me, too. – Should we get these samples off to Target and Wal-Mart now? – Absolutely!
– Absolutely! – [Lucy] This was a paid
advertisement for Tic Tac Toy’s XOXO Light-Up Unicorn Hugs. (upbeat music)

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