[Xiaomi] Smart Vacuum Robot, 2nd generation – Roborock Sweep One [full overview + tests]

Hey what’s up! Today we’re gonna take a look at the new vacuum robot 2, which just got out in the xiaomi store and his new floor cleaner does not only vacuum and sweep but it can actually mop your floor
as well. -How about that… let’s go! In the box you’ll find the vacuum cleaner, some instructions, a water reservoir, two mops, extra filters, the
docking station and the power adapter. If you’re familiar with the first
generation Xiaomi vacuum cleaner You’ll notice that this second generation looks
very similar. But this one has improved laser tracking, it can ride over higher thresholds, and it’s got a floor mopping feature so it’s definitely an
improvement over the first generation. The vacuum cleaner robot can be
programmed to clean portions of the map it can be programmed to clean at certain
times and it’s got built-in Wi-Fi allowing you to set it up with the Mi
Home APP. However, you should be able to use it standalone as well, but it’s got a lot more features when you’ve got it set up in the app. This thing has a lot of sensors on board. On the front there’s this rubber bumper that detects collision, the LDS sensor on top scans the surroundings there’s four anti-drop sensors, an edge-sensor,
virtual wall sensors, and a sensor that locates the charging-dock to autonomously go back to the docking station when its power gets low. The Roborock came with an extra filter which, by the way, can be taken off
and cleaned with water as well and these filters and brushes can be additionally bought but each of them should last you for about 200 to 300 hours of cleaning so they should last for a pretty long time. It has a 5200 mah battery that should be able to clean for 2.5 hours, or about 250 square meters. It uses 55 watts with a maximum suction power of 2,000 PA… I don’t know exactly how strong that is in comparison with others, So I’ve lined up a whole bunch of stuff and I have placed all of it in the center of the path, as well as next to the wall to see how well it would sweep that up. So in the first run you’ll notice it has some trouble with the torn-up paper… all of it actually gets sucked in except for a few small pieces of paper and that’s probably because these are quite large. It left behind a few crumbs of the
stepped-on cookies but the rest is all gone. so I did a second run and I was
quite surprised to see that really everything had been swept up. I believe
the manual suggests to vacuum at least once or twice before using it with the
floor mop installed. Make sure you first fill the reservoir with water and soak up the mop with water as well. Insert the mop on the
water reservoir, and install the water reservoir on the backside of the vacuum
by simply sliding it in place until it clicks. So in this instance I did a third
sweep with the mop attached and that works really really well for such a
simple mopping system. Also good to note is that the vacuum cleaner might not
make it over two centimeter thresholds with the water reservoir attached. Let’s look at how to install it in the app. First you gotta make sure that the
dock is powered and that the vacuum is placed correctly in the dock. When you power it on you’ll hear a pretty happy sound, followed by a message saying that the vacuum is charging. You can open up the lid to see if the Wi-Fi is enabled, after which you can install it pretty much like any other device within the Mi Home app. After its installed you can let the vacuum cleaner do its first run and it will map out the areas and actually create a map inside of the device page in the Mi Home APP. Once it’s vacuumed the whole floor once you can set up the vacuum cleaner to go on a cleaning session and you can also select
a portion of the map to be cleaned as well, and it will just clean that
specific portion. It should have a built-in stairs detection so I had to
test that out, and to my surprise that worked really
really well! It was the first time I ran it in this hall. And at the end of the hall there’s a staircase… So I was quite happy to see that it really
detects these stairs, and that it doesn’t run off them. – actually it does that really
really well. it should also be capable of going over to centimeter thresholdswhich is a significant improvement over the first generation. Unfortunately, my
doors thresholds are quite a bit higher than that and it didn’t like that…. I did try it out with a magazine and I did some tests to see how it would work. So, I did not manage to get it over my four centimeter high thresholds, as I kind of expected, however it did manage to go over these magazines… I guess you’ll really have to either make a sort of a ramp on your threshold or simply get lower thresholds. In the Mi Home APP you can do a lot with the vacuum cleaner. You could remotely turn it on but also select a portion of the map to be cleaned. You can also pause the cleaning and have it returned to the dock. In the settings you can set up the timezone and volume settings of the spoken notifications. Here you can also choose to mute those if you want. And you can set up timers in case you want scheduled cleanups and under cleanup mode you can
set its suction strength from quiet-mode to turbo and maximum. There’s a bit of a
difference in the level so I’ve tried to capture that for you right here. *Vacuum sound You could additionally download a whole bunch of different Chinese voice packs, and a English voice so there’s not much choice here. Maybe I can send you guys some
voice packs of my voice…..? starting cleanup *Starting cleanup* You can turn off notifications, as per default you will get a notification when it’s done with cleaning. Under general settings you can change its name, share it with other people, and install firmware updates. Under the care menu you can see stats of when you can replace the filter and the brushes and when you should clean the sensors, as these can get dusty every 30 hours. Besides that you can find a user manual and an option to locate the Roborock, when you don’t know where it is, I guess …. So to conclude:I think it’s a really awesome device needless to say I am very much impressed with its functions and it works surprisingly good. I personally wish they could have made it go over three centimeter thresholds, but yeah… It also seems they’ve made the dock a little less high on this second generation, which is really awesome as I can have the vacuum actually docked
underneath my sofa, so it’s really never visible. Also great to see is that the vacuum cleaners work really well with the Xiaomi AI speaker. I tried asking if it
would clean the floor and, yeah, that worked perfectly.
-laziness 3.0… so that’s it for the Roborock 2nd generation smart vacuum cleaning robot. If you like this video don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe to this channel -if you have not done that yet. Also if you want to buy the Roborock or any of its accessories I’ve put down some links in
the description below this video. As always thank you guys for watching and I hope to see y’all soon. Peace!

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77 thoughts on “[Xiaomi] Smart Vacuum Robot, 2nd generation – Roborock Sweep One [full overview + tests]

  1. Great video again. Unfortunately my wife doesn't like this kind of vacuum cleaner, I wanted to buy for her but she said that the classic one is better. From my point of I would like to have one. Maybe in the near future. 👌

  2. Love your videos, I have a few yeelight white bulbs and a rgb yeelight strip with two bedside lamps ordered. I see you are using the ai speaker. Can these products work with google home excluding the xioami's gateway?

  3. Great video. You should do a giveaway for this!!!! 🙂 boy i would really like this one but it is too damn expensive for my taste. robot vacuums can never replace the classic ones unfortunately. still…. living on my own…. i would love this thing. maybe if some day the first generation drops to 150 euros…. i will consider buying that one .

  4. The whole big thing about this is the mopping feature, and you spend 2 seconds saying oh yeh it works really well and that’s it??? How about an in depth review of its mopping ability

  5. Your gearbest link takes me to a pre-order now and selects the service generation model. What is the 'second generation international' version. That's available now, but $300 more.

  6. anyone knows for sure what is the difference between the second generation and the second generation international version EU plug? cannot be just the plug, considering the price gap is very big

  7. Xiaomify can you create an in-depth video with an issue that most people will face? A test on various carpets including shag carpets. Also would be interesting if we see what happens if the mopping is switched on and it goes on a carpet. Thank you 🙂 you have a new fan!

  8. can you check if it's able to climb 2-3 cm thresholds? I have old wood flooring, and there's a small 1-3mm gap between each wood "stripe". Do you think the mopping function can still work? I'm worried that the water will leak into the gaps.

  9. Is the software the same with the first generation in that you can tell the app not to vacuum in certain areas of the home or just to concentrate on one area, etc?

  10. I bought Xiaomi second generation robot vacuum 3 weeks ago from China
    already the dustbin is stuck and won’t come out!
    I’m trying to find someone to help me
    I live in Australia
    I love the machine but so far the Chinese not been able to explain any solution.
    Should have bought from reputable dealer here in Australia .
    Have you any tips for me is there a simple solution and do your u know of repairers here

  11. Can you do the comparison with the previous gen (aka "the one without the mop")? Plus it would be nice to see what extra options are available if you use it with smart home setup.
    Anyway, very nice video.

  12. Hello! Thanks for the review. I've seen in some videos that this vacuum robot allows an integration with Google home. Is that true? Can you make a review of this? Thanks!

  13. Hi, Is it safe to use in wooden parquet floor? I felt like there were minor round scratches in the parquet after using it for the first time. Please let me know.

  14. Good video. First I have seen of this model demonstrating the mop function.

    Is the battery replaceable?

  15. Hi! I've recently bought the Roborock and am super happy with it. I'm very excited to use the 'Mop' Feature, however is there a particular way I can get the robo vac to only mop the hard wood floors? as I have a few rooms that are carpet, Thanks!

  16. I'm waiting for my robot to arrive, ordered one yesterday. And since I'm a YouTube kinda of person I off course watched a few reviews before I ordered. I must say yours was by far the best! A bit shorter then average, but very informative. Keep up the good work!

  17. Ciao, il robot puo' funzionare senza nessuna connessione ad internet? The robot is able to work without any internet connection??

  18. could you record a video when the vacuum robot start not to work or charge properly, please? it happens often. Until this moment the robot works perfectly. it's a pity that in six months it looses its charge activity.

  19. So I have a question. I've just installed LifeProof vinyl tile planks and they recommend to not use a strong Bristol brush, said over time it will start to show scratch marks. The planks appear to be durable enough but can everyone that owns the RoboRock S5 let me know in their own opinion whether or not the main roller bristles appear hard/course and or could cause damage to a floor over years of use? Currently I purchased the Dyson Animal Plus which has a soft roller and is designed for hardwood floors and the such, but I didn't realize how much I'd be vacuuming up cat hair every few days walking around with this cordless Dyson and to tell you the truth I realized I'm lazy. Hehehe.

  20. Liked your review, got convinced and bought one. Only 1 day active and wife and me very happy.
    Was impressed with the way the pack there item, the clear English manual the spare parts and the very easy setup.
    The vacuum cleaner does the job perfect has no problems with the rugs and carpets (aslong they are big enough so he can not push them aside or starts eating them 🙂 ).
    One of our carpets has poles up to 3cm and no problem. If water tank is attached the carpet is a very little damp. So depending on the quality of your carpet it's a do or don't.
    The mopping is working but not impressed by this function. (It will remove extra dust but it will not polish your tiles to a shine)
    The app is very good and clear but hoping for some improvements.
    – Would like to see some integration with desktop for accurate 'no go' and or 'boundary' settings on the mapping.
    – Would like to see added functionality for houses with more than 1 floor, switching between floors results now in some erratic behaviour.
    Next step IFTTT.

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