Wu’s Teas – LEGO NINJAGO – Full Length Episode

[Instrumental music] Thank you, and come back soon. [sighs] The new tea shop Steeper Wisdom seems to be doing even better than the first. [Jay snoring] Jay! [startled yelp] What? Huh? I need you to go to the back and grab some more black tea. I’m on it! Oh, and whatever you do don’t go to the hatch in the back corner behind the third shelf where I keep all my… Secret teas. Okay? In fact, forget I even mentioned this forbidden yet extremely enticing room full of magic. Ha! [laughing] Explosivi-tea , Hilari-tea! Haha! This is so cool! Mmm! This Antigravi-tea is nice and light… Woah! Woah! Uh! Augh! Woah! Woah! That is so cool! You didn’t drink any of my secret teas, did you? Um… no? Where did Kai learn how to float? Uh… the Internet? Okay… Checks out. Well, hurry up with the black tea. [poof] [all laughing] No no! Come back! What’s going on? That Coffee-Bot is stealing our customers! Look at those moves… It’s like it was built to boogie! Programmed to promote! Designed to- Pretty sloppy triple-twirl, if you ask me… I’ll show this amateur how a REAL “spinja” spins! [music starts] Spinny Sign-Off! It’s a spinny Sign-Off! [techno music] Wow! I want the tea HE had! [cheering] [music] Eh, tea is so 10 seconds ago! What? I need to heat things up a bit… [music] [Kai grunting] Kai, Stop! Your moves are too hot! Oh, that robot got BURNT! Well, at least no one got hurt- [Wu screaming] [sigh] [clarinet and dog howling] [thud] Make it stop! [groaning] Thank you… Thank you so much. Wow uh… Let’s give it up for Dareth… That was uh… Really… something… This music night… it’s turning into a total disaster! We’ve got to do something! Calm down! I’ve got something that’ll solve ALL our problems! Musicali-tea? There you go! Now sit back, relax, and let’s ROCK THIS JOINT! [music and cheering] Somebody once told me… They told me what do to… YEAH! I’VE NEVER PLAYED AN INSTRUMENT IN MY LIFE! I know! This is awesome! I don’t want to do the dishes no more! I don’t want to do the dishes no more! I don’t want to do the- [yelling] YEAH! [music] Alright, this next song is something we like to call… Exploder! [cheering] [music starts] Wow! I didn’t know that Nya knew how to play drums. And I had no idea Kai could shred so hard. Wait a second… Oh no… Musicali-tea! They drank an untested tea! They’re rocking too hard. We need a rotten berry to spoil their jam! Dareth, we’re all in serious danger! At any moment, they could hit… THE NUCLEAR NOTE! You know what they need? Some clarinet! Now, Dareth! [clarinet squeaking] Ah, we were killing it! Thanks a lot, Dareth… Ah, they couldn’t even get my name right! Wait a second! That’s it! Everyone knows that coffee shops can never get their customers’ names right! So… So, that’ll be our new promotion! We’ll get your name right, or Cole gets steeped in the giant teapot! Cool! Wait… What? Black tea for Jeremiah Bobblestein! Chai for Flerry McFloyster! Green tea for Bob… Rattlebottom? Woah! It’s working! Darren, your green tea is ready! Darren? Uh, it’s DARETH! Dude, really? Oh, uh… Right… [DUNK HIM! DUNK HIM! DUNK HIM!] Just get it over with, Darren… DARETH! [boing] [splash] [cheering] Oh, boy! So glad I bought this thing! Nya is going to bust a gut when I zap Kai! She’ll be like, “Oh Jay, you slay me!” [Nya laughing] So, the shark is zooming right at me when I realize it’s wearing my favorite jacket! No way! [laughing] Come on. Come on! Aha! Beau-tea. So, the dolphin said, “Eeh eeh eeh eeh-” Jay? You look… Different. Do I? Must have caught up on my… Beauty sleep. Hope my new look isn’t too shocking… Sup, dude! I’m Chuck! It’s super chill to meet you! Hey! [Jay is shocked] Sorry, bro! Hope my handshake wasn’t too… Shocking! Isn’t he hilarious? Gosh, I love funny guys! They’ll be here any minute. We need this place looking spic and span, people! No time to be lazy. This is a very important day for our shop. Lloyd, you can help Nya with the dishes. Jay, just work faster. There’s no room for error on a day like this. It’s all about- Surprise. kiddos! Allow me to introduce Ninjago’s number one health inspector: Mr. Righty Tighty. Mr. Tighty. We are honored to be graced with your presence. I trust you will find the place’ cleanliness to your liking. [Music start] Looks like you get a perfect score. Outstanding! (Explosion) oops MonstrasTEA? Whoofh, this is a little old… You are so ADORABLE! Wu, can we keep it? Please? How many times do I have to say? The policy is no pets-OH MY GOSH! Is that a baby panda? That has got to be the cutest little creature I have ever seen! Phil! Phil! Come and look at this! I’ll drink as much tea as I can stand; whatever it takes to be near that panda. Three green teas, please. You know what? Make that FORTY! Wah, new policy! Pets allowed! (Le poof) New-new policy: No pets allowed… Hey, Zane, buddy. You’re on such a roll you think you could just do the dishes, too? There’s hardly any… How about you do your own chores for once? EvErY dAy It’S tHe SaMe tHiNg! Z-z-zane t-t-take out the t-t-trash .teliot eht burcs enaZ. [dust the ceiling] WASH THE WIndows… PaInT mY ToEnAiLs. Well, today is the day I say- Oh, I’m sorry. I missed that! You were saying? What are you doing? Stop it! You are a monster! Okay, we were just having a little fun! That was fun, right? Oh, and look on the bright side: All our chores are done! I’m sorry, you were saying something? Uh, my name is, FLOYD. Uh huh, yeah. Please accept this decorative tea kettle as a welcoming gift from “Steeper Wisdom.” Hey, is that bird? She bought it! How’s it going in there? Great! Sounds like she’s taking inside now. When it’s quiet, I’ll infaltrate the vault. Then we’ll figure out what they’re putting the coffee that’s making people go BANNANAS for it! Lloyd, you’re never going to believe this: The thing making everyone go bannanas, is actually BANNANAS! Cole, sweep now, sleep later… Huh? What? Seriously?! Well, don’t just stand there Cole. Start sweeping! Sweep sweep! Come on. Oh Hey, bud. Think you could use some of that classic Kai fire power to get this thing up and running? and like there is a zillion customers out there, and oh you gotta be kidding me. You drank SereniTEA? And it’ll only be another second folks. Alright Kai… If you’re not going to give me some of that fiery rage, then I’m just gonna have to pry it out of you! Do you remember the time all your Halloween candy mysteriously went missing? I’ve never seen you get so mad. I’m the one who ate it!!! Your the dumbest person I’ve ever met!!! Fart breath! Fire powers are lame! Gosh, your sister’s great, isn’t she? Mind if I ask her on a DATE?! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a lovely day, sir. Scott Digato. Here’s your quad RoOnde Nonfat caramel Macchiato upSide-down! Can I help you? Hello. I’m a maintenance bot from Corporate Headquarters. Just popping by to perform a routine espresso machine check. Our espresso machine works perfectly! Uh oh, that’s always the first sign of trouble! Mind if I take a peak? Sorry, my internal lie detector was going off for some reason. The espresso machines right there. Can I help you? Can I get a tall triple venti half sweet Nonfat decaf soy latte which ten pumps of vanilla? Oh, and make it steaming hot! Just one quick question… How can a robot grow a mustache? It came with my new software upgrade… Oh, I have to download that. I keep ignoring the upgrade. Definitely. Well, everything seems to be in order here! That was close, but I did it. Nobody’s gonna want cold coffee. What is this? Iced coffee? Ah! This is delicious! Everybody, they got iced coffee over here! Late for the third time this week! I REALLY don’t want toilet duty again. Master Wu must be in the back room. I’ll just go straight to the front counter and act like I’ve been there the whole time. Ah good morning Master Wu! How are you? Yep, okay. I’m on it. Oh no, not again! Someone took my favorite white tea! Who did it? This can only mean one thing: those crafty coffee bots must be messing with us. Don’t worry Wu, I got this. According to the security system someone came into the shop last night at 2:30 a.m.. So without further adue: Those scroundrals! Got them now! Clearly those robots stole my pajamas, my favorite teddy bear, and just happened to share my tastes in tea… Okay, that’s enough! Everyone back to work… Hey, Jay, how about a bet? Oh. a bet! I love bets! Okay, heads, you have to do all of our chores. Tails, I leave and don’t have to do anything. Let me get this straight: You’re saying if it’s heads, I have to do BOTH our chores, and if its tails, you don’t have to do anything? Haha, you’re on! Now what? Hope you’re ready to be declared the LOSER! Oh, I’m ready, but no cheating. Winners don’t NEED to cheat, Cole. Careful! Here it is. Tails! But you said if the tails you oh, I see what he did there. Step right up, folks! Don’t be shy! See if you have what it takes to beat: The Incredible Zane; Chess Master Extraordinaire! If you win, your tea is free! Check. Check. Check… and mate. Can I get a check… mate?! I’ve… never… lost… Ladies and gentlemen: in a dramatic turn of events, it looks like we have a new reigning- My queen! You cheated!!! Hey, why don’t you QUEEN up your act? Steeper Wisdom v. The Coffee-Shop: the oldest rivalry known a man. When that Golden Mug award and we’ll never have to worry about business again. Golden Mug award? Only the most prestigious and coveted beverage award in all of the Ninjago! And we’re gonna win that trophy, got it? Why are you Cheering? We lost! No, you lost! I own both shops. What! Then why did you have us compete? Publicity, duh! There’s no such thing as the Golden Mug Award. I just spray painted a cup and glued it to a block of wood. Wow, this is incredibly unexpected. There’s so many people to thank! Shout out to my cousin Larry for being the judge! I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry, but you know this is truly the single greatest moment of my life! THANK YOU NINJAGO!!!!!!! I’m sure you’re wondering why I called you here today, Ms. Robot Manager. Now, I’m a reasonable master, but there comes a time when action must be taken… If you think I’m going to sit here and let this rivalry destroy the thing I love well, you don’t know me at all! So I just have one thing to say: Can we be friends? Sure, I would love to be friends. They’re coffee beans! Harvested them myself. Wow. Thanks, but I’m actually not much of a coffee drinker. It messes with my circuitry and makes me jittery. Who needs coffee, who needs tea, come and get some juice for free!! Free juice! Sound fantastic! I could really go for strawberries. Do you think they have fresh pressed oil. No, I seriously doubt it. Thanks For Watching Subtitles (CC) by: SanMedia.

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100 thoughts on “Wu’s Teas – LEGO NINJAGO – Full Length Episode

  1. I love the part at 9:32. Super funny 😂. Zane is my favorite character in ninjago. Plus I never seen zane that mean 😂

  2. OMG I absolutely love it :))) this may be my most favourite event in the whole series, it's just amazing! Also, it answers so many questions about tea XD
    Let's just say I'm a huge Ninjago fan, and I'm happy about anything new that's coming!


  4. Wu: How did Nya get so giant? Jay: She ate to much? Wu: Ok tell her to go on a diet. Wu: And where's Lloyd? Jay: In Nya's stomach. Lloyd drank the diet tea. He'll make it out the other side though.

  5. Lloyd has an awesome voice! 😂 I don't want to do the dishes no more! The new hit song of 2017!! 😂

    3:35 Ah, favorite one

  6. 1:17 Wu: How did Nya get so giant? Jay: She ate something. Wu: Where's Zane ? Jay: In Nya's stomach, she got really hungry. But he'll make it out the other end though.

  7. The third song they were playing was eye of the storm and the 2nd is the bring the pirates and the first one I don't know.

  8. Zane didn't look happy when jay control him he is tire when people control him and because of the student in rebooted the first episode when he first met Pixal.

  9. Lloyd is so cool he sing good but still he was in danger but still Derek was in the way to help 😂 but good singing Lloyd ❤

  10. I love NINJAGO but look people are so funny some are idiots because taken photos of jay as cool but how funny when the hand shake and nya was laughthing. panda was so cute baby panda how cute 😻

  11. It's a good thing that manager-bot got kicked out for cheating chess and I hope she QEENS up her act 😄👍

  12. You can totally tell that Lloyd is is played by a girl when he sings. Lol, yep that’s right, he’s played by a woman

  13. ME: yeah i win the chess
    Me: now i can now drink tea now
    'Drop the king'
    Zane :wait you cheated
    Cole:get out of here

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