WORLDS BIGGEST 2 Story LEGO FORT! (24 Hour Challenge)

hello bright and colorful it is welcome
what do you mean what am i doing what does it look like I’m building Vulcan
and Lego fort I’m building a Lego fort gee this is gonna be a really small Lego
for now I’m gonna keep adding on – it’s gonna be two stories tall it’s just
gonna take me probably a few more days maybe months but I will get their
location okay Jake well good luck with the fort let me know when it’s done
this is gonna take too long need to speed up the process somehow I need to
get faster LEGO pieces are too small it’s gonna take me forever if only there
was some way by a larger ring all right I’ve got my larger ray now it’s time to
make some extra large Legos they’re up hey moron in three two one we can make a
lego Ford in no time Logan this is gonna revolutionize for building forever and
we are back with the brand new video and today we are gonna be using welcome
please do not use the nerf gun when we are talking about like oh because we are
using giant Lego blocks that I enlarged myself these are absolutely massive this
isn’t what you get in your normal Lego set these big boy Legos they use these
to build likes bridges and stuff right I’m not a hundred percent sure cuz I’m
no archaeologist but they might be using these on the Golden Gate Bridge as we
speak but we have right there so big you can literally
build a house out of you can build anything out of these things normally we
build with cardboard as you guys know but with Lego it adds a ton more
structures so if I take this piece Jake did you just say box for its iron as
good as Lego for its box sports are still the optimal forts
but the thing about Lego is what about to put this to the ultimate test you
could literally make Lego stairs out of these things that’s how strong they are
and that’s kind of what we’re doing today we are gonna be building a
two-story massive lego mansion so make sure to hit that subscribe button and
the like button smash the like button with Lego bricks and of course of any
point during this video you have some awesome ideas for us to build these
Legos be sure to leave them down below but this is our first time building with
Legos we are a box for connoisseurs we are box for masters but Lego it’s a
whole new world I guess it’s pretty simple the thing with Lego is everything
is cute I think what we need to do is first figure out how big we want to make
this two-story and then just start stacking Legos and turning it into a
fort hopefully it all holds together and doesn’t fall apart because these things
are a little a little finicky we actually start building this fort I
wanted to experiment a little bit with the the structural integrity of this
Lego and see just how tall we could make one of these things so I’m gonna grab a
bunch of these and see if we can get all the way up to the ceiling is maybe one
day in a seven-story box Fort Logan oh I got
out a Lego we’ll have to make it outside might even
have to get a building permit that’s pretty tall right there J we can go
taller we have the technology if they send a man to the moon they can send
over the ceiling so tall what if I built like stairs oh you know be fun like a
flying sidekick just check this out dude I made my own Lego step stool / stairs
now I can simply stand on it get the extra elevation I need and continue
building careful oh there we go that’s pretty much we almost have that tower touch in the
roof we got to work on the structural integrity there but we need to build
this thing because we’re gonna be eating Legos Jake you did not say we’d have to
eat Legos tonight maybe not eating Legos do not eat Legos at home so brick by
brick we built a very small part of the wall this is gonna take a lot longer
than we thought guys so we sort of realized after we started building this
thing that it kept falling over like the tower because we were just stacking them
like this which makes it super not structural safe but if we stack them
brick by brick side by side we can make a super strong piece that doesn’t break
which is what we’re gonna be using for this fort
so now that we got the building down it’s time to go into overdrive alright guys so check it out we just
finished building the exterior of our two-story lego forth this thing is a
looking amazing and not only that it’s extremely solid you can take a
sledgehammer to that maybe not sledgehammer but you get what I’m saying
here guys so we have both stories back so guys you come up here on the second
story you got out which you can look through we’ve got lots of space to look
out and it’s an open concept so you come up here you don’t you have like a nerf
bat no but guys like I said this is two stories so the second story is down here
so we actually have this door system here which you slide open like so super
secure metal doors and inside here is the main floor so check this out guys
you can’t really see right now we still need to light it we still need to add
stuff to it but it’s looking pretty sweet for our first story of this fort
adding some lighting and some fun games like maybe maybe a gaming station oh
yeah guys now I’m thinking we bring up the Nerf blasters and have maybe a
little bit of a nerf battle in this thing we did notice we use every single
Lego brick that we owned enemies pretty good but it would be even cooler to go
bigger so you guys think that we should go even bigger than this maybe even
sorry I can’t put that finger up help me Logan thank you
there we go three stories then sweep that like button down below if we get on
this video we double double the Lego bricks even more Lego to play with you
can make Lego beds Lego chairs lego TV let go everything but alright this is
the fort right now we need to get back to work and decking this place out
so that is looking awesome for this challenge final reveal Oh our two-story
Lego forts guys this thing is actually looking so sweet my favorite part of
this port is definitely the bottom story and up top is probably my favorite
because we have equipped the up top with a bunch of Nerf blasters to defend the
fort against any bad guys check this out we decked out the entire place with
custom LED lights we added in an Xbox inside that we can play for night on
maybe no super comfy with a nice little blankets and pillows we even have Lego but guys before we can truly start
enjoying the sport any fort we build has to go past security tests and I mean we
know this is not good well we know it’s pretty strong but what
we need to know is can it survive a nerf battle so I have proposed a plan I’m
gonna get up to the second story with all of the Nerf blasters while Logan
tries to assault the base the solo fully automatic nerf blaster now if I am able
to take out Logan before he can take out me it means that this base is
structurally secure alright Jake I’m giving you a count of 15 so get ready
alright guys I’ve got my full nerd Arsenal up here and you sold Lego walls
to defend myself loaded up a few of my blasters I don’t think Logan has what it
takes to take on our Lego for it alright guys it’s time to take Jake out okay no
sign of Logan yet let’s check this out it has like custom
cutouts for the nerve class literally the perfect spot to defend the for it by
you guys but I think it would be pretty sweet if we did a nerf battle using Lego
forts let me know down below if you think that’d be awesome
oh look in oh why don’t we hit with the three verse which I just realized I
don’t have any cover that’s the poison I got the entire for discover like you got
taken out buddy I almost ran out I am on this I didn’t know this was a three shot
so only a three shot and then it literally had to switch to the big mega
did I not get a single shot on you no cuz I was in the fort man I had this big
wall defended myself and then just blast right through these we can even expand
it and make it up here I’m gonna be pretty hard to get a shot through one of
these so you know like bam bam all right into my favorite part of for the nosiest
place oh man this is so sweet we got the four and I poster on the wall gaming
station behind me if we want to play some video games and perfect space for
our beyblade battle hello bright and colorful it is check it out I got the
nice solid wall of a sadist here I really hope we get enough likes on this
video so we can get some more Legos because it would be sweet to go even
bigger than this come on who you guys think is gonna win this beyblade match
is it gonna be Logan or Papa Jake I think it’s gonna be me Logan a lot of
you guys are commenting down below saying your beyblade experts so you know
let us know to make you completely fair you get to choose which one you want
alright alright he’s going for my beyblade I see how it is well I’m gonna
use this red dude here round one it’s best out of three so here we go three
two while a rip three two one let it rip oh the battle
is on Oh destroyed my dude well I mean it is best two out of three it’s all
right little buddy you can come back from this dole if I don’t win this round
Logan wins today’s beyblade championship – what let it rip
pull the battles on oh so close it looks like I finally won basically
yeah I think I’m gonna need to probably pick up a new beyblade guys if you have
some suggestions let me know in the comments but alright guys I think I’m
going to chill here for a little bit and I’m not going to bend down to play some
video games on the X all right guys hold up guys if
you enjoyed this epic Lego 2-story fort do not forget to smash that subscribe
button down below as well as hit that like button and we will continue and if
you guys get us to 50,000 likes we will double the Lego and expand yeah guys we
could do like three storey but there’s also so much more we can do with this so
be sure to comment down below if you have any awesome ideas but this has been
Papa Jake and Logan and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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