Wolfsbane Robot – LEGO Set 6866 Alternate Model

Hey everyone, Jason here. Today I’m going to do something a
little bit different. Uh, the guys over at rebrickable.com are hosting a building
challenge for the month of October, which is to build a custom model using only the pieces from this set, which is 6866 Wolverine Chopper Showdown. It’s a cool little
helicopter with some cool pieces in it. As I was building it I saw some pieces that looked like they
would make a great robot torso. So that’s what I’m going to try to build. So here he is, I call him Wolfsbane. You can pretend he’s another robot in the X-Men universe. Um, I’m pretty pleased with how he turned out. He’s fully articulated for the most part,
his torso rotates, his legs bend, as do his arms. Some of the connections aren’t all that strong, given the limited number of
pieces in the set. For example his arms are only connected by single stud, so he probably doesn’t stand up too well to heavy play, but, I think he makes a pretty decent display model. I’ve created step-by-step
instructions for how to build him on my website at truedimensions.com, so if you
happen to own this set you can try to build him yourself. Also be sure to check out rebrickable.com. It’s a great resource if you want to see what
else you can build with the sets that you own. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video. Keep on
building, and see you next time

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44 thoughts on “Wolfsbane Robot – LEGO Set 6866 Alternate Model

  1. I'd like to see more videos of alternate models from kits. Do you think you could do more? I have some kits I could suggest…

  2. Yeah, I think I'll try to do more. It was an interesting challenge, and other people will be more likely to build models based on sets than my more complex creations. I don't own a lot of recent sets (bought this one specifically for this challenge), so feel free to make suggestions.

  3. Suggestions: Kit 4195 (Black Beard's ship from POTC 4) It's got a lot of pieces and a good variety, kit 8292 (Lego Technic 2 in 1, Dump Truck/Cherry Picker) I feel it has enough variety to include more models, but only comes with those 2, and finally kit 4891 (Lego Creator 6 in 1, various models) this one is a small kit and might be a good challenge to build something not related to any of the other models. I own these 3 sets, and not quite sure how common they are…

  4. Have you ever made a full on transformer with LEGO pieces? A few years ago I managed to make a robot that was fully articulated and could be transformed into a sci-fi jet thingy without removing any of its parts. I would have refined the design a little but I never got around to it and my LEGO collection has somehow been depleted to about 20% of what I had accumulated as a kid. Anyway I'd like to see what you could come up with.

  5. Wolfsbane makes me think of the sentries from The Black Hole. I think it's the color, mostly. 

  6. Amazing channel and even more amazing creations! Here's a challenge, can you build a rubik's cube entirely out of Legos? 🙂

  7. You could probably say that this is a movie nimrod, nimrod is a sentinel that comes from a future were sentinels rule the world, he came to the present to capture a time traveling mutant, although nimrod was mostly white, he did have a little bit of maroon in his color scheme

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