Willow Plays with Toy Marble Castle by Discovery Toys in this Toy Review for kids Toy Video

Where did we get this toy from Willow From Discovery Toys You have to hold the ball in case it falls and then when you drop the ball Then it goes around The ball didn’t come out I don’t know where it is Wheres the ball Do You Know Where the ball is No, I don’t think it is I think its right here I like these Put it down here Slam Dunk! And then I have gum Its going faster It slipped off I’m trying to get it faster (Laughing) woa! Let me see the ball alright Lets do something fun Why are you drawing…? Because… we are going to make a smiley face It doesn’t have smiley’s It does now Because this is lots of fun! Well we didn’t got a smiley face Can I go on the slide its a castle Please! Oh I want to go on the castle slide Weee! Faster, Faster Faster Oh! I’m Dizzy Does he wanna go again? I think so… Here he wants to try a different slide Why don’t we change it How about we put the green one up top ok, lets change it Careful you gotta pull on both sides In my dreams I live in a sand castle.. It must be stuck No, just keep trying You gotta make sure the holes line up or it will just go straight down See thats a hole, and thats a hole You gotta go opposite sides, ok Were going to do the green one at the top Lets do the red one first No, Other way, Other way… You had it right the first time kiddo I love Discovery Toys Now its going faster Wheres the ball I think there’s smiley face Oh! Peek-A-Boo..haha was he hiding mhmm… and I found him I think he wants to be safe up here Do you like how you can build different castles? ya? Do you like all the colors? Can you show me what the colors are? Well theres no pink there This is green This is yellow This is yellow This is Blue This is Red What colors are on the ball Blue Yellow Theres another yellow right here It also says Discovery Toys right there… Thats what it says Is there blue on there somewhere uh, no Theres gotta be blue somewhere Where’s Blue? Yeah theres blue on the words there Theres also a blue Spirally Track What! Where? Right there in the middle In the middle…Where? Can you see the Blue Spiral Track Thank-you for watching this video Bye, Bye Don’t forget to put your answer in the comment below After this video Hi, I’m Willows Dad And I am Willow If you enjoyed this video Be sure to give us Big Thumbs Up!!! And Be sure to subscribe to our channel So you don’t miss Any of the fun Also if you wanna get your hands on the toy that we reviewed today Click the link In the description below Click the Link! Thank-you for watching this video Bye

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