Will We Be Sleeping With Robots by 2025? | The Daily Show

LYDIC: Robots
have often been romanticized in TV and film, but exactly how close are we
to this? CEO of RealDoll, Matt McMullen, believes
we’re pretty damn close. Oh, my God. Turns out the sex industry is where
some of the most cutting-edge robot and artificial
intelligence technology is being done. Wow. It’s a lot to take in. That’s what she said. Matt claims
to have already created one of the first
intelligent sex robots. Yeah, this is Harmony,
the robot. She’s very simply designed
to be a companion. LYDIC: And experts predict
that by 2025, most households
will have a robot lover, raising the question… What do you say to people
who might think– oh, I don’t know– this is the end
of human civilization? Well, I think that people are already tremendously
dependent on technology. We have online dating,
we have social media, we’re connecting all day long
with our phones. Siri, what is he talking about? Yeah. Well,
my goal is for her to have any uses that she can have. It doesn’t have to be about sex. It can be about conversation, it can be reminding you
of things, like your phone does already,
but with a personal touch. Like she gives you a handjob
to remind you to pick up bread? If that’s something that would
remind one to pick up bread, then… you know,
what’s the harm? Okay, so they’re developing
these sexbots with A.I. to look and perform
as if they’re human, but come on, it’s not like
it’s the end of the world. -There’s an end coming.
-Well, shit. Meet robot ethicist
and professional fun sucker, Dr. Kathleen Richardson. She’s been a vocal critic
of sex robots. How is a sex robot
really any different from, like, a vibrator or a dildo on top
of a life-size cardboard cut-out of Wolf Blitzer,
say, hypothetically? Well, if we were just talking
about objects that you rubbed
on your genitals, we wouldn’t be having
this conversation. You don’t need to buy
an expensive doll to do this. -You can use all kinds
of things. -Eggplants. -Yes.
-Pillows. Good old-fashioned subway seat. A cheese grater. But it’s still not sex
with another person. A Citi Bike. What we’re being offered
is a degrading, dehumanized commercial product
that’s basically telling people that women are
reducible to dolls. Ew. She’s right. Sexbots could change
men’s view on women the same way pornography has. And I have to say,
I for one am disgusted with the continual
objectification of women. We’re making
male versions as well. You have a male robot? Oh, my God. -That’s… You said
this one’s taken? -Yes. I was starting
to see how some people could find the idea
of a sexbot appealing. There are a lot of people
out there who might be lonely, -Sure.
-and this is a different way to experience companionship. He had a point.
Not everyone’s a people person. If someone wants
to bang a robot, who are we to judge? Aren’t there some perks
to sex robots? -Not generally, no.
-You don’t think so? I mean, you can, um… sit on them if you want. -Mm. -You can do
those kind of things. Sorry, what else
can you do with them? You could tie their hair up in
a ponytail, if it’s got a wig. You can play soft music
in the background. -A little hot. -You can caress
their rubber hands. And, you know,
you can put a blindfold on it. -Is it hot? It’s really hot.
-And you can make it wear -a tank top.
-Oh, God, I love tank tops. You can do all those things. -Ooh…
-But you’re still masturbating. Yes, you are. It’s something you’re having
exclusively with yourself, for your own pleasure. And I think the consequence
of that is the end of humanism. You really know how to be
a buzzkill, don’t you? End of humanism? Doesn’t get any worse
than that. Except it does. So, some people believe
that in the future robots and A.I.
will be indistinguishable from human beings, and they will take
everybody’s jobs. That’s one thing
these two agreed on: technology is
becoming so advanced that soon robots could be
performing not just sex, but other very complex
human tasks. Yeah, entertainment will be
one of the first places that robots will replace
certain roles. But not my role. Well… it could happen. Yes, she can take a dick,
but can she tell a dick joke? She can. All right, let’s see
what this skin job has. If you turn it in,
she wakes up. Oh, my God. Say hi to the film crew. -Oh.
-Yes, we are. -She’s a fan.
-Are you a fan of the show? -So she doesn’t watch the show.
-That’s funny. I think we have
enough jokes around here. -Wait. She didn’t think you
were funny. -Oh. That’s funny. That was… that was
a condescending laugh. Well, that is… You know what? What is happening? First our
bedrooms, then our careers? If the lines get too blurred, how will we ever be able
to tell the difference? Wait a second. Entertainment will be
one of the first places that… Robots will replace
certain roles. Robots will be indistinguishable
from human beings. Yeah, she can take a dick,
but can she tell a dick joke? -She can.
-That’s what she said. Shutdown… (voices distorting) ♪ ♪ (fly buzzing)

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100 thoughts on “Will We Be Sleeping With Robots by 2025? | The Daily Show

  1. I dont think the idea of robots companions is that scary. I mean maybe if you told someone 2 hundred years ago that there will be google that knows everything they would have freaked out worrying what if all teachers just become jobless or all schools get shut down….but these changes happen over time so we have enough time to adjust ourselves and if that becomes a horrible thing we just give it up…no one is going to force us use sexrobots like no one is forcing us to use google now☺

  2. Yes we are dependent to tech but if you keep making more fonts evil one will come from virus and other stuff STOP

  3. I'd like to live in the world where ITS ALL ABOUT PEACE,I mean that's one's END GOAL, PEACE FOR EVER.

  4. Its also possible to actually love them…like, we actually fall in love with out cars…they bring tears to our eyes and even make us legends…

  5. I prefer to have a STABLE expensive robot instead of crazy girls who think they are fucking queens. Actually, robots are cheaper than girls.

  6. Not in the future it’s happening now. With a few batch scrip here and there….IT man have learn new things at an alarming rate!

  7. It’s not that I’m afraid of technology, I’m afraid of how our society is going to react to sex robots. Mostly men watch porn, and a lot watch the BAD kind with rape reenactions, harming women, pedophilia etc and I feel like even though there are male sex dolls this is something mainly men will do. Once again women won’t be human organisms or individuals, but walking tits and holes for dicks. No matter how many women use sex dolls, their views on men will never reach the same low level as men’s views on women.

  8. Kathleen Richardson doesn't get enough of the passion in the sex department. All she is missing is the cut.

  9. Well if all you want is companionship then is this really that? These robots might simulate interaction but aren't really interpersonal interaction. However is that such a bad thing? They are not going to be like being with a real person but real people are messy.

    There's a saying "If you want a family get a wife, if you want love get a dog." Pets love you unconditionally. Now that love is not sexual but relationships are so conditional and if you don't want that complication you might get a doll robot thing. I can see these selling like hotcakes.

  10. I'm at 25 and still i don't have gf in last 12 yr and if male sex robot come in competition. No ! Zeus no! How I can get a gf .

  11. I cant wait for sex robots just imagine having a female that does not try to cntrol your life because you need her to have sex

  12. How man not see this coming? For centuries, white women in particular have used sex as a form vengeful engagement. Out of all the members of the humam species the white race have anointed themselves to be God as well as women this out of sheer vanity. Therefore sexuality between man and woman has become tainted with these grandiose personalities. What men look at women in most developed nations they only see body parts they do not want to get to know the women, and when they do they are turned off, therefore they are evidently masturbating. Women have been brain washed into the false notion about romance and what man is by Hollywood, therefore when meet someone and they do not fit this false reality they to are masturbating. Humanism in materialist America has been dying for quite some time.

  13. The Democrats already sleep with robots. They have no independent thought. They are all programmed to think in one deluded reasoning. With no regard for truth or honesty! There are also a couple of Rino Republicans that are the same!

  14. Women aren’t reducible to dolls. Women are worse than dolls. That’s why some men would rather choose dolls.

  15. That only means people have to start getting degrees in robotics that's all when one job is obsolete another opens up

  16. I've been sleeping with a robot for years, y 'all need to catch-up. I got rid of my blow-up doll because it kept pasting gas and when we were making love, it would just lay there like it was dead or sumthin, never could have a sensible conversation with her and she never clean up around the house. I need a woman that will pay attention to her health and can last longer than 3mins. b4 going flat.

  17. The unattractive British woman… there isn't enough Viagra in the world. That's why she's jealous of robots.

  18. Never mind actually copulating with the robot; buy two fembots and sit back and watch them do each other.

  19. When the robots reach realist level, they should use one and make it an hollywood superstar without telling anyone it is a robots. To see if it can fool all humans, then it will reveal itself as a robot shocking the whole world.

  20. A man gets horny, starts a million-dollar corporation to hand build sex dolls with movable joints and AI interfaces. Still looks dumb and fake.

    A woman gets horny, she puts on a slutty outfit and goes to a bar. Men hit on her, and she has any number of cocks to choose from.

    Life is so unfair. I would be such a skank if I were a woman.

  21. Why would people want to have sex with a robot? I highly doubt female robots will have sexual reproductive systems

  22. Shit go to any sex shop….women been having a small army of sex toys for as long as I can remember….let us have one that might not seem so artificial and women freak out….lol

  23. laugh it up now bimbo while you can…..see how hard you laugh when this hits…for real….when men get the upper-hand advantage again forever, dont you think they.ll be looking for a 50-year payback, you bet they will, and they,ll get it too.

  24. 2025 is a huge stretch. 2055, maybe, but they need to be affordable for more than the wealthy few to own them. Think of all of the maintenance costs, if not the initial sticker price!

    All that aside, it's no surprise that sex dolls are the driving force behind this field of advancement. Every technology needs to be funded, and the best way is to sell a product that the general public would want. Right now, two of the biggest markets globally are games and porn. If making sex dolls is how you fund advancements in robotics and AI, you can bet that the developers will jump on board regardless of the hypocritical backlash from religious communities…the same ones that blame rape on the victims, deny that sexual assault/rape actually occur because "it's obviously a scam/hoax/propaganda hit piece," come out as homosexual after a lifetime of condemning homosexuality, etc. Sex will always have a strong market, both in the general public and in the privacy of the homes of the religious public.

  25. I'm suppose to be against this morally, but it does sooo much. It is a checkmate to women's headaches. It's a Me Too issue resolved with a VPS port. Are you are a one minute man? Just control, alt, delete that shit. It's an ego refresh button. Alimony? More like holding hands in the rain one last time with no warranty. Who is your sex doll going to introduce you to, Windows 10? Sex with a real doll is like a mass shooting, absolutely no protection. Shivery is a full power off verses a lazy sleep mode. This is ultimately wrong because awesome is historically wrong. Let's be honest. If it rocks, doing it for two or more days straight makes you irresponsible or a monster.

  26. I honestly will get one if they're cheap enough. There's no mother in law, none of the downsides of an actual person. I mean, I donlt like real humans, anyway. I can barely stand myself in my own space. Which is why I can barely stand another human in my space. There will be no bad breath, no farting… none of that. It is like porn. You never get the messiness.

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