Will there be more LEGO X-Men sets? – just2mail #3

Hello just2good here, and welcome to the third episode of just2mail! While I cannot answer every question, you can send me a question that may appear
in an upcoming episode by sending it to [email protected] Alright, first question come from Off Duty
Cop. “Dear: Just2good Do you think there will be anymore new X-Men
Sets in the future? Also if Lego was making more X-Men Sets, what minifigures or buildings would you want
in the set?” Well, hey, we ARE getting a new X-Men set
next year. The Mighty Micro! Look, I know it isn’t much, but I’m happy that we’re at least getting
something after three years. But I get what you’re saying. A lot of us do want a new building set based
on the X-Men, with various new characters. The last time we got a set like that was in
2014… so when do I think we’re going to get another
one? I’m going to be honest. I don’t think we will anytime soon, if ever. There’s two factors, and both relate to The X-Men vs. The Sentinel
set from 2014. The first factor is the sales of the X-men
vs. The Sentinel set. Sources close to me say that this set was
a GIGANTIC failiure. Actually, it was the WORST selling Marvel
set of 2014. I was surprised to hear that. The best selling Marvel set of 2014 was the
Knowhare Escape Mission, by the way. This set was not based on, but released to tie in with Days of Future
Past the movie. The movie itself was a success, I personally
loved it, it was well recieved critically, and at the time was the highest grossing X-Men
film. Yet, the set itself sold poorly. The follow up movie, X-Men Apocalypse, which
came out this year, made less money than Days of Future Past and was recieved much worse critically. Okay, you can see why LEGO does not want to
make another LEGO X-Men set now, can’t you? It’s a recipe for a poor seller, since they’ve made one to coincide with the
release of an X-Men movie, but even with the last succesful X-Men movie, the set still sold poorly. The only factor saving our hope for another
X-Men set is the Deadpool movie’s success. The first movie, which came out this year, was a smash hit, and took Days of Future Past’s spot as the
highest grossing X-Men movie. LEGO has released Deadpool in a set once before, and that set sold fine from my understanding. However, LEGO will probably not do another
X-Men set including Deadpool despite the character’s
massive popularity. This is because of the Deadpool movie’s R-Rating. Yes, I know if they did do a set it wouldn’t
be based on the movie whatsoever and would be advertised
as an X-Men set rather than a Deadpool set. But, because of the Deadpool movie, the public perception of the character has
been tied with his raunchy jokes and such. But that’s just what I think. And, for your second part of the question, I’d love to see an X-Mansion set, I’ve always wanted that. As for characters,
it’d be nice to get a wide-release Jean Grey, as we only ever got a Comic Con version of
her. It’d also be nice to get Beast and Mystique. Second question is from OverlordKinsey: “What is your favorite Dimensions level or
fun pack?” Look, I’ll just be basing this answer around the actual builds and minifigures themselves, not factoring gameplay into the equation. Because, the only level pack I ever finished
was the Simpsons level pack. My favorite level pack is the upcoming Sonic
Level Pack. I LOVE Sonic the Hedgehog, or at least the Sega Genesis-to early 2000s
era. So, it’s obvious my favorite level pack would
be that. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. My favorite fun pack is the Doc Brown fun
pack, which nailed the exclusive hair mould, as I despised the one in the Cuusoo set. However, the Stay Puft fun pack and upcoming
E.T. and Marceline packs come close to being my
favorites. Okay, next question: “Dear just2good are you hyped for sonic mania
your viewer armont the pizza” Yes, I am! I’ve been asking for a retro style Sonic game
for ages, and then they released Sonic the Hedgehog
4 Part 1. And then I played that. And then I despised it and officially lost
all hope in Sega. But this new one has a retro style, with retro graphics and such. Sure, it leans more towards Sonic CD’s sounds
and graphics, which is my least favorite of the Genesis-era
Sonic games, but still, I’m hyped. Our fourth question is from Dr. Peachy: “Dear just2good What is your favourite Lego Villain that is
not licensed?” Ooh, nice one. I think the Agents 2008, Ultra Agents, and Space Police 3 lines have
the best villains. My favorites are Dr. Inferno, Dolla Bill,
Tremor, and Frenzy. All blew my mind in their printing and moulding
detail at the time of their release. Our next question says, “Dear just2good , Do you think Lego SpongeBob would ever be
in Lego dimensions? If it does,do you think spongebob would be
in a level pack? Do you also think Lego would ever come out
with spongebob blind bags? Thanks for reading this message, I really
like your videos! By Victor06” Thanks for the kind words! Well, unfortunately, the Spongebob license
is no longer owned by LEGO, and I don’t think it’ll be going back anytime
soon. Thus, LEGO can’t make Spongebob Dimension
packs or blindbags. I covered this in my Top 5 Lost LEGO Licenses
video. The last question is from my buddy WPP… “Given your Nintendo account and Miitomo, do you think this means the face reveal is
kinda pointless now? Wpp’98 (your bud)” Alright, so this is my Mii, and this is how
I look in real life. You see, a face reveal is pointless, ya know! Alright alright, seriously, one day you guys
will see my face. I’m just not ready for it. It’s not pointless, as the Mii really doesn’t look like me, I
assure you. Thank you guys for watching, and remember, if you have a question, email it to [email protected] I�ll see you guys later, peace out, bye!

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