Why I am NOT removing my LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi reviews.

Hello, just2good here, and if you don’t know, yesterday Jang Bricks removed his LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi set reviews. Why? Well, the LEGO Group sent him a legal threat
to take down his videos. He carefully worded it in his video, so PLEASE go watch that, it’s linked in the description. Anyways… what does this mean? Will I remove my Last Jedi reviews? No, c’mon, you read the title. Here’s why. First off, I never got a notice from LEGO. I know my friend MandR did get a notice in
addition to Jang, but nothing came to me. If they asked nicely, just as a favor, I most likely would have removed my videos. But they probably wouldn’t have been nice
about it. Look, I’m not going to remove my videos. This is the LEGO Group forcing their hands
on us, the people who enjoy their products, because Disney is pissed that LEGO has released these products out in the wild. Yes, I named them. DISNEY. I put blame on LEGO for shipping these sets
to retailers so early, and for sending these PICTURES out early. And, I put blame on Disney for being so anal about their pictures and products being revealed and released on
a certain day of the year, which in my mind is SO stupid. It’s one thing to have a toy reveal date and
a toy release date, but it’s incredible idiotic to do both on
the same day or mere hours before. You’re banking on people to basically buy any crap with Star Wars in
the title. Think about if we never saw ANY of the sets
or toys and everything went Disney’s way. We wouldn’t even know what hell we’re getting. I mean, on the LEGO Group’s side, this happens every year with just about every
theme. Even with the Rogue One and The Force Awakens
sets. In July, the Last Jedi pictures came out from retail websites that work with
the LEGO Group. These pictures come straight from LEGO themselves
– they made them public so those retailers add
it to their sites. The same goes with LEGO sets. LEGO distributes these sets to retailers. It’s their fault or whoever is the LEGO Group’s
distributers for sending these out so early. Keep in mind instruction book leaks and minifigure leaks are usually straight
from the factory, that’s a different issue that isn’t really
The LEGO Group’s fault. That’s usually a case of theft. It is perfectly legal to review and cover a product as long as it falls under
fair use and as long as it is released to the product. Where did I first hear this? Well, from a LEGO laywer themselves back in
2014. A very kind one, I say that genuinely, though I don’t think he works at LEGO anymore. Read this part right here. “Fair use exceptions to copyright law do not come into play until the owner of the work releases it to
the public.” Well, as Jang pointed out, these sets are being sold at LEGO Stores, and Toys”R”Us sold me them on eBay. How did they get them? From LEGO themselves. LEGO shipped these to them. They’re being sold to the public. If The LEGO Group files a copyright claim
against me, I will fight it. This happened before in July when they removed my LEGO Star Wars 2018 news
video. Which, is under fair use as well. I sent a counter claim. Bam. Video went back up. If they remove my video, I’ll send counter claims their way. I understand why Jang removed his videos, because if LEGO wants to go to court, they can. Even if Jang wins, going to court is a long drawn out process that drains money and precious time. Plus, since LEGO is a big corporation, they might have better lawyers than him. I really don’t blame him. Though, I know LEGO wouldn’t go to court. If they do, this will mean they’re a scummy
company. They know they’re in the wrong here. It’s like Disney is the bully pushing LEGO
to take action. But LEGO should stand up for what they believe
in, or what we hope they believe in. Which they haven’t at the moment, which is incredibly sad. I don’t care how much money is involved. Both are big corporations… this isn’t like JANG fighting LEGO, but rather LEGO fighting Disney. Two of the biggest companies in the world. Finally, I want to say that as Jang said in
the comments, let’s not boycott LEGO or Disney or anything. Let’s have discussion. Share his video around. Use the hashtag on Twitter, #JusticeForJang. Let’s solve these problems through awareness
and education. That’s it for now. I have to say one more thing that’s unrelated, but I now have a just2good subreddit so that I can better connect to you guys. There’s a link to that in the description, but it’s just r slash just2good on reddit. Either way, I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “Why I am NOT removing my LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi reviews.

  1. LEGO is getting too corporate in its mentality. It's losing what made it so special, if it hasn't already. Disney-stick-up-its-ass definitely is a huge problem, but the LEGO executives are similarly deciding to disrespect and not care about their fans in lieu of money. Yes, LEGO is a company, and companies need money to survive. But when they jack up prices to ludicrous levels, it gets annoying fast. Sure, a five to ten dollar hike might not seem that much, but it all compounds in the long run. When something that can reasonably be marked as $50 gets priced at nearly twice that, there's a problem that needs to be addressed.

  2. Screw Disney and there greedy money grubbing selves. There trying to buy every franchise they can, not like there a multi billion dollar company or anything. #justiceforjang

  3. Friends of mine run a popular Star Wars podcast and one of the people that helps with the show found a Rey figure for The Force Awakens much earlier than he should at a local Walmart. The picture of it got posted to the Facebook page, and Disney threw the hammer down on them. They were even contacted and asked specifically where he found the figure, and for information on the card to figure out which distribution center sent the box of figures to the store.

  4. I love lego, but I've stopped buying sets altogether. The reason I've done this is because of overpriced/ and or licensed lines – I just can't get the same value out of lego that I used to. But at least Technic is going along strong and at proper value (except for the 6×6 tow truck)

  5. Lego would need to send these out because its how they distribute it. If it is Disney then they should ask Lego to ask retailers when they receive the sets and pictures to keep them out of the public domain until a certain a date.

  6. In 2015 someone guy found a resistance Rey figure before the movie came out a guy posted a pic on Facebook and he got threatened by Disney

  7. Okay, I get that people are mad and all, but JUSTICEFORJANG? Are you kidding me?! You guys are making it sound like a corporation poisoned him and got away with it! Guys! He just got a video removed! It's fine to be frustrated, but you're taking it a bit too far!

  8. Lego can't fight disney…if disney wanted too, they could pull legos IP for star wars. And if Lego lost lego star wars….all bets would be off..

  9. Oooooo, the use of the word "Hell"
    You KNOW Justin (I THINK that's his in real life name)/Just2Good is mad
    And so am I to be quite honest

  10. Why? Why Dose Every "family friendly" YouTuber Just Swear at One Point Or Another. I am 12 Years Old. I Watch PG-13 Movies all The Time, But There's a Difference Between A Script That WAS MADE To Have Swearing To Get To That PG-13 Ratting. & a Friend Swearing. Look, Your a Great Man, Kind, Funny, Smart. But I Don't See Why The Comment Section Can't Swear. But You Can When You Lose Your Temper. And Disney's Wrong To Do All This. But I'm Just Disappointed With You. I Really Thought You Didn't Swear. But I Was Wrong.

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