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100 thoughts on “Why are girls’ toys patronising and shit?

  1. man not gonna lie but i loved barbies so much, but when we grow up, we also had bey blades and these lil cars who came with a controller. Really was a fun time back then. And with barbies i played till my late teens(17 was the last time i think). We had so much fun. It was like playing sims.

  2. Girls WANT to be princesses – they LOV E pink and they REALLY dont want to be boys – where do you get the idea that girls care about boys rubbish? I was a little girl once and i had a daughter – she would have been deeply insulted if id ever treated her like a boy

  3. This is what emancipation looks like from a guy for woman!!!
    Also: give some love to all the genderqueer, trans, questioning, enby, ace and all our beautiful and wonderful LGBT people! ❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️

  4. What's wrong with pushing boys to become men and girls to become women. Why do we need to push men into feminine roles and women into masculine roles. There's a reason why there are more women nurses and more Male engineers and it has nothing to do with culture.

  5. My daughter was a Tom Boy.But loved Pink & Glitter and her Barbies.My granddaughter is fixing to graduate STEM academy with high honors.It comes down to parenting and letting kids make their own choices.Parents have to teach their children to love themselves.In America we get a ton of shit from the rest of the world because we love ourselves so much.But that is how you counter nonsense.

  6. You guys really don’t understand that boys and girls typically like different kinds of things 🤣 wow I can only watch so much if this. YouTube please don’t recommend this garbage anymore, it’s starting to give me a headache

  7. Yeah let boys have all the frigging pink shite for a change 😂😂😂 saying that tho parents need to actually teach their kids…….I never felt awkward etc playing with cars, he-man or other 'boys toys' growing up, we do need more women in architecture etc……..then we might get frigging kitchen/bathroom/home layouts that make sense, if Russell's dad took a crap with the door open in our place the whole damn street could watch as some pillock thought having the bathroom door lining up with the bedroom door & the huge window was a great idea…..there is also a long window right over the bath that goes right down to bath level & the gas meter in the back of a small cupboard, fricken genius 😂😂😂

  8. People should stop looking at girls who play with toy cars etc. rather than with dolls as if they were aliens. Same applies to discouraging or making fun of boys or men who'd pursue i.e. a career as kindergarten teachers.

  9. Marketers and companies have spent a shit kind of money figuring out what kids want because it sells.. Sorry girls are more interested in fashion and quiet interactions. the genders are not fucking identical I don't get what about that is condescending. What's condescending is saying that girly things are somehow disgraceful

  10. I think that there should be toys (for all kids!) to promote and influence language learning. Very few people in the UK know multiple languages, even though it's an important and helpful skill.

  11. while it is true, that's not to say boy toys arent garbage as well. and most places or maybe because i live in a big city but for us in big cities the toy section of like target or walmart usually has a almost neutral isle, like it has the pink lane, then like the boy stuff, but then theres usually a like lego/board game/puzzle section & sometimes they also put stuff that's like minecraft or fortnite toys. not to say there isnt a problem but like just dont buy it & then the supply will change to meet whatever the new demand is

  12. Its also annoying how fathers seem to still think they own their daughter. I hate stuff like "oh if you __ you cant marry my daughter" shouldn't SHE deside. And they assume shes straight. Which is a hole another problem

  13. When i was younger, you know what my two favorite things were? Monster High dolls and Marvel comics. My dad showed me the Marvel movies when they started to come out, and I've seen almost every movie except maybe 4 with him since. A friend introduced me to Monster High and i fell in love with it. When i was younger, i wanted to be a makeup artist or comic artist, and my trashy makeup skills pay off now when i cosplay (i wanna be a full time artist now and draw everyday, Monster High really inspired me as a kid). I was kind of really girly at times, but my parents didn't care.
    Point is, girls can like 'boy toys' n boy can like 'girl toys'!! Gender doesn't matter, and i hate seeing things separated like they are. I kinda hated shopping for girls clothes because they're all "Boys! Pink! Sparkle! Unicorns!" and boys clothing is "Monster trucks! Superheroes! Wrestling!" and it just really ticks me off.

  14. Isn't it kind of weird how most gender neutral stuff is considered for boys, and stuff for girls has to be marked specifically by being pink or otherwise girly? For example that boy's computer is just a normal grey computer, not blue or anything. Meanwhile the girl's computer has to be all pink and circular. I guess it kind of speaks to how men are considered to be the default.

  15. Tbh I really don’t see the problem with toys designed for girls being pink cus a majority of little girls do like pink it’s not suppressive the designers are just designing toys most girls will like pink toys aren’t telling girls not to be politicians and engineers it’s like blue toys for boys aren’t telling boys not to be cooks. When I was little I played with a mixture of toys designed for girls and toys designed for boys and I didn’t see the difference I was just happy playing. Take Lego for example I had the normal Lego and I was given the girl pink Lego I thought the colours were nice and used both. I don’t see what the problem is

  16. Maybe they get those advertisements because they work better on girls? No, of course not, it's because corporations are retarded, sexist, and don't care about making a profit.

  17. and that is why I always check the Primark boys' section for my girls' clothes. No dinosaur or monster t-shirts for girls… just sparkly crap and unicorns.

  18. I was helping a customer at work the other day ( I work for a big chain store ) and we were looking for Harry Potter themed clothes for kids.. The only reason they had anything for little girl is because we still had the little Griffindor dresses left over from Halloween.. Otherwise there were none.. Yet the boy section had regular HP pjs.. Same with the adult sizes. So only boys and adults can be nerdy for HP it seems.. It was also the way with other things too. Only cutsie things for girls.. Not cool.

  19. I don't get what's stopping parents from buying girls gender neutral or even boy targeted clothes/toys. I mean, why not?

  20. You know, for a long time I was infuriated by the engineering toys marketed specifically at girls and I would sit there and think to myself "huh, that's stupid, anyone can do science regardless of gender. Why do the kits have to be gendered?" But within the past few months, I got Hulu live and I also started looking after my little cousin so I've been seeing a lot of toy ads and I realized "oh, these are marketed at girls because then sexist adults who think girls can only like pink will buy it for them. It's straying away from the 'girls can only be mothers and fashion models' ideology, but staying close enough and moving gradually to get more people on board with it." There's an aspect of that I do and don't like still though. It's great that they're making more skill-oriented stuff towards girls, but it's still got the"wow so girly and pink!" thing. We're making steps in the right direction, but not quite there yet.

  21. I liked both "girls" and "boys" toys as a child. I loved LPS and stuffed animals, but I was also really into dinosaurs and RC-helicopters. Probably because I'm the only girl in my family and shared a lot of time with my dad and brothers, but still 😀 Nowadays I'm interested in technology and I'd love to study computer science.

  22. The when you play with toys when your younger thing he said. It’s true ( of corse). Because I grew up messing with bolt and nuts and toy xylophones. Now I’m almost in high school and playing percussion and wanting to be an engineer.

  23. I mean the examples in this were cherry picked to shit, if you take the same biased examples the other way round; boys are encouraged to shoot each other and play with violence inducing toys which by the logic he is saying in this, would mean boys are encouraged to grow up to either be criminals or military members, but let’s be fair, I wouldn’t think that statistic is supportive.

    If the girls thought that the adverts and toys and whatnot are patronising, then they wouldn’t play with them! And if parents tried to force them to play with them, then it probably wouldn’t work out very well.

    There are also huge amounts of girls clothes these days that not only send positive strong messages to girls but ALSO hugely sexist and divisive ones “The Future is Female” to name an example, if the alternative existed and they made clothes with “The Future is Male” written on it, there would be uproar! How about just let people do what people want to do, kids play with what toys they want to play with, and encourage your kids WITHOUT having to put anyone else down in the process.

    Let’s try and make a better world together and not continue down this path to make it more politicised and divisive

  24. I think girls toys are like that so they get into makeup and nails earlier. Also if I were to guess most of the toys for both are made by 50 year old men who cant conceive of a girl being interested in anything but nails hair clothes make up babies ect

  25. >that title
    >british host
    yep, it's bullshit

    Toys used to be gender neutral. But then the market learned boys and girls like different things. Once they started marketing accordingly they started making more money. There's no turning back now.

  26. …. 1:13… You know. I get it. But one of those had girls playing owning their own business. I… I. Not sure how that's a bad thing. But yeah I know exception to the rule I guess

  27. yes ugly male lead movie finish with the lead being accepted by the beautiful girl for the way he looks cause looks don't matter but ugly female lead movie ends with her duckling to swan makeover and THEN getting the guy.

  28. You might say they're patronizing but I was in a store the other day and I have to tell you… the ones that shake at you are pretty intimidating…. especially the black ones

  29. I am so thankful for my brother's because without them I would have never had the chance to play with dope monster and dragon toys! Oh and hotwheels where amazing too. I have never played with girl toys in my entire life and I was always so disappointed when I got like the boring pink girl toy shit.

  30. This rides on the basis that gender differences are entirely cultural. I'm not a fan of gender stereotypes, but what we see of differences between the sexes have deeper roots than just culture.

  31. Why cant boys be princesses? Why are you bringing up the fact that toys are patronizing and just acting like its only happening to boys?

  32. He is so right I'm a girl and I hate girly stuff I'm 12 and when I was 8 I went to get my first proper bike in the helmet section all I saw pink and blue

  33. It’s nice to see a man understand sexism rather than get defensive and I know not all men are sexist I’m just saying a lot people get defensive about it and I respect people who are willing to have a conversation

  34. "they say women can't multi task.."

    That is the complete opposite of what everyone says.
    No one has ever said women can't multi task.
    Everyone, since the dawn of time, has known and said that women can multitask, and it's men that are typically unable to

  35. I hate the Disney-sparkle-pink-princess-crap that gets shoved down girls throats. I tell my girls how much I love them, but I don’t tell them they are princesses.

  36. I dont agree with dumb shirts with stupid slogans but most clothes are not like that, most parents just buy normal clothes for their kids. Toy manufacturers wouldnt be making that stuff if it wasnt selling. Toy manufacturers put a lot of effort into testing products with children before they spend millions on development costs. A lot of girls are into princesses, dolls and unicorns.If people have a problem with that, stop buying it for your kids. Theres plenty of gender neutral toys. I do have a problem with girl "princess" culture but not for the reasons in this video.
    There is no sexism or conspiracy to harm girls. The media has been denigrating men for the last 50 years. Presenting men as bumbling fools, ignorant, uncaring, violent, toxic, dangerous. Men are the only group who can be criticized as a whole in the media and it has become normalized not only in popular media, but in academia and politics.
    Just to add on one of Russell's "points" that "British women have the lowest self esteem in the world". Meanwhile the biggest killer of men under 45 is suicide in the UK. Men are 3 times more likely to kill themselves compared to women.

  37. I'm glad I was brought up with boy's toys. I had cars and dinosaurs, and maybe that was the cause of my dysphoria now, but it was good fun

  38. I heard the ‘how to use a slide properly’ as ‘how to use a sniper properly’ so uh, that’s my comment of the day goodbye I gues

  39. Because little girls like different things. These “patronizing and shit” toys for girls wouldn’t exist if they didn’t sell well, because they’re using things that appeal to little girls. The girls could also just… buy the boys things? They’re not being stopped.

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