What will you build for the Fire Lion? – LEGO Elves

hi my name is Abigail from Lego elves today we’re in a sapphire park to build a magical world for our file item we’re gonna meet up with like a who’s a real lion expert let’s go find her [Music] so you’re the one who knows everything about lions yes almost what do you think is so amazing about lions lions are amazing because they’re so big and strong and they’re almost majestic creatures I’ve actually heard some people say that they’re kings of all other animals but there’s a lion like to do they like to hunt and then eat and when they’re done eating this sleep a lot they live up to 20 hours every day wow that’s a lot my line has magic powers it can control the fire has your lines got any magic Palace they have night vision so they can see in the dark which helps them hunt at night and also they have a very powerful raw and sharp claws and long teeth thank you so much snake you’re welcome ever yeah now let’s do something [Music] five unify and we know this is the way we’re supposed to be this is the way we set the powers way I made a pillow for my lion I think it’s tired I also made a crown for my life well will it you bills for the fire lion maybe you could build a baby lion or some food for it share your creations on legal life see you next time [Applause] [Music]

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