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100 thoughts on “We Get A Christmas Tree!!!

  1. I live in a apartment so there isn't much room for a real Christmas tree so we use this really old silver tinsel one that my mom used to have when she lived in Porto Rico 😃🎄🎄🎄 Merry Christmas your kids are adorable!

  2. My favorite smell would have to be Be Enchanted  cream from bath and body works.can you please put this in your vlog your really good at volgs and your kids are so cute!

  3. The smell of marshmallows!  I tend to look like the crazy lady at the store who just casually sniffs the bag of marshmallows every time.  Also, I get you Bailey… a crust sandwich is the best kind of sandwich!
    You are an amazing family – the epitome of adorable!  Thanks for making the world a happier place with your videos!

  4. My favorite smells are the scents they spray at you to go along with the scenery during Disney's Soarin' over California! It totally makes the experience feel that much more real!

  5. We recently got a new conditioner that smells like a combination of coconut cookies baking and the ocean. It's a really weird combination, but it's one of my new favorite smells! 

  6. My 4 favourite smells are probably the smell of petrol, fresh paint, nail polish and a freshly baked cupcake. But my favourite out of them all is petrol

  7. My favourite smell is the smell of Cinnamon or Gingerbread <3 they both smell really nice but if you smell them too much you'll get an itchy nose (experience)…

  8. My favorite smells are vanilla, gasoline, money, and waking up to fresh bacon cooking on the pan.
    The gasoline and money smells sound weird but I love them.
    P.S. You're kids are so cute.

  9. My favorite smells are when you bake something in the oven, the smell of a fireplace, the smell of pine trees, and the smell of rain

  10. My sister recently bought a cotton candy perfume and it smells soooo good since I find that most perfumes smell the same this one is soo much better and different

  11. My favorite smell is either a perfume called Daisy by Marc Jacobs or a candle called spiced pumpkin cider, which I just burnt out 🙁

  12. This is really weird but I used to love "my little ponies" and they had a very specific scent that was very flowery and nice😂😂

  13. Love watching your family!  Be careful with the tree close to the fire.  Had a friends house burn down because the fire popped and hit the wrapping paper on a gift and the tree went up in seconds and they lost their home three days before Christmas.  God Bless your beautiful family!

  14. I love the smell of our real Christmas tree and the homemade sour cream sugar cookies best cookies ever please put this in your vlog!🍪🎅🎄

  15. My favorite smell ever, is freshly bathed babies. Lol may sound strange to some but anyone with kids knows what I'm talking about. Close second is cotton candy or my pink sugar perfume, which smells like cotton candy.

  16. I really love the smell after the rain, of Christmas trees 😛 and of idk why, sunsets! For me the summer sunsets have a great smell! 🙂

  17. I love the smell of Christmas trees and the marshmallow fireside candle (for winter) and I also love the Yankee candle sparkling cinnamon and Yankee candle balsam & cedar

  18. I love the smell of oranges because it always reminds me of the ride Soarin' Over California when it goes over Camarillo, which is so close to where I live. Also, my brothers and I would eat peanut butter from spoons too, and we still do! Love you and your family so much😘😘😘😘

  19. My favorite smell is this denim scented candle I got at Yankee candle. I don't know what it is about it but it just smells SO good to me and I can't stop smelling it! Btw, I love your vlogs and how you raise your children; I aspire to raise my future children like you and your wife do 🙂

  20. Jacob and Parker are the sweetest boys. They are both so adorable and I just love seeing them! Does anybody else think Parker looks like Trent? He is so precious!

  21. My favorite smell is either the sugar cookie candle scent, or the pink island candle scent. Also, a VERY good food, is peanut butter and apples! Green apples are best for peanut butter and apples, but it works with any apples! Love you and your family!

  22. One of my favorite smells is gun powder and oranges it smells sooooooooooooooooooo good it might seem like a weird thing to like but it's great. By the way love your family!

  23. My favorite scent right now is my neighbor's candle it's I think Holiday Spice but it smells fruity and sweet and I love it

  24. If you haven't tried it before, peanut butter/ honey sandwich :O It´s weird! I dont really like honey or peanut butter separate, but combined it was amazing 🙂

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