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72 thoughts on “War Robots Leagues Guide

  1. sort out your f**king mm its is shit I get put against top 50 full clan with silver league weak team mates like what the fuck pixonic

  2. Pixonic i got demoted to gold league ang then i got ranked up to diamond league again but i didn't get any gold ?

  3. Подотрите жопу своими лигами.
    Ебанные пиксоники,от колличества денег,вы суки скоро подавитесь.

  4. This league update kinda suck because other high level players are getting themselves demoted so they can fight low level players

  5. I kinda wish it was elo because I started a new account and I'm against so many lower levelled players

  6. Um I can't update my game cause when it tells me that when it is out of date and I click on update it brings me to the appstore and all it says is open and not update help pls

  7. That's shit. When i'm in a team lose. I can be the top player of all the part. I'm still loosing some points. So fuck leagues

  8. You're game is a total piece of shit. Upgrade your servers. This game constantly freezes and makes fluid gameplay impossible

  9. Pixonic its updating War Robots in Stalker updating in shield and Stealth please updating War Robots and Stalker updating god bye Pixonic

  10. es una mierda de juego no lo instalen porque tiene virus y me estan callando para que no diga nada pixonic me mando a matar para que no dijera nada este es un juego de mierda

  11. I wonder what's so hard… About FINDING A MATCH THAT IS SUITABLE FOR US! I HAVE A TEAM OF A LVL 7 CARNAGE, 1 ANCILE MAGNUM LEO, AND A GRIFFIN ALL MOLOTS LVL 6! Supperrr strong…. Im in the gold league… BUT JUST NOW I LOST 5 rounds 😀 JK! IN A ROW! WHY CANT U FIX THIS?

  12. oí han lo bueno que llega Batle Titans WWR No sepuede descargar enmi Android Azuqueca la verdad existe mecaga pero lo bueno queba allegar Batle Titans

  13. The game now I can only open it but I can not find a team to play my game in the game 23 What is the reason to stop finding a team ??

  14. but leagunes is fucking shit pakas i got 2plase and i took 13bikons and 729kdameds but ader player did only 2bikons but 730kdameds soo i got – he got + dis is fuck up

    you should test it out:
    use the Leo with 3 Aphids,
    you' ll find out that the MIDDLE APHID EXPLOADS ON YOURSELF.
    most of the times in happens when you fire the middle aphid to an enemy at the left.

    can you please repport that because I've send like 3 mails to them but they haven't seen it.
    for me this bug is real annoying bcs I have a max leo with 3 max aphids :I

    (ps: sorry for posting this on all your videos, I just have to make sure that you'll see this and HOPEFULLY repport it ;3;

  16. Can somone help.
    I'm only level 22 now but been playing in high silver league.
    The team i'm in keep winning with me at top 3 but i'm bored of having such low level robots compared to everying with level 30 and 8 weopons and robots. my wepons are level 5/ 6 at best.
    And yes i do upgrade when i can.
    How can i play players my level?

  17. те кто в лиге набирают очки а маяки вообще не захватывают вы настоящие п*****сы.


  19. До здравствует маил ру со своими рулетками уже в мобильной версии)) как ярый донатер сразу скажу не трать на рулетку деньги шанс очень мизерный вы вольете больше чем получите)

  20. Finally this help me from falling on the hole of gold leaugues because i am stuck on that league i just want to be in the master

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