Vision-free MIT Cheetah

(footsteps thudding) – [Man] That’s 2.5. – [Scientist] Go for three. That’s as fast as it can go. – [Man] That’s three. (footsteps thudding) (gravel crunching) (footsteps thudding) (wood clattering) (footsteps thudding) – [Man] One, two, three.

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100 thoughts on “Vision-free MIT Cheetah

  1. The only way to survive in the future is study how machine react now when theyre still babies , when Robots are all grown up , There will be no chance to Study and stop them, the only option then would be fleeing to Mars , and have wars in Space.

  2. Bakwas Punjab mai ek Bacha 150 fut down aur bache ki maut ho gia. koi aisi mashin nahi bani 150 fott down ja ke bache ko bahar Nikal sake

  3. Why you try to make a robot,is you have no idea.this bullshit man bring whole humankind in front of denger,crore people get work less,and once the robot get the control of own,they harmed us,why you arre so called intelligent but do things like a fool.there are many field about research.but this fucking mad persons only one motive to make robot. bro, there are enough man in world to work,and enough animals,you don't have to call our destroyer.may god bless you and give you knowledge.

  4. The innovation is great. I'm just annoyed that robot keeps tapping his feets every second. You need to work on that. So if he'll be able to look and then walk or run it'll be better. Which will make it a perfect one and it'll do more things than before with less noise 😉😉

  5. PS: The bot isn't deciding on it's own that whether to walk, run or climb a staircase. It's been given single task to do at a time. Not a big deal for vision-free. It's just the mechanics that is impressive.

    Big deal will be when robot is itself deciding to climb on stairs, or walk on plane road. I'd be surprised then if that you can VISION-FREE. And by vision free I mean, not a single sensor on the robot. Else you can say IR/Laser sensing is not vision.

    Till then it's a misleading title. So reporting it.

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