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Vendor, the potatoes cost how much? What about tomatoes? Yes, give me tomatoes. My gold chain. My chain. Give it. Tell me, where is my chain? Aunty, he is Chadha uncle, he hasn’t snatched your chain. He was buying the veggies here. He is a very honest person. Then who snatched my chain and went away? You started hitting me without any reason. The thief is someone else and is hiding somewhere here. Thieves are snatching gold chains in the town. But nobody can see the thief. Grandpa, today a lot of robberies are taking place. And I observed some weird things. Some transparent human shape image was running on the roof. A transparent human shape. How is this possible? I will do some research on this. Don’t wear gold & roam round. Because the gold thief has arrived. Watch our special coverage at 8pm. Run, thief has arrived. Vir, from what you have said It looks like it is some alien power But it is clear that they require gold for some special purpose. Grandpa, let’s catch them by laying a gold trap. See, I got so much gold. You are harassing the citizens here. This is the same thing you did on our planet. And we were thrown out from there. We were removed because we were very weak. And this world is for powerful people. Quickly, we need to gather more gold to make our destructive weapon. Charlie is correct. Charlie is wrong. We need to have a planet where there is happiness. And no need to make weapons. There is an increase in robberies day by day. So, it is a request to everyone to keep their gold in the central hall. Till the thief is not caught. There will be security arrangement in the central hall. Your gold will be safe. Your friend, Robo Boy! Now let me see, how they get saved. Robo Boy suit on! Who are you? I am a friend of good people and enemy to evils. The name is Vir, Vir the robot boy. Drill suit on. Drill suit on. You are very brave Vir. You taught them a good lesson. Return to the place that you all have come from. Return all the gold taken from here. No, Bravo please don’t leave us here. Please Bravo take us along. On one condition, you will never harass common people again. We will find a new planet where we can stay peacefully. And nobody is disturbed. Promise. We promise. Come on everything is fine now. We got back everyone’s gold too. Now let us return the gold to everyone. Children, we are going to construct Sports section and science labs here. Sir I would like to donate the requirements for construction of sports section and science labs. My father has a lot of money. Sir, I want to do something for the school. Don’t worry! My father has a lot of money. Vir, what would you donate for the school he he? Bunty, say sorry to Vir now. Ok, sorry Vir. Boss, earlier Vir had defeated your robots. But now he has even defeated the aliens. No one can defeat Vir. Vir is indeed great! Timbaktoo. Till now, Vir has been able to save himself from my attacks. But not anymore. I am Mad Max, now observe my madness. The biggest competition will start now & in this battle Vir will lose. Boss, I don’t think you will be able to defeat Vir Shut Up! Timbaktoo! See this! This is my new Robot Cemento. In front of his powers, Vir will be helpless. This is Cemento, he will hide inside the cement mixer at Vir’’s school. As soon as Vir will come there, you have to switch on the mixer. And it will throw cement on Vir and freeze him. Haha. There is already a cement mixer kept here. Then who has ordered another one? I have brought it. It’s a gift for you. Ha ha ha Drill suit on. Drill suit on. Thank you, Robo boy! Attack! Come on start the the attack. Let me see how powerful you are. Boss, Cemento has frozen me only. Haha! Now, what will you do robot boy? You always save other people but now how will you save yourself? Haha! Bye, bye Robo boy. Cemento, finish him off. Twister suit on. Twister suit on. Enough of fighting, now the grand finale. Heating rays on. Heating rays on. Haha! Vir, now nobody can save you from my hands. Thank you robo boy! Thank you robo boy. Today you have saved our school. Why are you guys looking up? Vir, robo boy had come. Oh no, I missed him. Anyways I’ll meet him next time. Come on let’s go to the class. Sorry boss. In the fight between Vir & Cemento, Cemento has lost. No!! Shut up, Timbaktoo! You are useless. Do you think if Cemento has lost, it means Mad max will also lose? Mad max is Mad!! Boss. You don’t worry. I have a plan, due to which Vir will be unable to do anything. Let me come over there & explain you the plan. Boss, how does this hat look? Who asked you to bring the hat man here? Tell him to go. I don’t have time for useless things. Wow! This is indeed a very useful thing. Will you not introduce me to him? I have called him to meet you. Please meet the famous King of hats, the Hat Man. Hello, Mr. Mad Max. Just tell me, what is so special about your hats? Very Simple. Any robot who wears these hats can be controlled by me. Thank you, Mr. Mad Max. Mr. Hat Man, can you capture Vir? Yes, I can bring him.

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Mad max is glad. Very glad!! Vir, after defeating Cemento. Do not assume that you have won the competition against me. Now you have to face Hatman, whose is very much powerful than you. Your powers are nothing as compared to Hatman’s powers. Now Vir will become my slave. Out of that three kids, the smart & thing looking one is Vir. The other two are his friends, Imli & Gintu. The donkey Chulbul, is also his friend. Wow, these hats are so nice. Show me that hat. Take this hat. It is the best one. And you can take this hat for free. First, give it to me. I had asked for it. You wait. And you take it. Thanks but I don’t require this hat. I am giving it to you for free. I don’t take anything for free. Foolish child. You are insulting my hats. Chulbul & Imli run away from there. Robo boy suit on! Robo boy suit on. Hey, little girl where is Vir? I am here. Fight with me. Vir, be careful. Auto Repair. The auto repair will be done in 52 seconds! Very Smart! How will you get saved, kiddo! Today, my hats will not spare you. Till now no one has got saved from the attack of my hats. And you small kid, have wasted all my hats. Help! Save me. Mr. Hatman, do something. Look Vir is coming. On your marks. Get set go. Bye Bye Vir! I am not a fighter but a peace loving person. I had come to capture you peacefully & I will definitely take you away. Timbaktoo, you are useless.

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Now, I will only have to do something. In this competition, I will defeat Vir for sure. Hmm. Today is National Bird Day. And I am going to give Vir a special gift. Boss. You have never given me any gift. But you are giving a gift to Vir. Idiot, Timbaktoo! With this gift, Vir wil be defeated. Mad Max is glad. Very glad. Vir take more seeds for the birds. Childrens do you know it’s ‘National bird’s day’ today. Yes, grandpa, we take an oath today that’ll we’ll save birds. And look after them. Very good Vir! I wish you guys celebrated donkeys day and feed me a lot of carrots. Timbaktoo, observe this. This is my new robot Madmingo. This is not a flamingo & I have named it Madmingo. This is a perfect bird robot & it can fire laser beams. It can do Kung Fu karate, it can do anything. Oh it can do Kung Fu karate as well. Yes, he can do Kung Fu. Do you have any doubts? Ok madmingo, you show some Kung Fu karate to the boss. Boss! Save me. Madmingo, you had to just demonstrate your Kung Fu skills to the boss. You are a genius boss! Super-duper genius!! She is right boss. Timbaktoo, you go with Madmingo & capture Vir. And if you are unable to catch him, then finish him there itself. Go now! Ok, boss! Oh, my back is hurting. Take this remote. You are a genius boss! Super-duper genius!! She is correct boss! She is right! Vir can never imagine that a bird can be so powerful. Vir, be ready to fight with my most powerful robot. My Madmingo, once Vir arrives I will tell you what to do. Imli, look at that flamingo there. It is not a flamingo but it is Madmingo. And he has come to take you away with him, Vir. It is a dangerous robot. I will teach a lesson to this Madmingo. You, wait over here. Hey, Madmingo before Vir, you will have to tackle me. Let’s start the fight. Vir save me. Sorry! I was comparing myself to a robot donkey. Help! Madmingo, I was joking about fighting with you. You took my threat seriously. Vir, now you tackle him. If you need my help, then let me know. Today is National Bird Day & I don’t intend to hit you. Still there is time, you can go back. This is a bird & not a robot. If you have the courage then fight or else quietly come with us. Come to our boss’s place. Boss, the fight has started. But Madmingo’s chances to win are looking bleak. Tell Madmingo to grab Vir using wings & bring him here. Boss, I didn’t know Madmingo can fly as well. He is not flying but running on land & fighting. Press the flying button in the remote. I have pressed the button. Boss, he left me alone & went away. Madmingo is hiding somewhere between the clouds. Who is hiding? There was one robot like a flamingo. It had attacked Vir. We can hear its screaming voices. You all come inside. It can attack again. Vir!! Wing suit on. Wing suit on. Look, that boy is hitting our friend. Let us teach him a lesson. What are you doing? Leave me. That is not a flamingo, it is a robot. We are not fools. We are flamingos. Sorry, kid you were correct but we got confused due to its face. Hit him. We are with you. Thank You. My name is Vir. Vir, these clouds can produce lightning. Move away from here or else you will get injured. Vir, move away. You may get injured. Vir, it was a great move. Thank You! Bye. Now, it is time to go home. Vir, where is that Madmingo? Now, he will never come back. Boss, Vir has defeated Madmingo very cleverly in the fight. Shut up, Timbaktoo. Vir, don’t assume that the competition is over. The real fight will begin now. Nobody can save you. This is Mad Max’s maze. Once I get Vir inside this, then I will activate it. Then Vir will never be able to find a way out. Because all the ways to come out will be closed. You are a genius boss! Super-duper genius. Now, will take place a fight which anyone has not seen or heard about earlier. Because now the well itself will come near the thirsty person. Timbaktoo! What did you do Timbaktoo? The maze has become activated. How will we come out? Someone please me to cross the road. Please! My donkey sense is saying that there is some danger. Imli come back. Vir!!! Imli!! Gintu, quickly come out. Robo boy suit on! Robo boy suit on! Vir has gone inside. Let’s go. Imli! Imli! Imli, today Vir’s intelligence will be tested. Let’s see whether he can find you inside this maze. Vir!! Vir!! Where are you Vir? Vir, this time you are badly trapped. Now, will you save Imli. You have come inside but you cannot go back outside. Sound direction & detection on. Sound direction & detection on. I need to follow this radar’s direction & I will reach near Imli. Sorry. Right now I am not in a mood to fight. Vir! Till when you will run Vir. Haha. At some point, your battery will get drained. And I will capture you. Vir! Vir! Where are you? Now, what will you do Vir? So many robots are ready to welcome you. Imli, is calling you Vir. You will not go to save her. Anti-laser cover on. Anti-laser cover on. What happened to you Vir? Battery has become low. I can’t move. Vir! I am fine Imli. I was acting as if my battery was drained. I knew till the time my battery won’t get drained. You all won’t come in front of me. Let’s start the fight! My hands are enough to beat you all. If you have the courage, then fight with your hands. Finish off Vir! Battery charger on. Battery charge on. Pull power from robot’s batteries. Pulling power from robot’s batteries. Battery full. It is better to run away from here. Thank you, Vir! Welcome, Imli. But how will we go outside from here. Heat seeking device on. Heat seeking device on! These are my foot prints. Following them, we will be able to go outside. Vir, thank god you have come. First let us go outside. Boss, all your spades for the biggest fight have finished. You could not do anything to Vir. Boss, do something. Boss, I hope you don’t lose. I am mad! I am mad! Mad Max never fails. No matter what, I will win this fight. Since now I have a plan in front of which Vir will be helpless. Because now Vir will be fighting against Vir. Boss, you are a genius! You are a genius. Go to Dr. Prem Sahay’s house & bring the formula to create Vir. That formula will be stored on any hard disk. Bring the hard disk from Dr. Prem Sahay’s house. There should not be any mistake this time. You are genius boss! Hi, Imli & Chulbul. Dr. Prem Sahay’s secret lab should be around here somewhere. Let me check where the lab using X-ray vision is. Boss, I am going inside the lab. And I have switched on the camera. Mad max is glad. Very glad. Timbaktoo, I will observe it live on the monitor. Grandpa, what happened? Are you alright? Yes, Vir I am fine. The lab’s door is broken. Grandpa, the hard disks have been stolen. The hard disks have a tracking device inside them. Due to which we can trace their location. Quickly, sit inside the spaceship. Vir, look our hard disks are inside that train’s coach. We should quickly follow the train. Vir, won’t be able to find us. We will take his hard drive & run away far. Boss, Vir is following us in the spaceship. Timbaktoo, attack Vir’s spaceship with the help of robots. Even this hard drive does not contain the formula. Even these hard drives don’t contains the formula. Get ready Timbaktoo. Robo boy suit on! Robo boy suit on! Vir, where are you? Our Vir is back. This battle is not over. I will come back. I will surely comeback.

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