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All children shall be given a piggy bank, collect money from the neighbors, relatives and friends . These collections will be utilized for the childrens who are interested in studies but can’t afford the education. This piggy bank is very small. Give me your piggy banks, I need atleast two or three of them. Vir, look Bunty took away my piggy bank. Bunty return her piggy bank. Chase me, catch me and take it. Return it, right now. Today we have a chance, Vir is alone. Go hit him. Thank you Bunty, never harass anybody again. Thank you Vir!! Vir look this is called the piggy bank, It is filled with coins, your piggy bank is empty like you. Rats are bigger than this, haha!! Bunty you called Vir a rat, say sorry right now. I won’t say, what will you do? Haha!! Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. What is this happening? Bunty you are harassing all the piggy banks. Ohh!! This is alive, how? I won’t live with a spoiled boy like you. Bye bye. Bye! Wait, where are you going? My dad’s money is within you. Stop!! Gintu stop the magic spell, everytime I tell you to avoid but you don’t listen. I won’t make his piggy bank normal, he bullies you everytime, I get angry. Bye bye I am going. Wait!! My piggy bank. Oh no! I need to stop him. Its enough now stop, or else. If not ? Vir!! He hit our Vir, today he will get to know the donkey power. I got to know the piggy power today. Hey my purse, what is happening? Help!! Run!! Run!! What is happening? Help!! He can’t find me, haha!! Vir are you fine ? Yes Imli I am fine, that piggy bank is too smart. Vir take this rope and tie him up, I will go and find Gintu . Someone help, what is this, this is eating all my jeweleries. Haha!! Vir we need to understand his weakness and play with it, we can trap him then. He is made out of the magic, you can’t finish him. I don’t want to finish him, he has lot of peoples money with him, but what is his weakness? Pig weakness is mud, if we are able to take him to a place full of mud. Then he won’t harass anyone and we can trap him . Very good idea Imli, at the end of the road I will create a muddy pond, get him there, but how will get him. Sorry uncle don’t mind I will return the jewels.Ok Vir go, I will bring him there. Be careful. Hey piggy bank are you hungry? Eat this. Vir hurry up, he is coming near me, I can’t ride the cycle for more time. Imli in a while the muddy pond will be ready. Hahaha!! Vir hurry up , he is coming near me , I can’t ride the cycle for more time. Come on fast, the pond is ready. Vir!! Vir!! Vir!! Imli!! Thankyou Robo boy. Your welcome Imli. Gintu because of your magic spell people had to face these trouble. His stomach is full of peoples money and jewels , quickly correct it. Is this a request or an order? Its an order. I will honour your command. I cannot deny your orders. I feel, I dreamt of piggy bank running away from me. And he was eating all jewels and money etc? And then robo boy fought and corrected it ? Yes, how do you know? Sometimes we all see the same dream. What? All of you had same dream? Why do I feel like they are making a fool out of me?

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