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Its my turn. Today I will teach them a lesson. More fast, haha!! Now give it to me. Bunty, you harass me every time. Take this. Hey! What are you doing? Don’t fight. Help!! Leave me. Gintu, Instead of solving the fight you are mounting it. No! By sending them to, I am trying to make them aware that the person responsible for all this is Timbaktoon. Vir!! Okay, I will see you later. Vir! Piranha fishes have arrived in this lake. Look there. I will make this Piranha run away. Where am I? Hey Gintu!! Haha! Look, after seeing me everybody is running away, haha!! Robo boy suit on. Run!! Vir, it is dangerous to have Piranhas in this lake. Yes, we need to find out a solution. Wow! The Piranhas are here. I need to inform boss. Boss!! Help!! Boss, Piranha is here boss. What? Piranha in this lake? This is not possible. Piranha is there boss. It is there. Piranhas are responsible for this condition of mine. Oh yes! This is really a Piranha. Let this Piranha stay in the lake and destroy everything. Vir will definitely come to save his people. But I will include my robotic Piranhas with the real Piranhas. And what will happen when Vir will come to rescue his people from the real Piranhas? Then, boss’s robotic Piranha will rescue Vir only. Yes! This is my robotic Piranha. Now wait and watch what my Robotic Piranha will do. Yes, I’ve heard that Piranhas have entered our late. Come here, I’ll show you all something. This is our lake and river. This area which you can see is the place where Piranhas reside. Is it? Then why these Piranhas have come here? I guess, the area where they reside must be facing some difficulty, that’s why Piranhas have come here. What if we send the Piranhas back to their area by solving their problem then? Yes, we need to do that. Vir, this is dragging liquid. By pouring this into the river you can direct the Piranhas where you want to. This means, the Piranhas will follow him because of the smell of this liquid. Wow! My work is done then. Boss, be careful, the real Piranhas are also there. They are very dangerous. I know that, you fool. We just have to send this robotic Piranha into the lake. Boss, you are great. Shut up! I know I am great. Come on, let’s go from here. Now this lake will face detriment. Look, everybody be careful and be alert. Imli, Chulbul, you wait here. I will go and save that kid. Vir!! No!! There is something strange. This Piranha seems to look different from those Piranhas. X-ray vision on. Oh! So this is a robotic Piranha. This is definitely Mad Max’s trap. What’s wrong with Vir? His data’s aren’t reacting. I will talk to him via talk back. Hello! Vir, are you okay? Grandpa, I am fine. There is a robotic Piranha between the real Piranhas. I guess, this is Mad Max’s plan. Yes, this is his plan only. I’m taking the real Piranhas in their own area. Later I will deal with the robotic Piranha. Drilling suit on. Haha!! Yeah!! Robo boy!! You are great!! Vir!! Oh my god!! Vir? Yeah!! Robo boy!! Wow!! Robo boy, you are great. No, you are super great!!

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