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Meow boss, spider! Moss!! Paider!! Haha!! this is not a paider and Iam not moss. I am The Boss and this is a spider. The giant spider robot. You will sit inside its cockpit and throw spider web on Vir. Vir will get stuck into it you have to drag him on the ground and bring him here. Meow! Boss, you are genius, you are super duper genius. She is right boss, she is right. Timbaktooon, switch it off. Sorry boss, sorry. Haha!! Look, such a big spider. Run!! Haha!! Timbaktoon, let Vir come, he will be finished today. Haha!!! Thank you Vir, oh I mean Robo boy. Your welcome. Haha!! Now the fun begins. Vir!! Vir, my friend, how are you? Did you see? You are nothing in front of my power. Timbaktoon, you fool, the power is mine, not yours. Sorry boss sorry, I made a mistake. I have imprisoned him here. Now you can do anything with him. Haha!! I’ll be there in few minutes. I have to settle a lots of accounts with Vir. Ok Timbaktoon, If you can imprison me here by your shrewdness. Then even I can make a fool out of you by using my brain. Holographic image on. How are you Timbaktoon? Haha, you have caught a duplicate Robo boy. I’m the real one. No, this is not possible. I won’t leave you too. How come two Vir’s Imli? One is down and one is up. I guess this is Vir’s image. Real Vir is down in the well and I’m going to rescue him. Thanks Imli. I’m here Timbaktoon. Take this. Robo boy, save me !! Save me!! Yeah, Robo boy, yes!! Imli thank you for helping me. You are welcome Robo boy. Robo boy, yes!!

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