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Hey, what a trouble it is, can’t even walk with ease. Robo boy suit on. Thanks Robo boy, you saved my child, can’t imagine what would have happened. Hey, what were you doing? What if the child would have got hurt? Vir move aside, this egoistic red body builder will be handled by me. Let me handle him. Gintu you!! Hey, Chintu you!! Vir this is my friend Chintu, and Chintu this are my friends Vir, Imli and Chulbul. Hi Chintu, from today you too are in our gang of friends. Now Gintu stop the magic and erase everyone’s memory. Right away. Vir, I will go around with Chintu and return back, we are meeting after many years. What else Gintu, do you still like snacks? I am the same, no change. I still carve for eateries. I still remember those days, when we use to play daily. Doesn’t matter, from now we both will stick together and have lots of fun. Now you will stay with me here, sometimes you can go to meet Vir, ok? No, I can’t stay here. I like the snacks of the town, they are tastier than our magical snacks. The truth is I can’t live without Vir. Ok fine, go to your Vir. Hey Chintu, listen! Chintu’s anger is the same yet. He will be back when he cools down, I will wait here for him. No one can take Gintu away from me. Vir I am going to take Gintu away from your life. I will create a fight and misunderstanding between you both that you will throw him out of your life. Vir, take your shuttle cock. Why are you hitting me? Can’t you see? I am Bunty. No, stop hitting me. Hey I can hear Bunty’s sound, where is it coming from? Seems like he is here somewhere. I am here Vir, please help me. Gintu, what have you done. You dare not repeat this mistake. I will do it, I will repeat it. He always troubles you. Then why shouldn’t I? Because I am saying. You always shout at me, friend should be like Chintu, he never shouts at me. If you were not my master, I would have left you for Chintu. Then go and stay with your friend Chintu , don’t argue with Vir. Ok. Vir, Imli and Chulbul, I have a made some carrot pudding. Sit down, I’ll serve you all. You are the best grandpa in this whole world. Hello grandpa. Come, even you sit down and have this carrot pudding. Yes of course, with my magic, the sweet dish has become more tastier. Now serve this to my friends, they will enjoy it. Gintu where are you? Now the fight will begin. What a joke is this ? How can you do something bad like this? Why did you spread frogs all around the house? Vir, I didn’t spread the frogs here. Shut up, stop lying. This is your mischief. You want to go to your friend, go ahead, don’t do something weird. Why did you do this? Vanish them from here, its an order. Oh! So you have become my master, till now you were pretending to be my friend. Grandpa, are you alright? Now, let me teach a lesson to Imli. Hi Imli, Its more fun in flying a cycle than riding it. Byebye. Vir!! Help!! Vir!! Hey, Imli. Gintu!! Come right now. Whats wrong with you? Imli could have got hurt. Hey, I did nothing. Since you have met your friend, you have changed. If you wish to return back to him, kindly go, I free you. You have changed, I don’t believe this. Bye Imli, Chulbul, now I won’t come back ever. But believe me, I did nothing. Imli, something is wrong. If Gintu wanted to leave me and go, then he wouldn’t have cried. I think someone is creating a misunderstanding between us. Suppose, Chintu is behind this then? Ok, no need to get so emotional. Now go in your world and stay there. We both can’t stay together. Before leaving, you can hug me for a last time. Gintu, something is wrong. Do as I say. Ok. I give you time till evening, think properly and let me know if you want to behave well and stay with me or not. Ok, I’ll let you know till evening. Before evening I will trouble you all so much that you will not want to see Gintu’s face. Imli, I feel Gintu will behave well now. Vir I couldn’t wait till evening, I wanted to teach you a lesson. You always keep on teaching me something or the other. What are you doing? Robo boy suit on. That is my friend Chintu, Vir you were right. He must be coming, lets get ready. Its time to teach him a lesson. Gintu you should be ashamed, a friend like Vir is troubled by you. Vir I am your friend from today. We both will stay together. Ok Chintu, we both are best friends from today. Gintu you are free to go wherever you want to. Vir, he is not Chintu. How can you say this? He is Chintu. He can’t be Chintu? Why can’t he be Chintu? He is Chintu!! No, I am Chintu, look. Oops! Sorry. You have been doing this drama, for what? You wanted to break our friendship with Vir. But our friendship is not so weak, that it can break so easily. Chintu, we all can be friends, you too can stay with us. You don’t need to part us to get him. Gintu, he has met you after very long time, so he is very possessive about you. You must go and stay with him. I am sorry Vir, I am very sorry. From today you all are my friends.

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