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Mad Maxx. Haha!! Look at this, this is my new machine. If Vir gets trapped inside this and I activate it, then Vir will never be able to get out of this. Because all the escape routes would be shut. Haha!! Even I won’t be able to get out. Haha!! You are genius boss, super duper genius. Timbaktoon where are you? Come here. What have you done Timbaktoon, the maze has been activated. How will we get out. One month later. Go ahead, you won’t get any alms here. Boss hasn’t given me my salary for a year. I don’t know where has he disappeared for a month. Your boss has come and now you are finished. Mona attack!! Someone help me cross the road please. My donkey sense tells me, there is some danger. Imli come back. Vir!! Imli!! Gintu!! Come out quickly. Robo boy suit on. Look Vir has gone inside. Let’s go in. What am I doing here, which place is this? No, Gintu this is not the time to lose your memory. Hey donkey stay away from me, don’t come close to me. Vir!!! Where are you? Imli!!!! Haha!! Imli, today is Vir’s intelligence test. Let’s see if he is able to find you in this maze or not. Vir!! Where are you Vir? Haha!! Vir, you are trapped very badly this time. How will you save Imli now? Haha!! You have come inside, but you will not be able to get out. Haha!!! If I hit him once on his head he will recollect his memories. Hehe!! Gintu my brother my friend, it’s me Chulbul, try to remember. Timbaktoon has captured Imli and we are here to rescue her. My brother, try to remember. Sound direction detection on. Now I have to follow this needle’s direction. Imli has to be there. Sorry friends, now I’m not in a mood to fight. Vir!!!!!! How long will you run Vir? Haha!! Sooner or later, your battery will go down. And you will be captured by me. Hahaha!!! Vir!! Vir!! Where are you Vir? Haha!! What are you going to do now Vir?? So many robots are ready to welcome you Vir. Haha!! Imli is calling you Vir, won’t you save her? Haha!!! Anti laser cover on. Vir!! What happened Vir? My battery is low. I can’t move. As soon as Gintu passes from here, I’ll fall over his head and his memory will be back Sorry, Gintu please don’t mind. Sorry Gintu, very sorry move your hand please!! If you come behind me again, then see what I do. Vir!! I’m fine Imli don’t worry, the battery is a little low right now. But I will charge it right away. I was pretending to have low battery. I knew you people would’nt come in front of me until my battery is low. Now lets have a fight. My hands are enough for you people. If you’re brave enough then fight with your hands. Haha!! Finish Vir. Battery charger on. Pull power from robot’s battery. Battery full. Thank you. Timbaktoon, run away from here. Thankyou Vir. You are welcome Imli. Now how will we go back. Heat seaking device on. These are my footprints. We’ll follow them and get out of here. Gintu my friend, let me hit you on your head once. You’ll remember everything and we will find Imli and Vir and get out of here. Haha!! Chulbul we are at the gate itself. Vir!! You came back, thank god. Gintu cannot recognize anyone, nor is he letting me hit him on the head. Come on let us go outside. Who are you people? This donkey is after me since when. If he is your friend then take him away or I will!!! Vir what are we doing here? Timbaktoon has kidnapped Imli. Now I will kick you and tell you what are we doing here. Vir what happened to him? Why is Chulbul so angry?

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