Villain Pub – The Dead Pool (Infinity War)

Making your way evil today… sure does take a lot. Thinking of ways to distribute hate… takes everything you’ve got… Wouldn’t you like to rule a place? Sometimes you wanna go… Where everybody hates your face And the villains share your rage. You wanna be in the evil seat. Heroes are all the same You wanna go where everybody hates your face Well everyone. It has been a long time coming but it is finally time for our janitor, Thanos… to finally go out and make a name for himself. *cheers* Yes! Here’s to the one who’s done absolutely nothing but is being treated as the scariest villain of all time. *cheers* It wasn’t my time Okay Okay. Now that he’s finally going to do something with his life… Who’s up for a little wager? Oooh
I am!
Mee MEEE! So be it! I thought we’d start a dead pool on how many heroes Thanos is officially going to kill. Did somebody say Deadpool? Not you Deadpool! It’s an actual Dead Pool. Now get out of here! You’re gonna have a dead pool without the real Deadpool? Don’t you know how profitable I am? Get out! Eh, whatever. I’ll see you later, Cable. mreeegh Who wants the first wager? Oooo ooo OOooo! I wanna bet! Put me down for ZERO. What?! Zero! Yes! Zero! It’s Marvel! The good guys always win! No they don’t! Remember Quicksilver, man? And Yondu. I’m just saying… the majority get away… a lot. Very well. Next! I’m going to say… five. I bet he gets Iron Man Because he’s like their dad and that would be really hard to watch. Doctor Strange Because he’s got to have magic taken out of the picture. The Incredible Hulk because he’s super strong Hawkeye Because arrows are stupid. Hawkeye is definitely gonna die, man! And my last pick is uh… Spider-Man No way he can’t get Spider-Man. What are you nuts? Oh yes he can! Oh yes I can! Put me down for drei I think it’s going to be Captain America Captain America… And Captain America You just said Captain America three times Because I want him to DIE three times! Okay. Red Skull for three Cap deaths I bet he just gets one, and it’s Loki. Oh yeah! Loki’s totally gonna die! Oooo! Put me down for Loki faking his death, and then killing Thanos later. Hey! I’m just saying, he’s a trickster. No way! If anyone’s gonna kill him, it’s gotta be Nebula. Put ALL of my money on Wolverine! Okay… Apocalypse thinks the X-Men are going to show up for some reason. Anyone else? I bet he only gets two… I bet it’s Vision and Scarlet Witch Oh yes! I want to change my vote now! I forgot Vision has a stone in his head. You can’t change your vote. This is outrageous! You guys are over thinking this. He’s just gonna get the support team. Put me down for Falcon… Ant-Man… Black Widow… Drax… War Machine and Korg. All I know is if you kill Groot, I’m gonna be totally pissed. What? He’s adorable! What about you, Palps? What do you bet? I think he’s going to kill every last one of them… Except Ant-Man. How does he do that? Ant-Man will go molecular between time and space… and come back in the past meeting up with Captain Marvel and they will work together to destroy Thanos in the sequel. Oh that sounds cool! I mean Boo! Heroes are so annoying! Is that everyone? No one thinks he’s going to kill Black Panther? They’re not gonna kill Black Panther! That would be commercial-suicide! Almost like doing a dead pool video without actually having Deadpool in it. I said Get OUT!!!! Well guys, it’s finally my time. I’m off to destroy the universe! You guys were fun. You guys indeed brought a smile to my face I hope they remember you. What does that mean? We’re not in danger hehe… Are we?

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