Viewers, tell me what to do with this LEGO haul ๐Ÿ“ฆ #248

hey everyone thank you for stopping by
this video because I need your input I really really really need direct input
from viewers right now so let me let me show you and explain
well mostly explain what’s going on new sets are being released because we’re
getting up close to August 1 so over the past week almost a week new stuff has
been slowing up slowing up showing up slowly in stores I just went to a few
more stores today and got some more little stuff
actually there’s mmm one thing that I forgot to bring in but anyway that was
just one thing all right yeah I’ll go ahead and show you what I got
first of all up to this point I got so lucky today I went to for five I think
it was five different stores today alone and in three Target stores amongst those
I was able to get I believe all the way I got this right the entirety of the
10th anniversary mega constructs halo Heroes figure set including the Didact
and Master Chief and Cortana all the all the good ones this should be correct
this should be 10 here and there should be no duplicates yeah these have been
just gobbled up by scalpers and thrown on eBay for $150 for the set and they’re
supposed to be $5 each retail and I’m just not paying scalpel
prices anymore it’s just completely out of hand it’s ridiculous if I can get the
stuff legitimately like this I will if I can get stuff at a very reasonable
markup and I really really want it then I may but I’m not gonna I kind of
support that that aftermarket just to get stuff that’s oh it’s not even that
that worth it to me some of the new lego movie I guess the last series of lego
movie sets came out I wanted this one I also want the sparkle babies one none of
the stores I’ve been to in the past week have the sparkle babies one yet there’s
also a ship but I’m not going to get that I
don’t think anybody’s gonna be that interested in it and I’m not that
interested in it I mentioned I’m not going to get it yeah I’m not going to
get it this is one of the new Minecraft sets there are two others one of them I
have already reviewed and then there’s the the creeper mine one was certain one
other one as well thought it was just three anyway there’s
at least one more and I think I’m going to wait for that creeper mine one before
I do the review on this I’ll do the review on this and that probably in the
same video depends on how big that one ends up really being and then this was
one of the friend sets you know I haven’t covered friends stuff in quite a
while at all just because nobody cares nobody wants to see my reviews of
friends stuff they always want they want to go to a channel that has a female
voice behind it and that’s perfectly fine you know that that’s completely
legitimate I’m not mad about that one bit but I personally wanted to check out
all these new pieces so this is something that I wanted to get so I’m
gonna review it I’m gonna build it and I’m gonna review it no matter what and
then this one over here the lighthouse one was one that I found a little bit
interesting I thought it looks kind of cool but I also figured that a fair
number of you would want to see this as well so I got this for both of us if you
will there are more from this series but I doubt that I’ll be getting those and
then I got the big three-in-one twin-rotor helicopter set which looks
like it has a pretty decent minifig sized main helicopter with some space
inside of it which is good that rebuilds into a jet which looks okay maybe a
little bit dated not no not that not that the top of class for Lego creator
stuff and then a hovercraft there which also looks just okay to me and then at
least from the outside and then the last one back there is I think a good one
certainly a good one to get and one that all of us are interested in I’m sure the
townhouse pet shop and cafe which is another
three in one all right so here’s so that that’s what I have and I also have the
dragonboat set and something else that I’m forgetting right now but there’s
still other stuff that’s yet to be released and here’s what I need your
help with I need to know what you want me to do with these things and going
forward a little bit what you what you want to see because for example with
this I think that that’s a good thing to build and to review and to share with
with you the viewers however I don’t personally feel like it’s worth my time
to take all this apart because I only got one it’s a big set it’s expensive I
wasn’t going to get three of these I know that the viewership on any video
for this is going to be super low anyway not that many people care about this I
know plenty of people do but relative to the total numbers you know in in real
terms it’s it’s just not worth my time especially when I personally don’t have
great interest in these so let me know right now based on what I just said how
important is it to you that I show you this and this that I take the time to
take all this apart and then rebuild it into this and then take all this apart
and then rebuild it into this just to show you each of these for a minute or
two on video happening just be honest with me how important is that to you to
see all three considering the fact I mean you don’t have to consider this but
I’m putting it out there that what that results in is probably an hour know
probably a couple hours of additional work for me that ultimately it doesn’t
get to be put into planetary defense Force Base City possibly other things
that are more interesting to me and also to more of you so yeah put it on you let
me let me know what what you think about that similarly and this one I haven’t
really looked into that much myself just yet
I’m gonna be looking at it at the same time as you and probably many of you
have already seen more of this I have I’ve mostly just looked at kind
of the box and and focused on this I haven’t looked at the side build so this
like I said this I am definitely building up no matter what I’m gonna
review this I’m gonna do a pure build and do a speed build
I’m gonna do a full review on that but this is in almost 1,000 piece set so
that’s two hours of work to build at one time then all that will need to be taken
apart and then looks like a great number of those pieces are used in probably
this one it’s not that big I guess more than half at least an hour I’d say
another three hours in total what it would take to do maybe more but let’s
just say about three hours to do these two alternate builds here because they
do need to be a fully rebuilt they’re not using modular system so what do you
think about that how important is it to you that I do these two rebuilds now I
feel I feel drawn to those especially to this one now this is actually
interesting to maybe a little bit a little bit open and an empty but oh it’s
kind of a nice little layout there I personally am drawn to this though it
just looks interesting to me something that I might want to do just on my own
time just you know for my my own purposes my own desires and then of
course I would share that you know I do that that that rebuild but tell me how
important is it to you knowing that this could take like a half a day worth of
city work away from this channel or set me back that far on getting through the
other reviews of other things just generally speaking understand that I am
cutting back I am continuing as I’ve been talking about for some time now I’m
cutting back on reviews that I do they’re just not that desired by viewers
as much anymore there are still quite a number that I personally enjoy doing
that I want to do I would rather spend more time on my city personally but I do
like providing a service to viewers if enough people are going to
you know be able to appreciate that service like I don’t know if I’ll
continue to do more friend stuff after this there are more more friend sets in
this very series for this very year that look interesting to me but like if
nobody cares what I think about friend sets at all anymore
when I say nobody I don’t mean literally nobody but you know it’s a tiny tiny
number of people comparatively speaking care at all then I just won’t basically
waste my time just being you know just being honest about it
Sparkle babies is something I’m gonna do no matter what I’m probably gonna wait
until I get Sparkle babies and then do this and that in one video because this
is really a small set and sparkle babies is even a good morning Sparkle babies
even is it Sparkle babies there is a glitter babies I think it’s sparkly
that’s one that I want I want the babies from it to put into my city and then
yeah those those two would go together well yeah a little bit of
stream-of-consciousness there a little bit of you know not not the most
structured thought perhaps but that’s where I’m at that’s what I’m thinking
about also if there anybody if there are any folks watching this who are the the
mega fans I know that a lot of mega fans have been disappointed that I haven’t
been doing much big of stuff but it’s been difficult to get some of the stuff
and it’s another case of priorities just so few people relatively speaking are
interested in that stuff that it’s difficult for it to be worth
my time like I’ve had the frost Raven for months and it’s something that I
personally am NOT interested in and I know that a very small number of viewers
are interested in had the infinity for also probably a month or so you know the
huge once a year giant you know really really big massive set with a box that’s
as large as all of these put together that one I want to see on display but
it’s going to take me a day or two worth of work to build and film and review and
all that and with you know call it two days worth work I could do a lot of work
on for instance the city or I could get most of this done you know it’s all it’s
all about balance can’t do everything as as just one
person as much as I try in his little sleep as I actually get as much of my
own self that I put into this channel there’s a limit and I’m I’m I’m always
balancing that that limit and the edges of that limit so please let me know what
you think specifically about the alternate build for this creator three
and one over here and also for this creator three and one over here let me
know if you’re okay with me potentially reviewing this and the creeper mind
together I might decide on my own to just make those separate anyway but you
know I can’t listen to just the opinions of a couple people even if those couple
people you know keep repeating the exact same feedback that’s that’s not enough I
need I need more people I need more direct feedback more direct actual
comments people telling me what you feel what you what you think what is actually
important to you so that’s what I’m looking for also if you have any
thoughts about the friend stuff and if you have any thoughts about me
continuing with mega constructs halo in general if you’re a fan of that thank
you in advance really really really need your input
I do reviews for all of you I don’t do reviews for me the stuff that I do for
me is primarily custom work and work on my city so I’m really reliant on on your
input and failing that I have to look at just numbers you know because those
that’s kind of the next level of raw input to me raw feedback so I look
forward to any anything that you have to say please be candid and honest as long
as you’re as usual you know respectful and not using you know cursing or
anything like that and I’ll get to work building some of this stuff and talk to
you in soon

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100 thoughts on “Viewers, tell me what to do with this LEGO haul ๐Ÿ“ฆ #248

  1. Fair warning: "Throw them away" or "give them to me" are not considered valid suggestions or useful feedback ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Dear Jang,

    First, I wanted to say that you should take care of yourself over making any video- make sure you are getting enough sleep!

    Personally, I would like to see all 3 builds for the pet shop- my favourite LEGO sets are ones with buildings. The other 3 in 1 set, I have no interest in.

    I would like to see a review of the underwater Friends sets. In general, I am interested in Friends sets that contain new or unique pieces. I love that you always give these sets a fair review and don't just dismiss them because they are targeted to young girls.

    Finally, I wanted to say that my favourite videos of yours are the ones that show your custom creations. For the planetary defence force/other upcoming New Jang City videos would you consider doing progress videos like you did for the laser tag/music store? I love to see how you progress through the builds in addition to you showing us the final product.

    Thanks for sharing your LEGO builds with us!

  3. It's helpful to me to see the alternate builds in those Creator 3-in-1 sets. Oftentimes the medium build is better than the large one, so it would help me in deciding whether I want to buy the set. I have no interest in Minecraft or Creator vehicles. I have no interest in Halo, though I did enjoy the Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Wind Raider and series review you did quite a bit. And I enjoy your Friend reviews. But ultimately the decision is up to you, and if you feel the views you get aren't worth the time you put into a particular them, that is totally understandable.

  4. I absolutely don't mind watching reviews for the Lego Friends line, some of these sets peek my curiosity a lot! As for the 3-in-1 Creator sets, I always like to see you review all 3 builds, otherwise, I would feel like the review is incomplete, but of course, I would never force you to review more than you can, you have your own city to build plus your own personal life to take care of, if it takes too much time to review a large set, I'm certainly not gonna be mad, the choice is up to you, Jang. But no matter what, I'm still gonna watch your Lego reviews, you're a great reviewer, one of the best I believe! Keep up the good work!

  5. More Friends sets. If those would have minifigs instead of minidolls, most of us would be drooling over them. I, maybe you even, would get moc city inspiration much more so than an oversized helicopter or niche minecraft set.

  6. Hey JANG, I would like to see you do all three builds for the 3in1 Coffee shop set. I sensed some of your frustrations in this video towards the percent of your subscribers who do not watch all your videos. Don't forget that there are MANY OF US, your subscribers, who watch your videos just to hear you share your passion and excitement about what you are doing and not so much about whatever set you are reviewing.

  7. I am an older LEGO friends fan and came to your channel because of your style of reviewing. I like hearing more on what people think about the LEGO friends sets rather than simply watching other people build the sets, which is what most females seem to do. Iโ€™ve watched all of your friends reviews and really hope you review more of the sets so I can decide if I would like to purchase them. If you continue reviewing friends sets, I would love to see you review the cruise ship, as I was thinking about buying it with my own money.
    Thanks for the content, Jang!

  8. Review them all, display them in ur Lego city, and have a nice day
    Edit: You should build a Lego stand for the halo figurines

  9. You should do whatever your time/lifestyle allows, the true fans don't care about what you review, they don't laugh at the sets, they laugh and enjoy you! However, you could get the boxes and sign them and do a giveaway lol.

  10. Personally I think the main build for the creator sets are perfectly fine, not really fussed about seeing friends sets unless it was like the fan inspired set as I only buy them for the parts and different colours

  11. we are ok if you do all of them, or all 3 combinations in the 3 in 1s, but your health is more important

  12. For 31096 Twin-Rotor Helicopter, just do the main build. If I want to see the other builds, I can do it myself on my own time when I pick up the set. Same deal for 31097. Personally, I'd rather see the main builds and then you have more time to do your own thing.

    That said, I am outright excited to see your review on the Halo Heroes Anniversary Micro Action Figures! I love your reviews of your Halo Mega sets and often that is my only way to see the sets as Mattel doesn't send new sets to my area in Western Canada anymore.

    For the Minecraft set, do both at once if you feel like it. It will feel more substantial that way and is a lot more interesting to see on a screen.

  13. You normally do reviews for all 3 builds with creator sets so you need to do at least one of the alternative builds in the cafe set. You need to choose one of the side builds and review that first before building the main build. With the other creator set it's ok to just review the chopper but the cafe you got to so the build with the tram in there.

  14. I am a huge fan of mega construx halo sets , and would like to still see halo reviews, but do what ever makes you happy

  15. You could turn the LEGO MINECRAFT set you could turn it into a cyberpunk fortress for the Mullumby? District. Nice video keep it up Jang! With the helicopter 3in1 after you Review it you could also cyberpunk-ify the helicopter for the district too. I donโ€™t really care for the jet and hovercraft. But the helicopter is pretty cool! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

  16. hi jang … i think the plane creator set u should do one build and the other creator set do all three . go with the better sets to try the 3 in 1 . we all have planes and many various flying machines the city builds are what influence me and often make me itch for a set .as a fellow builder and soon to be Youtube content creator i leave the final word to u brett ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I'd be fine with only seeing the primary builds on those 3-in-1 sets. Rarely on 3-in-1 sets do I think anything other than the primary build is that good anyway; the ones that I've bought I've only ever made the primary build.

    Not a huge Friends fan but these sets in particular I'd love to see reviews on.

    Kind of tired of the Lego Movie 2 sets. All the good ones were in the first wave IMO.

    Care nothing at all about Mega Construx or Halo.

    ย Do what you like of course, but well you did ask for input, so there it is.

  18. Jang, I love watching your videos everyday and I'm a true fan of you and your work. Like me and many people we have work and jobs to do all while balancing life and enjoying it. I think that you shouldn't waste hours perfecting 2-3 minutes of your alternate builds for the Creator 3-1 sets as that working on your city and balancing your life (and like what you said that your losing sleep for this) I hope this is some good feedback and I can't wait to see more of your work!

  19. To be honest, if you reviewed everything on the table, the only reviews Iโ€™d watch would be the friends sets and the Town House 3in1

  20. Add the helicopter to the police station and make all of the designs on both of the creator sets but pick your favourite design. Love your channel

  21. Go with your gut, What you generally think is interesting, go with, better reviews are made when you are enjoying yourself. I think for the helicopter 3 in 1, your instincts are spot on just do the main build. For the pet shop, flip through the manual, get a feel for it, and them make your final decision if you want to do all 3. For sure, do friends reviews if you are interested in building them yourself, IM not super into the friends line, but i have picked up the odd set that spoke to me.

  22. Why not doing the hovercraft first, the jet second and finishing with the helicopter if you want to keep it?

  23. I personally love the creator sets,I don't really think you need to build all three just the main feature we can usually base it off that and honestly before I get a set anyway I look to see if you have a review before I decide to purchase. Also always like and respect your reviews.

  24. Infinity! Would love to see your review of the Frostraven too but understand if you skip. Maybe just review the Decimus mech with series 10, since the mech is different and is really sweet.

  25. I like the friends reviews too and 3 in 1 creators it is useful to see the alternate builds but agree helicopter alternates are not worth the effort just do what you can but I do really value your veiws. Mega constructs not my interest but think you are one of the few who does that make and am sure your viewers who like it value your reviews keep up the good work you help us a great deal by doing great reviews your experience is much valued

  26. cough I care about you doing friends stuff ๐Ÿ™„ personally I love using friends pieces in my mocs because they're unique and your voice is so relaxing plus you're very creative!! ๐Ÿค—

  27. That line of friends seems more important than the others for the cooperative effort with the not for profit organization associated with those sets

  28. Hi Jang! I love your LEGO set Reviews. Please do more Friends set reviews as you are my favourite LEGO YouTuber and I would prefer to watch you review these sets as you treat your audience like adults and have a lot of wonderful knowledge. ๐Ÿ’• I also love your reviews of the Creator sets and would also love you to do a review of the LEGO Movie 2 Space Palace. Thank you for your time. Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–

  29. Letโ€™s see a review of both Friends sets. Just the review of the helicopter build and all three of the other Creator set.

  30. When I want to see a LEGO review of ANY LEGO set I ALWAYS come to your channel first to see if you have done a review of it whether itโ€™s a new set, a vintage set and even a Friends set! You are, hands down, the BEST Lego reviewer on YouTube!

  31. I am interested in the pet shop and the friends sets, but the rest doesn't matter to me that much but I think you should definitely (?) Work on your city if that is what you like the most.

  32. In my town there isnt a real original lego store so im going to go to berlin to buy some pieces to my mocs but i dont know what is cost of this bricks is there like 5 dolars for a cup or something like that ???

  33. I never get 3 in 1 sets for the alt builds, only get them for the main build or to part out. Definitely don't worry about it.

  34. Just a short comment since you've already responded to the feedback: move the Mega stuff to a different channel.

  35. I enjoy seeing the 2 other builds because it helps me decide if I might like getting the set and what functions the other builds might be hiding.

  36. I donโ€™t know if this falls under โ€œgive them to meโ€ or not, how about a giveaway, or give them to children whoโ€™s parents may not be able to afford it.

  37. Skipped a lot of reviews this year, Friends sets would interest me more than all the samey helicopters, SW, Batman stuff that has been released over the years. And also a fan of the Creator 3-in-1 shops/buildings so would like to see those.

  38. This isnโ€™t really anything to do with your video here but I took some of my older Lego sets to an old folks home in Bridlington in the UK where my auntie is residing. They love them. They offer stimulation, it works their hands and their fingers and gets them thinking again. Gives them something to do. Therapeutic. Creates happiness.

  39. Id really like to see the pet shop alternate builds especially the smaller one of the dentist, barbers and tram as im interested in getting the set but would like to see the full build for all 3 to see if it is worth it

  40. I love all of your videos, especially your reviews! You're very genuine, and I appreciate and respect that. Honestly, I think you should follow your instincts and do what you want to do. I'm not a Friends fan, but that has more to do with the figures than the actual builds. I am really excited to see the Townhouse Pet Shop & Cafรฉ. I'm anxious to know if it has stickers. I avoid builds with stickers, so it's extremely helpful to know which sets have printed pieces and which ones don't… ๐ŸŒธ

  41. It is not worth your time to rebuild creator alternate builds since the other builds are not so good that is my suggestion

  42. I like friends sets reviewed by you. Not even slightly into hearing women talk about it. Most are so cutesey sounding. That is really off-putting. Perhaps because I'm English.

  43. From the sets you showed, here are the things I hope to see reviews on from you: Friends, Minecraft, Lego Movie 2, Pet Shop & Cafe. From these, I'd say the Pet Shop & Cafe is the only one I truly need a review of to help me decide if I want to buy it myself. The Friends, Minecraft, and Lego Movie 2 sets I've already decided I want, it's just a matter of time and priorities on my wishlist. I greatly value your style of reviewing Lego sets because you have a very consistent set of criteria to judge them by, and both the criteria and your comments are very helpful in evaluating different priorities in purchasing any given set. Additionally the way you shoot and edit these videos really shows the details of pieces and features in the sets that can't be fully seen from the retail package or websites, and that too is helpful in making personal purchase decisions. A comment to your reviews on Friends sets (and Elves in previous years) — it is wonderful to have reviews available that provide everything you put into them. Many other reviews I try to watch are just not as thorough or well-produced, and generally amount to "this is so cuuuuute, you should totally get it!" Thank you for providing product reviews that are actually helpful.

  44. What I really want/love about Lego: classic castle, classic pirate, various classic space. (What I hate about Lego: Star Wars. So boring to me.) So, since the 80s are over Creator 3-in-1s are on or around my modern favorites (also like seeing the big sets like Parisian restaurant, etc.) But, I don't have to see ALL iterations since it's a significant time crunch. What about splitting the difference and doing one of the secondary builds (esp. on that big apartment/multiuse set!!!)? I WANT to like the friends, but the seem very dull/pander-y to me, which is sad. But, these, especially the building, look rather nice! I'm glad you'll be bringing them to us! No interest in lego movie sets or that minecraft, though I may watch it. Enjoying the pure builds, wish they had less blue LED (they make me anxious.) thanks, Jang!

  45. Could you review the pet shop 3 in 1 please? Ive been considering to buy it for months now since it released in my country but I wouldn't buy if I don't see your review first. I saw some Europeon channel review but it isn't very insightful. If possible, kindly do all 3 of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. I like seeing you review Lego Friends sets so I can see whether or not a given set is worth buying for the parts in that set, it's much more entertaining than downloading the instruction book and looking at the parts list.

  47. I'm late to the party (as usual). Creator sets are my main focus and your reviews have affected several of my purchases, I really prefer to see all the builds. I understand about wanting to work on the things that are more popular. I suppose there are other reviewers.

  48. I liked your Friends reviews because of how thorough you are. I see other Friends build videos, but I don't really see actual reviews. I was disappointed that you didn't review Mia's house or get more of the newest sets, but it is what it is.

  49. hey JANG. Is the Metal Beard set a wide release set or exclusive. I hope we get them in NZ as the 1st sets did not do well here.

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