Unboxing a small LEGO Bricks & Pieces haul! 📦 #232

everyone I has a box here and in this
box I definitely expect to find Lego stuffs because this is from Lego this
should be a bricks and pieces order that I placed not too long ago this one came
more quickly than my last two bricks and pieces orders and as usual I need to
check see if there’s any paperwork here all right sure
nothing yet packing material material packing material there’s a piece of
paper just take that out okay cool in this box I have so much roller
coaster track because they were selling these really cheap like if you look on
Brick Lane look at the prices of these divided by three it’s about the prices
from from bricks and pieces because a lot of brick link sellers just buy from
LEGO bricks and pieces and then they resell I don’t think you’re supposed to
do that but it’s not my problem uh yeah so I got lots of curves just regular
curbs regular straights and half straights I also got another stack of
these flexible zipline pieces as always I don’t remember the number wait a
minute and this here this is something I am NOT able to usually do but for folks
who are interested there we go so you get your your part numbers if you’re
interested in any of those I’ll try to remember to do that to actually show the
part numbers if I have them available usually I don’t but in this case it’s
very convenient so there you go just pause on that one’s got some of these
tall wither skeleton legs to them because they’re unique pieces
and they allow you to hold something bar-shaped high up and then also some
printed taco pieces from I think one or two friend sets in particular had those
little quarter round 1 by 1 tiles representing tacos I’m good to get food
pieces some more coffee mugs for my octan company in my city to produce and
that’s just that from looking at this would you guess that I am interested in
making something with roller coaster tracks I think you probably could guess
that however I don’t have any secret project in mind I’m not holding anything
back from you guys I just find these to be such useful pieces such interesting
pieces at the very least they look cool when just placed I mean they just create
that interesting texture and they could they also have bar sized bar shaped tops
that’s kind of off at an angle but you can clip some things onto there but more
importantly you can also clip things onto each of these bars these aren’t
proper bar so you can clip like for instance you could clip did I just oh I
just disappeared this you can clip these onto these so that can help you to
create some interesting shapes that’s honestly the main reason that I got a
whole bunch of these especially with the curves this team used them as and kind
of the way that a lot of people for a long time I’ve used just regular plastic
track the six wide track as as a basis for creating a curve an official large
curve without bending pieces or without partially separating pieces you know
fully legal building techniques probably should have got more of the straights
I don’t know because they can be used also in a vertical or horizontal
orientation you know to create some interesting things could use them in my
planetary defense for space I already have a bunch of these that I got from
from a Bricklin seller but I got a bunch more since again they’re like a third of
the price a half at worst and that’s just that
so okay get back to work work on another video and talk to you in soon

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100 thoughts on “Unboxing a small LEGO Bricks & Pieces haul! 📦 #232

  1. Lego knew those pieces would help significantly increase revenue. I expect more "fan service" pieces like this. What a time to be alive

  2. Love from Ukraine
    I started watching U since 2013
    Thanks for your great videos WISH YOU LUCK

  3. Useful for building an external lift/elevator on a skyscraper or as a transporter to the viewer suggested ‘underverse’

  4. A most sincere congrats on being the first pure LEGO YouTuber to hit 1M! So proud of you and I can’t wait to see you continue to grow!

  5. I'm using the curved pieces as overhead arching signs in my city, very cool and very different. They also make really good "girders" in buildings.

  6. Potential design idea: the straight pieces can connect buildings together as a support rail for decorative elements. Greeble some technic, fig accessories and flexible pipes and you have a very convincing utility duct. Place two side by side and build a walking path between and partially having over each rail and you have a pedestrian safety catch / debris catch. SNOT it in so it’s on it’s side and use a bracket to attach a decorative plate for a large billboard or sign. Would work well under the table in the viewer’s choice area.

  7. You should make a roller coaster that is inverted so it can look like one of those trains that go upside down!

  8. All the red coaster parts are sold out. All the grey sloping pieces are sold out too. I bought a bunch of the same here but I'm sure they will be sold out fast, so if anyone wants them they should hurry…

  9. I wonder if these new roller coaster tracks will be used as a substitute for Airport Shuttle tracks in some of the custom cities.

  10. 1:13 I don't think Lego would be too happy about it, lol. But seriously, how lucrative could it be? Seems like a lot of effort for only a little gain to resell from Bricks & Pieces. But heck, what do I know, I'm terrible with money.

  11. Those taco pieces were really expensive at Lego bricks and pieces, buying the set was a better deal…

  12. I know it is weird, but whenever I see the straight coaster pieces I keep thinking about the metal support beams that hold up the lights at concert halls

  13. Wasn't there a talk about some sort of train connection between the houses in the Cyberpunk Mellemby district a while back? You could maybe use them for that. 🙂

  14. I feel they are a hot item right now and that is why they are so much at bricklink. Supply and demand.

  15. why do people dislike these videos? if you dont enjoy them, move on to another video. or at least comment why you dislike the video, to help the channel.

  16. You could almost create a roller coaster that would go around your entire city now if you wanted to! Hope to see what you will do with these parts soon!

  17. Jangbricks, I have always wanted to build a lego city, but i am unsure how to do so.🤔
    How could I create the layout so that I can access everything, and not have to move things too much?
    Where can I get parts relatively cheaply, but not completely random?
    Please help or link some in depth tutorials on comments 🤓

  18. I get the feeling these could be for either his elevated rail line, or a roller coaster MOC. But it's just a hunch.

  19. I have a Lego Jurassic world so I'm planning on getting a Lego stegosorus, trisaratops and some phranadons.

  20. I was looking at those pieces the other day. Too bad none of the good sloped sections are available currently.

  21. Nice looking foward to see what you do with them in the future has got me thinking about using them for a raised rai in my city

  22. The only problem with making a coaster track MOC is the amount of real estate it takes up. I guess it could just be built ABOVE something though…

  23. Love that tortilla/taco piece!!! Btw, you really bought it on Amazon? Does person have to pay shipping separately? Thank you so much for your answer!!! -Emm

  24. I got really excited when you opened the box and got a lot of tracks! I can’t wait to see them in use! My suggestion is that the tracks could go to the planetary defense force base!

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