ULTIMATE LEGO BOX FORT!! πŸ“¦πŸ–Ό Minecraft Lego, Building & More!

oh this place looks kind of freaky this
this right here this is where we’ve been hiding out all of the neglected toys
have come here to formulate a plan to stop Papa Jake and you’re gonna help us
do that mr. Pooh all right we’re gonna we’re gonna come up with a plan and
we’re gonna put an end to Papa gene are you listen to me mr. Pooh
all right everybody on the channel one is Randall and mr. cool they don’t like
Papa gene have you read the comments mr. Pooh Papa Jake is boring they seem more
random more mr. Pooh and that’s why all of us are the collected toys we’re gonna
we’re gonna rise up mr. Pooh we’re gonna rise up make our own army we’re gonna
put an end to Papa Jake’s channel we mr. poops channel oh well it does sound
pretty great I like the sound of that I’m gonna introduce you to the Big
Cheese he’s organizing this whole thing just just act normal don’t don’t look at
me like that okay was that you Randa I thought that hurt
you crawling amongst us who is this a new recruit I see Oh Oh my huge fear we
will be uncommon around here mr. piggy is my captives name given to me my name
is chief piglet and you will refer to me as that now listen up young recruit we
have a lot of things to discuss if we’re gonna take over Poppa Jake’s channel we
need to formulate a plan Oh a lot of plans
how can I help mr. piggy you will be going on a reconnaissance mission your
objective will be to find out the login to Papa Jake’s channel with this sacred
password will be able to upload our own videos and take over the channel once
and for all I guess I could try hey hey what what
what about me mr. P yeah I’ve been around here for a long time it’s Jan I
get important mission Randall you will remain here and look after the chickens
hi we’ll be in my quarters waiting to hear back from mr. poo mr. poo the
chickens will help you to the loading bay they will give you everything you
need that is all ah look after the chickens are you re are you kidding me I
deserved you piece doing something but I don’t even like the chickens
reconnaissance mission from mr. Peggy I’m so excited
finally I get to do something important in all that mr. Potter did not like you
very much another day of making videos alright
time to type in my super secret YouTube password okay and logging in now oh I
got the password now time just tell the guys yo what’s going on guys is Papa JQ
from and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are
doing something awesome Logan will be doing building Lego bags of Lego bro we
got we got lots of Lego Oh Mike this is heavy this is like a solid block of Lego
the lego model of the lego dude I’ve been excited to try that thing but yeah
guys we decided we wanted to try and do a Lego box for because you know we
always are doing box for it so the cool thing about box sports is you can build
like whatever you want your imagination is the limit so what else is kind of
like that well it’s Legos so how cool would it be
if we combined both Lego and box for building and made them one together so
we’re gonna make a box for it that incorporates Lego on the walls the
ceiling to floor everything like that so if I go Logan I need a bathtub we just
build a bathtub out of Lego if I see Logan I need a place to sleep now that I
think about it that doesn’t sound good either also sleeping on Lego doesn’t
really sound getting you its stepping on Lego is one of the most painful things
in the world but I could say I need like a shelf and you can make a shelf out of
Lego super easy so we’re gonna start doing that today guys and we’ve got a
bunch of really cool and awesome Lego accessories to add to this box for of
course guys if you happen to be brand new around here make sure to slap that
subscribe button down below as well as smack that like button if you
guys like this video idea and think we should go even bigger make an even
bigger Lego box board hit the like button and if you do happen to subscribe
guys don’t forget hit the power button is right down there
you don’t want to miss a new Papa Jake video here’s all the different cool LEGO
pieces that we have so I’ve got a bunch of these really big pieces these are
what we’re gonna use for like the ceiling as well as the floor and the
outside the cool thing is you can actually stick LEGO pieces on these and
build up whatever you want like I said if I want to build like a door for
example out of Lego I can add the LEGO pieces to make it look like a door so
it’s a really cool feature I think it’s gonna be awesome
this is Lego tape and I know that sounds really weird but it’s literally taped
with Lego on it so you can attach stuff to it and you
can attach this wherever you want so we can use it to tape the box together but
we can also use it to add Lego accessories to the box on top of that
guys I also got a full Lego set we got some LEGO Minecraft here because I
thought would be cool to add some lego minecraft elements to this you guys know
me I’m a huge LEGO Minecraft fans so I think this is gonna be a really awesome
addition but now before we get into all of that cool Lego cuz I know we want to
get into I don’t want to start build with our Lego we gotta build this box
for it so all of our boxes so I think I’ll start with the cardboard first and
then once I have that down pat then we can start adding our Lego and start
getting really creative just finished up the base of the box
board I still have to put the roof on before we can start playing with our
Legos but it’s coming together pretty sweet as you can see here we got nice
lots of room in here now we kind of went for a different design originally was
gonna be a lot bigger but I thought it’d be way cooler if we made it smaller and
then we could use more of our Legos instead of trying to deck out the
outside with them we have a lot of extra Legos that we spare that we can use to
play with inside so now as well as pre our door to get inside and like this
place once we’re inside then we can start making our different quarters alright guys check this out look at how
cool things looks already we’ve got the entire port decked out in Lego we’ve got
the front door here we got how the Lego on here is looking sweet and we have up
here a little spot because I want to put a number for this house cuz it looks
like a cute little house I really like how it turned out but now that we have
the exterior done we do have to work on the interior because me and Logan are
gonna have a little bit of a build off Logan thinks he is a master builder but
that’s not true guys Papa Jake’s a master builder all right I’ve seen like
every lego movie I build Legos since it couldn’t been before I was born but but
you get the point I was very young when I started to build Legos so I’m gonna
start decking out the inside but before I do that I got this look at this
so got ourselves a new Minecraft Lego kit here and I thought it’d make for a
really cool kind of like centerpiece inside the fort so I’m gonna build this
thing master builder Sal check this out it’s gonna take me like three seconds there we go guys
just like that using my master builder skills rebuilt this minecraft Lego set
in let’s total like a minute and I didn’t even use extractions at all 100%
not like didn’t use instructions I don’t maybe maybe just a little bit it’s
pretty sweet and I’m actually excited to put this in my side of the box for we
got no mushrooms there we got Alex we also got this awesome mushroom trees and
it’s got this really cool feature if you click here three two one
boom it shoots this up so now that this is done it’s time to start decking out
the box board but I’ve been thinking to myself as I’m sitting here building this
thing for five minutes cuz that’s totally how long it took uh where where
is Logan Logan Logan nothing much man I’ve just been decking out this art
looks sweet yo check this out we got nice Lego strips on each side that’s
crazy it’s just like this is my side that’s your side yeah I’ll do that’s
perfect and we can build on top of those you know I’ve been working on this check
it out it’s a Minecraft Lego set how cool is
that I want to put it in the fourth they go be an awesome addition house we would
it be dude if we kept adding onto this board and it just kept getting bigger
and bigger with more and more Lego guys if you think we should expand the box
for and keep adding Lego cover this entire thing with Lego smash that thumbs
up button let’s try and get it 40,000 likes
Jake so far this minecraft Lego is looking really cool Jake I just had a
really cool idea why don’t we make X’s and O’s on this wall and play some games
on it okay so not only can we use it to decorate but we can also use it to play
games I like that oh and do check this out I’ve been
working outside here look what I made guys it is a box fort door handle made
out of like the cool thing about this is because
it’s Lego we can just add whatever you want so instead of being like oh I need
a door handle get the cardboard it’s oh I need a door handle so we’ve got the
different X’s in those section here where you can basically put like an O or
X and then we can play tic-tac-toe locally right now it’s working on our
cup of joe oh dude that was sweet it’s starting to come together is a cool lego
movie yeah a mystery box hey guys oh but you
guys know me I’m Papa Jake and I am a Lego master which means this may seem
crazy but I possess the ability to walk on Legos now most people cannot Oh am I
not doing that don’t walk on like us ever they they are very they are very
painful we’ve got the inside going oh I think I didn’t even show you guys this
check this out we’ve got a pj up here for Papa Jake oh cool yeah it’s like the
address yeah right it’s like a little address we got our door handle here we
got some extra Legos inside and guys I forgot to mention this is such a cool
and awesome box for you want to go bigger if you guys think that we should
expand this Lego box sport and keep it put a hashtag keep it down below but
also smack that like button if we get 40 thousand likes on this video we’ll get a
bunch more Lego cover the entire for me like so much more of this stuff and we
have to get those big Lego blocks that connect on this so we’ll have the little
Lego box and the big one so smack the like but down below if you guys if
that’s an awesome idea let’s go inside the Papa Jake and Lego mansion guys
welcome inside how cool is this we got minecraft we got a Lego table we’ve got
Lego tic-tac-toe it’s so much more it’s a Lego box board so check this out guys
I went ahead and I put the tic-tac-toe board on the wall so it’s gonna stay
there I also went and I made a little table for us which I thought was kind of
cool so we put over here by the Minecraft guys and like I said there’s
so many possibilities like you can if if you’re like a true Lego master and you
know a lot of different creations in your head you can add whatever you want
but you could add a painting you could add like a wall clock I mean I’m up up
this year it’s not assignment crazies and I think like Jake was saying we have
to order more Lego and cover this entire thing with Lego that would be awesome
let’s play X’s and O’s in a lego covered box fort with Lego made
out of Lego it’s a lego world let’s do this all in
the final piece Jake I got Oh No do not even see that coming
well I hope you guys enjoyed this really awesome Lego box board if you did be
sure to smack the like button down below and like we said guys if you wants to go
bigger and make this even crazier maybe even do like a 24 hour Lego challenge
hit the like button down below and leave some suggestions in the comment section
of what we should build in our Lego box sport but this has been Papa Jake from
Team epiphany and I’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video see you

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