Ultimate Epcot Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Iconic Eats

(victorious music) – I read all the comments. I saw everything you had to say about me eating my way through Disneyland. We had a great time we’re
here at Epcot to do it Because what else you do other than eat your way through the park here. We’re gonna go through all 11 countries. We’re gonna eat a whole bunch of (bleep). (screams) (upbeat music) And we’re gonna start with margaritas because what else do you start with. Or that’s what I’m gonna start with and it only feels fair that I get to choose what we start with here so, I’ll see you in there. (fiery music) Can I get a minty pineapple to go please? – With the pineapple,
can I see your ID please? – Oh (bleep) hold on. I got carded. (laughs) Thank you. (upbeat music) It’s been far too long since
I’ve had anything to drink. (coughs) Spicy. Oh my god I have no idea
what kind of salt that is. (gasps) Pineapple yes mint maybe no so much. I’ve been told this tastes like a mescal. Nope that’s not where we meant to do that. I’m gonna stick the
whole thing in my mouth. Don’t look at me. Oh it’s really good once you chew it. It’s like dehydrated and
rehydrated and dehydrated again. Into that. (upbeat music) The siesta. – Okay may I see your ID please? – Yes sorry here you go. – You’re fine thank you very much. – Thank you. (upbeat music) Cheers. Definitely requires a straw. I think we’ve got some
mango at the bottom. Mango and strawberry and lemon maybe. It’s kinda like if you took a Dole Whip and just added some tequila to it I think. And then made it different flavors. None of these are the
flavors that a Dole Whip is. (laughs) (upbeat music) Choked on frozen margarita. (upbeat music) This is what I want to eat after I have a tri color frozen margarita. We’ve got some beef, we’ve got some beans, some tomatoes, sour
cream, got some jalapenos. We have a noticeable absence of cheese. Which the more I think about that I get a little bit upset. Then I pulled out this little guy and he’s covered in this special queso that’s happening down here. Which deserves like a whole righteous bite of its own, you know? Do you think my mother is proud of me? She should be, I’m doing great. (upbeat music) I believe they call this thriving. We’re done with Mexico
we’re moving into Norway. Which basically means we’re
moving on from savory to sweet. I for one am thrilled about it. I still feel vaguely drunk. (inspiring music) Do you think you just take a
fork to this or you bite it? I’m just gonna bite it. There’s some orange cream in here in this entirely sugar
covered horn type thing. Oh. Firstly, the cream is cold
which is a really nice touch. Secondly, I think you’re
meant to bite it all at once so I feel like I should probably do that. Okay, okay. It’s like this like marzipany
unicorn horn troll horn. We’re looking at Sven’s Apple Cheesecake which is a little like
uh like a minty boob. I love apple, I love cheesecake,
I love Sven, I love frozen. Whoa. So that taste like Christmas, and I’m a Jew. This taste what I think
Christmas tastes like. Hello, child. I’m getting a lot of cream
cheese no mint either. I was kinda hoping for some
mint just ’cause the color but. Small apple bits mixed
all in with the cheese. And like makes you feel
like it’s December, I guess. If December looked like this in any other normal part of the world. (tranquil flute music) (moves into lively drum music) So we’re back to drinking alcohol this is a Plum Wine Cooler
from the Lotus House in China. Whoa. It tastes like Hawaiian
punch like a little kick. This is the sweetness I was after earlier. There’s actual little plum bits floating around in there, which is really pretty. If I weren’t (laughs) about to eat and drink so much more I’d crush the whole thing. I might because who cares
by this point, right? I’m just gonna crush it. Oh I got a plum bit. (coughs) It’s nice. My dogs are that size. (lively drum music) I need some pot stickers
with my plum wine. Do I also need ice cream? No I don’t need ice cream. Do I need ice cream? (lively drum music) Straight chicken. We’ve got some chili oil
sauce maybe some veg in there. I’d like to describe them to you better, but they taste like pot stickers like all the other pot stickers
that you’ve had before. I enjoy them very much. It’s so icy. (bouncy music) – [Camera Woman] What are you getting? – Giant pretzel. Are you drunk? I’m not drunk seems
like maybe you’re drunk. I think maybe you are. I’m told that when you’re in Germany you must drink beer and
apparently a giant pretzel so that’s what I’m about to do. – Pretzel first. – Thank you. – You have a big camera. – Oh yeah a big camera. Oh it’s so hot, it’s so hot. So, are you meant to put mustard on the pretzel or it’s just
like a personal preference? – No it’s it’s uh we eat
this like this in Germany. – You eat it like that? – It’s real delicious, trust me. – Got it okay, then I will get mustard. (bouncy music) I’m just gonna tackle
it from the top I think. Just really hits the carb spot that I’ve been craving all day. I don’t like beer, I do
like citrusy things though. This one is citrusy though it’s nice. It’s helping me with the giant pretzel that I just choked down in a pleasant way. ( lighthearted music) We’re in Italy we’ve obviously
zeroed in on the gelato. We’re gonna get some of that. We’re gonna get something
called the Italian Margarita, I’ll let you know what that is. I’m excited to try, I’ve had
a lot of margaritas today. This is an Italian Margarita,
it’s my understanding that there is actual alcohol in here. I think there is more tequila in here. I’ve had so much tequila today. It’s cooling me down, I’m slurping it up. I just spat while I said
slurping that was not cute. I know we mentioned
gelato, but I saw something called the, Cannoli Cupcake, on the menu. And I panicked and so
that’s what I ordered. Look at that, cupcake bottom. Oh. Oh sir, that’s the least mad I’ve ever been for anyone to interrupt me eating. I’m loving it a lot it’s just like a lot of like cannoli cream happening. I love the bottom of the
cupcake it’s always underrated. It’s a magical (bleeps) bite. (whistle blows) It’s always funny when you love something that a baby also clearly loves. I am a baby. (laughs) (patriotic music) Okay so at first I wasn’t
sure where we were wandering into next after beautiful,
sunny, windy, Italy and I saw a sign for giant turkey legs so we are in America now, (bleeps) yeah. I’ve never actually eaten
one of these before. I’ve seen all the pictures,
I’ve read all the things. I see a squirrel looking at me. It’s gone I swear to God it was there. It wants my turkey leg. (laughs) Oh my god. I thought in that moment
that bite would never end. It’s delicious though. I think it would take me about an hour and a half to get through this. Which honestly I would be fine to do. Look at that whoa. I feel truly American in this moment. (upbeat music) There’s a rainbow option. We left America, we just
ate a giant turkey leg. We are still sweating you don’t need to be so close to me just know that. We got a Kakigori shaved
ice here in Japan. A rainbow one specifically,
lots of flavors. Which ones I’m actually not so sure but we should probably try them all. Cherry. Mandarin, clementine, tangerine. Watermelon. Melon. I’m just gonna keep chipping
at it, no pun intended. (upbeat music) Okay we moved on from shaved
ice, which was a blast, to some spicy tuna rolls. I kinda wish in hindsight I
had gone in the opposite order. That feels like it maybe it
would’ve been a good idea. Desert and then sushi on a hot day is not not ideal but we’re
here, we’re committed. Great. Solid spicy tuna roll. The heat is coming from
this volcano sauce, which is like this mayo
sriracha situation. Uh is this Tokyo Sunset, which is the prettiest
thing I’ve ever seen. Or at least since Mexico, everything we drank there was pretty too. There’s banana in here which is wild and not what I was expecting
after eating sushi. It tastes like a PG piña colada. (beating drums) Oh my god, lemon slice Minnie ears. I feel like I’m done with these
maybe I need these ones now. Crushed it, this is the
Tokyo Sunset decision. (adventurous music) I picked up a Moroccarita
as we were entering Morocco. So we moved back to vodka
and triple sec I believe. It’s like this really limey frozen thing. It’s fantastic. Okay I’m feeling it a little bit. The heat and the alcohol just got to get some
more food in me I think. I haven’t eaten enough today. I need some more food. (upbeat music) Who doesn’t love to eat shawarma
when they look like this. It’s got hummus, it’s got
some mixed salad of sorts, it’s got tangerine
couscous, it’s got pita. I’m not mad about any of it. It’s really good the chicken
is shaved really thinly. Which I feel like is not luxury you get with all kinds of shawarma. This is a meal this is like if I hadn’t eaten all the things I’d want to sit down and eat this. This is my shawarma moment. Do you want me to tell you what happened? (laughs) I got recognized for being
a pig, that’s what happened. – Oh no. – No I’m just kidding,
I’m just kidding but– – We love it. – We just made friends on
our newest Disney adventure. (upbeat music) ♪ No ♪ ♪ I don’t ♪ ♪ love you anymore ♪ I’m ready for France, can you help me? (grunts) Hey Beauty and the Beast. What is that that you’re making? – What? – What is that that you’re making? – Uh, it’s a Kir Royale. – Just an unexpected pit spot
on the way to get ice cream. I noticed that people were carrying drinks that looked like
my shirt, so here we are. Just a little, just a
little pre ice cream snack. Oh you’re still filming. Oh yeah, okay. – [Camera Woman] Tell me. – It’s a strawberry
macaron ice cream sandwich. Unclear on what kind of ice cream is in there but I’ll keep you updated. Can I please have one of the strawberry uh macaron ice cream sandwiches. So for the rest of today I gonna exclusively only eat foods that match my face and my shirt
and my adorable new ears. Have you ever seen such a
darling morsel in your life? Oh my god. Okay that strawberry ice cream. Oh my god I’m gonna eat the whole thing. (lively rock music) We got fish and chips in
the UK, soundS about right. Whoa! Crunchy! Look at these gigantic
puffy pieces of fried fish that are so hot they are
fresh out the fryer so. (squeals) Bee. (screams) (laughs) (tape rewinding) (screams) (laughs) That’s devastating. So everyone just watched that happen and I was fully ready to just
move one from fish and chips and be done with it oh god but the very nice people in
the UK brought me a new one. It’s even crunchier than the first. It’s so good. I can’t, what if another bee comes? I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I’m done. (lively rock music) So it just so happens that the first breeze of the day is by
this maple popcorn cart. It’s gusting maple air
right now, the dream. If I drop my popcorn, I’m
gonna lose my (bleeps) mind. (upbeat music) If a gecko touches me,
you’re gonna see me cry. – [Camera Woman] Where is it? – I’m serious. I’m serious if a gecko touches
me I’m not gonna be happy. Oh god what is it doing with its face? So I had the option in Canada to get an alcoholic blueberry slushie. You’ll be happy to know that I abstained. I went the nonalcoholic route. But again it matches my face so nicely. I did promise to only to drink
things that match my face. And now there is another
bug oh my god okay. Really sweet, so nice would
enjoy drinking the entire cup. Or dumping it over my head if I felt just like uh
quick dye job or something. (dramatic piano music) We’ve come to the end. Uh there’s slushie up my nose, geckos on my feet, bees on my hands (screams) (laughs) maple popcorn in my heart. – [Camera Woman] Oh my
god there’s a gecko! – You’re (bleeps) kidding me. You’re lucky I didn’t drop my popcorn. I’m too tired for this nonsense. I’m never doing another
video with you again. Pick up my trash. ♪ Nothing can stop us now ♪ ♪ We’ll take down anything
that’s in our way ♪ ♪ Nothing can stop us now ♪

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  1. Ugh how does she eat all that food in the sun and heat. I would hurl!!! Lol btw she’s awesome I can’t wait to see her next video 🙂

  2. Just in case anyone wants a complete total of what she spent ……. ( because we’re just nosy that way) I got an estimate of $204.75

  3. Weird how some things are relatively reasonably priced (fish & chips), but then other things are fully insane ($9 for 4 pieces of sushi? And for $15, that Kir Royale had better have been made with Veuve Cliquot). I know it's Disney World, but still.

  4. Um.. I'm Canadian and I've never heard of maple popcorn or blueberry frosty. On the other hand, a better choice would have been: poutine and a Caesar. HMPH!

  5. The rim on the first drink you had is called a Black Ant Rim, and it's made of what it sounds like — crushed up ants!

    Probably better you didn't know.

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