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100 thoughts on “UKRAINE EUROVISION 2020 REACTION: Go_A – Solovey

  1. They’re amazing!) We just wanna to share with you some Ukrainian! It’s our culture, we choose our heart ❤️ From Ukraine with love 😉

  2. This song definitely has potential but I do feel like it needs to be reworked. Right now it kind of gives me a headache 🙁

  3. for me this song defiantly one of the best in Eurovision 2020 because very fresh and unique. I hate a format and standard like many songs of Eurovision

  4. Thank you for your reaction 🤩🙏 my opinion is same 🤔🤷‍♂️ Can please react on 2nd place from national selection Ukraine 2020 (Vidbir2020) KHAYAT- call for love.
    For me i it’s not even music it’s magic 😍🤩

  5. Ukraine its amazing!
    "Solovei" – nightingal, a SONGBIRD which is important in Ukrainian folk culture. Because SINGING is instilled in Ukrainians with lullabies and mother's milk))
    Go-A its a harmonious combination of Slavic ethno culture (song), folk voice and modern electronic music. Electro-folk music. That's cool and stylish…

  6. I love it sooooo much! Lots of symbols that only few people will understand, the lyrics telling the story of a forbidden love between a young Katia and Ivan,cause of the family and tradition prejudgements. A glorious anthem to nature related to human kind and their comunion. I want to listen this song în the woods, or în the mountains, it leaves me longing after my grandparents land. Amazing ! I am sure Joy loves this song.😁

  7. Actualli I like that son and i liked all final Eurovision Ukraine songs exept Axelrot. Guys don't be so upset 😀

  8. Thank you guys for the reaction. This song may not touch from the first time(as like me). But if you listen this song couple times loud and better in headphones, Than I hope you feel the MAGIC of this song. Now I am in love with this song SOLOVEY SOLOVEY❤🐦

  9. Really insteresting to know your point of view about KHAYAT – Call for love. He also was a contestant of VIDBIR 2020. I consider, you would like it more than SOLOVEY

  10. I was waiting for your reaction, guys 🙂 Such a pity you didn't like it 🙁 In my opinion everything about this song is amazing. Ukrainian language, sopilka (musical instrument that sounds like nightingale), her unique voice (here she uses special vocal technique and sounds like grandma, but she also can sing with her own voice which sounds completely different). I fell in love with Solovey from the first time I heard it ♥ 🐦 Wishing GOOD LUCK for Go_A! And really hope that you will change your opinion about them 🙂
    P. S. I still remember Goy's reaction for Maruv 😂 👍 It was the most emotional reaction ever))) Love you guys!

  11. It works at a rave – like if it's 3 am and if your, ahem… Intoxicated, etc. But otherwise it's pretty same-y… Not an earworm..sigh… Plus, why is she dressed as a dominatrix?

  12. I like this song very much! It's really national and ethnic song. So it's need all life to understand how cool is it. #Ukranian

  13. Молодцы, сказали то, что я думаю. Насмеялась от души.😜😁😁😜 Вы правы. Нужен пендель чтоб очнулась. Может изменят что то, три месяца впереди.🙄😊🇺🇦♥️🇺🇦♥️🇺🇦♥️🇺🇦

  14. The moment he mentioned maruv, I knew where it was going… fan of recycled pop would not appreciate this unique and quite awesome performance. It’s like a great wine, strange at first, but addicting after couple sips. Keeps playing in my head, the rest of songs just another version of what I hear on radio stations every day, plain bore

  15. I think this is a very brave entry and Ukraine has never sent anything ethnic and in their native language. I disagree, however, that it's similar to other traditional songs that have appeared on Eurovision every now and then, because I can imagine actually drunk dancing to this and having fun. It's very unique and could be Eurovision's all-time best ethnic song. On the other hand, this is obviously not this years winner, because because not everyone is going to enjoy its shock value, despite the high quality production. I think Lithuania is this years winner, but Solovey will definitely qualify and is going to be in the top-10 in my opinion.

  16. Ruslana – traditional = won, Jamala – traditional = won
    Not sending Maruv was our inner choice and there were reasons, so how long people will still say anything about that?) good song and performance isn't enough, there should be connect between country and artist

  17. Go-A beat!

  18. Ukraine is always not a standard, not a template, not a tradition. Ukraine is always new, it is a trend, shocking. Ukraine is always not understood at Eurovision, but then they say it was cool, they did not wake up and did not ripen. As always, I went ahead with new music. Go_A – Solovey +++++++++++++++++++++

  19. guys
    it will be like with maruv
    when you didn’t like her for the first time, and then you’ll listen to her without stopping.
    This song is gorgeous, and after the second time you start falling in love.

  20. Ukraine tries not to repeat the same thing every time

    And I like it!

    Constantly Ukraine surprises with different singing and performance, and it seems to me that is right.

    I think this song is beautiful, because there has never been such a thing from Ukraine.

    And the best part is, before the selection, the Ukrainians did not know this group, and they won.

  21. I guess, most of us (Ukrainians) really miss our national identity, especially now, during such the political situation. And this song is something between folk and modern music, and it works for me perfectly. And I’m very glad that Ukrainian language will be heard. Even if we don’t qualify, Ukrainians won’t be ashamed. Europe may not like it, but it will learn more about us.

  22. This is the one song I liked in Vidbir so I'm pleased it's through. The flute instrumental is a hook.
    I want more animation from those on stage- a revamp wouldn't go amiss either.
    And she looks a little anorexic. but can't wait to see it in Rotterdam 🙂 PS. Sound hissy today 😛
    Edit:- Ukraine is in Semi #1, it might be a shock non-qualifier as so many highly-rated countries in that semi.

  23. It seems to me I watched your channel last year when Eurovision was to be held. Thank you so much and don’t be disappointed😀We love Maruv too here in Ukraine. Watch her new videos, they are absolutely amazing. We hope the guys from Go-A will represent our country with honor and will be remembered and special❤️

  24. I LOVE this track, heard it first when they announced their entry, then searched for them and found the ir other tracks from the last ~5-6 years ,all amazing. Personally I think Solovey sounds amazing, sorry you don't like it so much.

  25. I am from Slavic country, so i understand this type of song, and i love it #slavicfolk. And yes its better than Tulia (Poland 2019) 🥰🔥
    Ps: Finally Ukraine singing in ukrainian, i don't remember when they last time sang in ukrainian …

  26. Все хвалят только интро ибо ничего не понимают – что следовало и ожидать блять!!!!!

  27. Thanks for your reaction! She is very important to us! But we are very proud of this choice! Finally, we can show Ukraine in a different way! Ukraine has a lot of colors. And here is one of them. Perhaps this is not a victory. But this is the voice of our ancestors.This year you will see the real Ukraine.

  28. Well we should address an elephant in the room. By new rules Ukraine has eliminated more than half of Ukrainian singers who were performing in Russia many years back. The focus is on patriotism and nationalism instead of music. Ukraine was on a way to become most popular national final along Melodifestivalen because of their originality and openness to new things but last year and this year rules have ruin that and resulted with any serious singer wanting to stay away. So we end up with emerging new comers who have no much experience.

  29. love! I`ve listened to most of the songs this year. There are good ones, but most are boring. Solovey is different, this is fire, this is drive, sharp folk vocals and modern sounding !!!! Ukraine is a cure for boredom and mold)))

  30. Someone like, someone dont. but the only facts that i know about this song that it doesn't leave you indifferent and that the most important. I'm not sure if Ukraine can win this year but its definitely will not look like the others. Plus our lovely Verka Serduchka also said that this song is perfect to represent Ukraine this year, its good point aswell

  31. Thanks for the review. I understand that most likely this song will not win, but I am very glad that this song will represent Ukraine this year. It is unique, fresh, combines the roots of ancestors and modernity. I want the world to know the real Ukraine, even if this is not a format for Eurovision

  32. It's now my number 2!!!!
    1. Latvia 🇱🇻
    2. Ukraine 🇺🇦
    3. Australia 🇦🇺
    4. Albania

    And don't care about any of the other 8

  33. Translation of the song 💙💛🤗
    Oh I went to the valley,
    to red viburnum.
    Oh I went to the valley,
    to red viburnum.
    I gathered flowers
    and plaited them into a wreath.
    Plaited in a wreath,
    Rue flower and periwinkle.
    And to me Vanyusha,
    quickly runs from-for grove.
    And Vanyusha said to me:
    you are Katrusya, beautiful.
    My dear Katrusya, I love you!
    I love you, but your mother
    shouldn't know that.
    The Nightingale, the Nightingale not to sing, very early.
    Because my heart is sad.
    Nightingale, give me advice,
    what should I do?
    I have fallen in love very much
    and cannot forget him.
    I know you love me.
    So I always go with you.
    therefore, I will give you a wreath of flowers as a sign of my love for you.
    I love you, but my mother must not find out.
    Because when mom finds out, we'll be separated.
    The Nightingale, the Nightingale not to sing, very early.
    Because my heart is sad.
    Nightingale, give me advice,
    what should I do?
    I have fallen in love very much
    and cannot forget him.

  34. I agree with Toy. Very disappointing. It may be traditional but that voice is too screechy for a lot of people. Here’s one for you……….wouldn’t it be fabulous if Russia chose Maruv to sing for them this year!!!!????

  35. Соловей" it's a nightingale (bird) in Ukrainian, it's one of the symbols of Ukrainian ethnic, folk music. A nightingale has a nice voice also.

    That song of a young girl who fell in love. She asks for nightingale to not sing early because she has heavy thoughts. She knew how to love, but she didn't know how to forget her love. Lyrics are coming partially from some Ukrainian folk songs in a modern interpretation.

  36. I see why some people don't appreciate this song – it really has specific sound, so you can either love or hate it. But I love it, and don't expect everyone to. I think this year my country just decided to show other, traditional side of it, and it's really not about winning this time – it's about self identifying. Thanks for your reaction, I really appreciate your honesty and civility!

  37. Сучасна пісня-це одне,а от фолк не в кожній країні є присутнім.Це самоідентифікація нації,народу,чого в багатьох європейських країн нема,тому ви і не розумієте цю пісню.Лише слов'яни це можуть зрозуміти і любити.Це зв'язок з минулим.

  38. I AM SORRY ….. NOT A fAN
    The show was nice but the rest is not huuummmmmm I don’t want to rude or vulgar otherwise I’ll be cancelled 🥴💩

  39. Ukraine is my favourite country in ESC as they always send something different. As is often the case, I’m with Toy on this one- I enjoyed the song but I don’t like her voice… also towards the end I started hearing the rhythm of “jingle bells” which was a bit distracting!

  40. I think the problem is that currently people cannot understand or apply other cultural pop music rather than the mainstream music or typical stereotypical music that everyone thinks a country makes. Like with Greece you don’t like songs that are different from OPA and alcohol and Greek mpouzouki… instead of appreciating the diversity of the songs every country brings every year (which only a few countries do) you prefer songs that are the same with US songs like last year’s winner… he was not something different but something very familiar with no uniqueness for Netherlands… let’s actually open up to music and to more types of music and cultures

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