Tutorial, fitting Lights to LEGO Yellow Cargo Train, set 7939!

Hey YouTube, Welcome to this video. This is
a tutorial on how to fit lights to the Yellow Cargo Train, this is how I’ve done it, my
solution. PotatoFairy93 asked whether I’d do a video on this so, here’s the video. We’ve go the Yellow Cargo Train 7939 and the
lights Part Number 8870 power functions, you can get these from the LEGO shop on-line.
I think they’re fairly reasonably priced, I think anyway and pretty well made. So, first of all we need to take this apart.
All these
pieces off. Take these side pieces off. The receiver there, at the moment I have it set
to channel three. So this is what we have once we’ve taken all of that off. In here there are three red arches, take these out, they are there for cable management.
The designer was very helpful when thinking that if someone wanted to fit lights then
they would need cable management . Here is the front, where the lights will be
placed. First of all we just need to plug these in, they slot quite nicely in the front
here. They sit behind these headlight pieces quite nicely then we put this back on the
engine. We can put the arches back on there, two there and finally one back in place just
behind the grey tile. One thing you’ll see is we have lots of cable
here so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to turn this around, this is just the way
I’ve done it. I find it easier for the cable management. So instead of facing the front
I’m just going to turn it around. If you find it easier to do it the other way then that’s
cool, but I found it just means all the extra cable from the front it just pushes it to
the back and it will sit nice and tidily in the back. We can now put the receiver back on, now we
just have the ribbon of cable here which is a bit easier to manage, that’s what I found
anyway. I’m going to take this red tile off and the
lights will be running on the same sub-channel as the motor. The reason I’m doing this is
because I’m running out of channels basically. The amount of trains I’m running I only have
limited channels now so I will set up the lights on the same channel as the motor. If you do it on the separate on channel you
can control the brightness separately. If you run the lights on the same channel when
your train runs slowly your lights won’t be as bright. So the lights are going on there, the orange
sub-channel. At the moment the receiver is set to channel three. Now all you need to do is just rebuild the
locomotive. Put the driver back in, put the cab back on.
Slide the top on like so. Turn it on and hopefully there you have the motor and the lights running
at the same time, beautiful. And there we are, that’s the tutorial. So,
thank you to PotatoFaiy93 for asking the question whether I was going to do a video on this.
I wasn’t originally because it was an older set, and very similar to the heavy-haul train.
If you want that then I’m quite happy to do it, thank you very much! Thank you for
watching, click like if you enjoyed it, subscribe if you wish to see more. Bye!

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