TUTO LEGO STAR WARS #4 MTV-7 light vehicle (Star Wars Commander)

Hey everybody it’s Death Star Bricks. Today I’m going to show you how to build a MTV-7 in lego. The MTV-7 is an all-terrain light vehicle used by the Galactic Empire It appears in the game Star Wars Commander It’s on this design I based my model, and now I’m gonna show you how to build it by yourself. I wish you good luck for the build, and may the brick be with you. There it is, you got your MTV-7 You can put a driver in it Normally it’s a Scout trooper but I don’t have this figure so I put a Stormtrooper instead, but usually it’s a Scout trooper. You can also store some accessories like a blaster and binoculars The vehicle can freely move, and the weels suspension is adjustable. I hope you liked this tutorial, if it’s the case put a “like” Say me what do you think in the comments and subscribe for more videos.

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15 thoughts on “TUTO LEGO STAR WARS #4 MTV-7 light vehicle (Star Wars Commander)

  1. Ah super de retour avec un nouveau style pour ton perso le tuto est super je vais essayé de le reproduire et merci du coup le montage vidéo est génial 😉 +1 like

  2. You know that vehicle is actually based on one of Kenner's original Mini-Rig toys from the 80s?

    (I apologize for not writing in French. Still working on mine.)

  3. Dégueulasse ce véhicule. Et faudrait savoir parler plus fort avec un meilleurs éclairage et une meilleurs volonté de vie :/

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