Turning Myself Into a Bratz Doll

– Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. Oh my God you guys, I am so beyond excited to be sitting down and filming
today’s brand new video. I feel like it has been weeks
since I actually filmed. Oh my God, so many
things have been going on and I literally just got
off the plane from London super, super late last night. I am so beyond jet lagged. Before I even jump in, first of all, I wanna say thank you so, so, so much to all of my UK, London
and Birmingham sisters that I met at the meet
and greet last weekend. It was actually my first
time ever in the UK which is so crazy, I’ve
wanted to go for so long. But regardless, I had such an amazing, incredible experience
going across the pond and getting the chance
to open the first ever Morphe’s tour in Birmingham. It is now confirmed
that over 10,000 sisters showed up to the mall, making this one of the biggest meet
and greets of all time. And it is truly something
that I will never forget. The crowd was unreal and
all the love from Birmingham was actually insane. The city may or may not
have temporarily shut down for a few hours. Oopsies. It was such a warm welcome by
all the Morphe staff members who are all wearing my
palette on the eyes, such beautiful looks. And speaking of beautiful looks, I’ve never been more shook
by a meet and greet crowd my entire life, because so
many of the sisters there had the most beautiful eye makeup looks I have ever, ever seen and they were all so beyond nice. Except for the UK media. But regardless, it was
an incredible experience that I will truly never forget. And I am definitely looking
forward to going back very, very soon. But we are now home back in LA, we’re as warm and cozy, and it is time to get work done. And that brings us to
today’s brand new video. While I was over in the
UK between London and LA there was an eight hour time difference and I usually can pass out
literally just about anywhere but, for some reason, I was
having really really bad sleep issues while I was there. So I found myself going
through Instagram a lot. And I discovered that there
is a brand new trend going on here in the beauty community
called the Bratz challenge. Basically there are super
cool artists out there with Instagram accounts
that are literally dedicated to taking dolls, such as
Barbies or a Bratz dolls and giving them full
Instagram badie make overs. Full hair color changes, stylings, really cute outfits and
of course make up as well. And apparently, the beauty
community has discovered these accounts because
there’s a really cool trend going on right now where makeup artists are
literally becoming Bratz dolls. I remember watching the literal
queen of transformations, Promise did this a few years ago now and I’ve seen so many
incredible makeup artists that I follow on
Instagram do this as well. So definitely go check out their work. Proper credit for this video goes to them but since I just got home from traveling, and I have not gotten the
chance to play with makeup in a very, very long time I thought it would be so much fun to try out this challenge for myself to use a whole lot of makeup. My palette, a wig, and outfit to turn myself into a Bratz doll. (light music) Alright sisters, this is going to be quite the transformation so I just wanna go ahead and
get right into the video. While I was traveling, I
came across and stalked so many of these different doll accounts. Try to figure out which
look I wanted to recreate. There were so many of them, and I think it’s so cool
that this like an artform that people are doing right now. Somebody even did one
of me that I found out. Oh my God, shoutout to Hextian by the way, I’m gonna link his video in
the description box down below. He literally turned a
Barbie into my DragCon look which I thought was so cool. But after going through and finding a bunch of different ones, I came across this picture
posted by monsterlol, oh my God look at her, she
is literally so beyond chic. We have like a pink crewneck going on a utility vest with chains. Super long blonde hair clipped back, fishnets, thigh highs and
of course a cute little frayed back pack. I feel like this Bratz
doll is literally like the sports wear female version of me, and I am so excited to become her today. I’m first gonna start off
by putting a wig cap on first of all because my hair is looking literally disgusting. I’m gonna make my head look like the egg that broke the Instagram like record. Just so I have kind of
a plain base to work on. So first step of this transformation is going to be to glue down my eyebrows. Obviously I have very
thick and dark bushy brows. Whereas this Bratz doll
has nice and lifted, thin, blond eyebrows. So I’m grab my Elmer’s
washable school glue stick and just go right in. I’ve done a few different tutorials on covering my brows before, so I’ll make sure to
link them right up here, but I’m just gonna speed through this and we’ll go on to the next step. (sharp music) (light music) Alright, so we have made it to
this lovely step right here. The brows are laid down
and ready to be covered and normally and next I
would go on to foundation which I definitely still am going to. But, you guys know I
definitely like to lay down a kind of base first. That we are not going to be doing today because of the fact that
this eye look is so intricate and it’s gonna be a
lot of like kind of art and fine details. I don’t wanna lay down a full base and then God forbid, mess up
and have to wipe it all off. So, I’m just gonna kinda
focus the foundation in this area and then kinda
build up the rest later. I’ve never really done this before but hopefully it works out. Regardless, I’m gonna use
the Kryolan TV Paint Stick in the shade NB and cover
everything right up. I’m just gonna take a Morphe beauty sponge and blend this right out. No I’m not. Actually I’ll use the Fenty beauty sponge. That blends it so well. No matter how many times
I do drag or brow cover, this is always so horrifying to me. Okay, so while my foundation is still wet, I’m gonna go in with an angled brush and the Anastasia Dipbrow
pomade in the shade taupe because obviously, we wanna
do a blonde brow today. I’m doing this while my
foundation is still wet. So just in case I mess
up, I can easily fix it before it’s all set with powder. So I’m just gonna go right in. And I’m just going to start
sketching this brow out. I’m gonna start the bottom one of the brow in the same place as I normally would. But we’re obviously gonna
make this a lot more arched than normal. And I’m keeping the photo
right next to me for reference. And then if I look forward, right about at the edge of my pupil, I’m gonna start turning that brow, kind of a little bit more down. If you guys have seen
my drag videos before or even on it to my regular makeup too, you definitely know that I
like to put my brow tail out really, really far and
make this kind of like super super straight. But in this photo, she
does have a little bit of a shorter tail. So I’m definitely gonna
try to emulate that as close as possible. I’m then just gonna sketch
in the other end of the tail. I really, really like
using the Anastasia dipbrow for this stuff, just because like I said, it is a creamy product. So if I mess up, I can
really easily wipe it away and fix it. But it’s also a really,
really buildable product . So I can either use a little bit of it and get kind of a lighter coverage, like I’m gonna do in the inner portion or pack it on for that
full coverage kind of Instagram block brow, 2016 James. Wouldn’t really recommend for that, but it is possible if you wanna do that. Okay, so she basically has
a very very like straight thickness all the way through. Once you have the shape all outlined, I’m gonna grab the shade blonde of dipbrow which I definitely
should’ve used to outline. I just couldn’t find it and now I did. and also the shade auburn as well. And kind of mix them
a little bit together. Just because the Bratz
doll does definitely have like strawberry blonde type of hair and coincidentally, so is the
wig that I have for later on so I just wanna make
sure everything matches. I’m just gonna lightly
feather that color in there. Okay, I’m gonna clean
this up with a concealer in a second, but this is
looking pretty good so far. So I’m gonna try my best to
mirror this on the other side. They are not even. Okay, let me just conceal
this before I go crazy and then we’ll worry about reshaping okay. I’m just gonna take Shape Tape, and this is in the shade fair beige. Just like a little bit of
a lighter underbrow moment. Gonna clean this up using a Mac 242 brush. Now that that is all
looking really, really good. And I definitely did not wanna change it. I’m gonna grab some
translucent powder once again and a powder puff, and I’m
going to lock this is place. Now that the brows are all
set and not going anywhere, thank God, we get to
move on to the fun part which is going to be the eyes. Now, this is obviously going to be a lot. So before I actually go
in and put anything on, I do wanna go ahead and
try to sketch this out just on my face kind of lightly. Just so I get kind of like a general idea of where this is gonna go. So I don’t look really, really stupid wiping it off later on. I’m just gonna grab a
regular Anastasia Brow pencil and I’m gonna start doing this. Okay, so I’m debating if I
wanna do like the anime eye where people actually draw in the pupil on the lower lash line. Or just expand the white. I probably should draw in the eye huh? I’m gonna continue my upper lash line down to right about there. Just imagining like the liner and then it’s gonna come to about here. Like I said I’m just like
lightly sketching this in too, definitely does not have to be perfect. I’m obviously going to cover this all up. But I just kinda wanna get a rough idea. Okay, and then the wing
liner will come up to here. And then wing liner going up the eye lid. There we go, okay. So wing liner will be like right here-ish. Yeah, okay, not bad so far. Then I need to put in her
like actually defined crease which look like it’s about here. No, I shouldn’t put the
crease in my actual crease. No, no, no, no, that’ll ruin the illusion. So I’m gonna draw the crease
higher than my regular crease but we’re gonna actually like
draw a black line in there and make it look like it’s a new crease. Does that make sense? That’s it, that’s the shape right there. So this is the shape of one
eye kind of all mapped out. Obviously we’re gonna add
eye shadow and like always, I’m gonna do one eye at a time, but just make sure everything
looks kinds of symmetrical in the end, I’m gonna go ahead
and map this one out quickly and then move on to the eyeshadow. So give me one second. I think I wanna start off
with the eye shadow first and then do the outlines later. Hopefully that doesn’t mess me up. But I’m gonna grab of
course the James Charles X Morphe palette and I’m gonna dip into the shade boutique and use this and layer
this all over the lid. Gonna lay down some Mac paint pot in the shade of painterly on the lid and bringing this all the way
down to my nose area as well. Then just packing on a
boutique with an M124 brush. This is literally the
perfect color for this look. I’m literally just filling
in this entire area. This is definitely gonna
be one of those looks that looks so wrong until it gets great. You guys have no idea how excited I was to be doing this challenge
today, oh my God. I don’t know if I’ve talked
about it before on my channel but I used to play with
Bratz and Barbie dolls religiously as a little boy. I don’t know if they
actually make it anymore but I used to have this
Bratz styling head thing that was literally just
a gigantic Bratz doll with like long hair. I’d literally just sit
there and play with it and do its hair all day
long in different braids and up do’s and styles. And I remember one time actually
drawing on the Barbie head with pencils too and getting
screamed at by my mom who was so mad that I
messed up her poor face. But in my five-year-old head
I was making her beautiful. But I just think it’s
so funny that literally Bratz dolls is how I actually
learned how to do hair and then later on in life I
actually started doing hair for girls, for prom and ball. And then my love for hair
sent me to my love for makeup. So like in a really weird
way, without Bratz dolls I might not be even doing this job today. It’s so cool how full circle that is. Right now I’m using Love
That and an M433 by the way to buff out that edge. Next I’m gonna grab the shade
You’re Kidding on an M433 and just pack this on the lid. Just to kinda lighten it up a little bit. I noticed in the original picture, my Bratz doll definitely
had a little bit more of a light lid compared to her crease and I forgot to do that, so oops. Okay so now I wanna do her eyeliner. I’m gonna grab the Nyx
liquid liner in black and I’m going to use this
to start sketching out. Keeping my wing, I’ll just
have this sketch going too so I’m actually not
gonna start my eyeliner at the normal place. We’re gonna pull that from the
outer edge and pull it back. And then we’re gonna sketch it in and fill in the lines. This is gonna look really,
really stupid at first but just have patience. This eyeliner line
needs to come down here. So now I have to draw like
the little, the like crease. Oh God, here we go okay. So this is going like here. This is so hard, holy crap. Now for the bottom, I’m
gonna start by grabbing the Jeffree Star liquid
lipstick in the shade Drug Lord. This is a really great
white kind of product that we’re gonna use. And I’m gonna just basically
fill my eyeball in. Looking good so far. Okay, then I’m also gonna put
this in my water line as well. This is so creepy looking. Okay, I’m just gonna grab
a little bit of Flashback from of course the James Charles palette on just a flat packing brush
and set that right in place. And I’m gonna grab the
black liner once again and we’re gonna outline
the bottom of the eye. So I’m just gonna follow that eyeliner. Oh my God, okay it’s starting
to come together, great okay. I’m gonna add more cranberry eyeshadow and lashes of course later on, but I’m gonna do that after the base. So now, I think I have
to draw in the eyeball. Okay, so this is where things get tricky. So now we have to do like
the whole illusion part which is basically making my
eyes look like they are huge. We’re already running
into one issue with this is that when you do this, you’re supposed to wear circle lenses which are basically just
really, really large contacts. I can’t wear those because
I wasn’t actually able to find any that come in prescription and without a prescription,
I can’t see anything. So this Barbie would’ve looked botched. Therefore, we’re just
gonna have to make it work, I’m gonna Photoshop the picture
that I post on Instagram, heads up, as if I don’t Photoshop every other picture anyway. You’re gonna have to do
your best to visualize it but regardless, we’re
drawing on another eyeball to make it look like my eyes are bigger. When I do this, I’m going to look forward. I also have very long lower eyelashes which is gonna make this
illusion even more difficult because they’re going to get in the way, and I have to pain them as well. So, Lord help me. Great. That looks good. Now I’m going to fill this
in with a light brown color to match my contacts. I’m gonna go with an M213 brush and dip it into the shade
Punch Me in the palette. Then I’m gonna grab a little bit of Tea and use this to shade the what is this, this is the iris? The iris. Okay, now I have to draw in the new pupil. Okay, now I just need a white dot. Alright, and finally last up, I’m just gonna grab a
tiny little pencil brush. This is the E37 and the tiniest tiniest, tiniest, tiniest
little bit of Spooky and use that on the back on my hand just rub off any excess and then use this to lightly shade the outer edges of the eyeball just to add a little
bit of dimension back. Alright sisters, so I know
this absolutely looks crazy right now, but this is
pretty much the illusion all complete, all we have left is like the lashes and the lower lash line. But, I don’t wanna do
those until later on, once I have my base and
foundation already on. So I’m just gonna cut for a second or probably rather, a good hour or so and try my absolute
best to mirror this eye over to this side. I feel like symmetry
is very, very important when it comes to Bratz dolls and really just recreating all dolls. So wish me luck and I’ll be right back. Oh my God you guys look at this. (squeals) This is so crazy! We’re still missing the
lash and the lower lash line and shadow but, it’s definitely starting to come together. Oh my God, I’m so damn excited. I’m just glad we’re honestly
like pulling this off, at least kind of. So, now’s the time to do
the rest of everything else. So I’m gonna grab my Kryolan
TV Paint stick once again, and now we’re just gonna
lay down the kind of base all over, and I saved this for later just because obviously we
have a new set of eyes now. So I had to kind of put that around it. Okay, and I’m just gonna
buff this in once again. This is so (screams) this is so crazy! This is also kinda scary low key. Oh my God. Okay, so now I’m gonna grab once again the white that we used
to highlight earlier and I’m gonna use this to add in some highlights to the face. And I’m gonna keep this very centered in like the middle of the face. I’m just highlighting my
face exactly like normal except just a little bit
lower underneath my new eyes. Just right up along that lash line. This is so crazy. Now, I’m going to blend this out. Okay, I set this now. More powder. I keep looking at the
monitor and getting shook. This is so crazy, oh my gosh. Now that the face is all set, we’re looking a little bit flat and I wanna add in some dimension. Now looking at this photo, the Bratz doll doesn’t
really have that much contour or highlight going on. It’s mostly just a little bit of blush. But that is because it is a
doll with a perfect face shape. I don’t really have that. So therefore I’m gonna
contour a little bit more to kind of round everything out. But I am gonna try to keep it a little bit more subtle than normal. We’ll see how that actually works. I’ll just grab my Anastasia Contour Kit. I’m gonna keep this a little
bit more rounded than normal kinda pulling this in a little bit lower. I’m still gonna contour my jawline so it looks like I got
liposuctioned for a real one, just because Bratz dolls
definitely do have very, very distinct facial shape. And then just gonna try
to round out my forehead as much as possible. Same thing with the nose contour, definitely not a lot going on, but then again, doll nose
is definitely nowhere near this baby right here. So we’re gonna try our best to contour. Definitely gonna try to
emphasize like the ball on the end of the nose. I wanna make those sides look really tiny so I’m gonna put the lines here. And then blend them up into the eyeshadow. Okay, so this is probably like the best we’re gonna get the nose contour. I already work miracles
with my regular boy makeup doing a whole lot of nose contouring and a whole lot of FaceTune. There is no saving this. So we’re just gonna have to go with it and hope for the best. But next is blush. So I’m gonna grab the Kylie
blush in the shade Pink Power. This one is so cute, it’s
from her new collection and the Morphe E4 brush. I normally don’t go for like
more pinky tone blushes. You guys know I love a good coral moment. But I feel like this is going
to match the look so well. Oh and it does, oh my
God, this is so pretty. And once again, being very
very rounded with this shape kind of pulling it down and inwards. Now that I have that all in place, I’m gonna ahead and bake
my face like normal, but instead of my regular powder, I’m going to use the Ben
Nye Super White Powder. Now this stuff is very very intense. But we definitely are going
for a very high contrast type of look today. So I’m just going to grab once again my same beauty blended
and dip it right in there. I’m gonna press that powder
right up against the sides of this nose. And this might help a little bit with the contour illusion, probably not. But we’re crossing our fingers. And while that sits, let’s
go ahead and work on the lower lash line. I’m gonna grab a tiny little buffing brush and dipping into boutique
just like before. We’re going to go in and
we’re going to blend that right along the lower edge of the liner. And I’m gonna keep this very, very tight to that line as well. Because the Bratz doll definitely does not blend hers down very far. I’m gonna use an even
tinier little buffing brush and dip into the little bit of Spooky and use that to blend
together the black liner and Boutique. Then just grabbing an M456, my tiny little custom blending brush and dipping into a
little bit of Love That. Just going to blend out that outer edge. I’m just realizing now too
for the crease that I put in I just drew a line, but,
in a real eye crease obviously there’s like a
tiny little bit of shadow, can’t leave out any details. We want this look as
realistic as possible. I’m just gonna grab an M506 brush and dip it into a little bit more Spooky. Tap off the excess
’cause I want this to be a very, very tiny detail. But I’m just gonna go
over that crease line and just blend very, very lightly as if there is a shadow because of a fold. For the lashes I’m gonna
glue on my lashes to the top in a quick second. But for the Bratz bottom lashes, she actually has three tiny little spikes. So I’m gonna draw those in
using a liquid eyeliner. This one’s from Tom Ford. That looks, so bad. Oh no! I’m not really sure what
I can do about that. Okay, if I clean that up with concealer it might not look that bad. This is so hard. Oh no. (light music) Okay, that’s better than nothing. Now to make them even on the other side. I need to figure out where
I wanna put the lashes on my actual eyelids because I’m definitely gonna use a good 301. These are from the
Creme Shop, I love them. They are super, super just like big. This are what I usually use for drag. Because of the fact we put the white here and the eyeliner starts here, technically the outer edge of
my eyelash should be like here which is where I should do the lash. But I feel like this, oh wrong side. Because of the fact that
like my eyeliner’s there, it just will like look really droopy if I put it all the way
out here. What the heck? Why does it look like that? Okay so to fix that lash, I just took a little bit of hair spray. This is the Got2b Glued that I always use to really lock my normal hair in place. I just sprayed the lash and
then pinched them together so they look a little bit
more like a spidery doll-like. Hopefully this will look
a little bit better. I don’t really know. So, we’re gonna figure it out together. I also don’t really know
where I’m gonna put this lash. I’m gonna put the inner corner on the actual inner corner. I’m gonna put this at
the top of the eye line. Tea! That looks good. Wow, that worked way
better than anticipated. Oh my God, wow I’m so excited, okay great. (squealing) Try this again, pulling this out and upwards. These lashes look like feeling Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove. Alright you guys, this is
literally looking so good and also so creepy at the same time. I’m ready to move on to the next step. Those are the eyes,
literally all complete. Like I said the lashes definitely
pulled it all together. Oh my God. This is crazy! I can’t believe I
actually pulled this off. Oh my God, okay. I’m gonna go ahead and wipe off this bake that’s been sitting because it’s been really sitting there for quite a while now and I don’t wanna get crusted. For highlight we’re gonna
keep it relatively subtle and going with a little bit
of Face from my palette. Actually we’re gonna
use Ring Light instead. Once again, keeping that very
rounded shape going here. Gonna bring a little bit of
that down the nose as well, as always. Also it might distract a little bit from everything else
going on, so that’s good. Okay so now we get to do the fun part which is of course going to be the lips. The last and final step. This is going to be really good and fresh because we get to overline
the crap out of them. I’m gonna try my best, motto of this video. So their lips come up. My mouth is very, very,
very wide and large if you haven’t noticed over the course of the last few years. Quite a lot comes out of
it, both good and bad. But a big mouth is a problem when you have a tiny little Barbie mouth with very large lips. So I’m just gonna have to pose like. Oh that looks good okay, okay. (light music) Now I’m gonna use the Jeffree
Star Cosmetics liquid lipstick in the shade Birthday
Suit to fill this in. I’m then grabbing a
little bit of Drug Lord. And just like I do with
that tiny little white line in the pupil of the eye, I’m just gonna use the same exact method to add on little highlights to the lip. Okay you guys, literally six hours later, I think that is the makeup
portion of this look all complete, I’m obsessed with how this turned out. I was so scared at first. I did not know if this
was going to turn out even remotely okay. This is probably one of the
hardest looks I have ever done, but I am so incredibly proud of this. But the look is not over
yet because we still have a whole lot of transforming
left still to do as you can tell. So, I’m gonna go off camera quickly. Put on my wig, some clips, my outfit and I’ll be right back to show you the finished transformation. Oh my God you guys,
I’ve been at the studio for the last six hours now, and all the stuff for my
transformation is downstairs. Nobody’s seen me. The only person left in
the house is my assistant. So I’m gonna go downstairs and see what he thinks of my face. Oh Alvin! – Oh my God. That looks crazy. – Is this the craziest
thing you’ve ever seen your entire life? – It’s so good. – Right, do you like it? – [Alvin] Yeah. – Oh my God, I cannot
believe this actually worked. (laughing) So we have pretty much
everything for the transformation laid out right here and I’m
gonna get dressed right now. We have of course my pads from DragCon, if you guys remember the
Drag transformation video. And you also know my best friend Laura, who you met in my best
friends expose me video, and Laura’s Boutique, an amazing clothing business out here in Whittier, California. Shameless little plug for my best friend. She was down in LA this morning shopping for stuff for her website, and I sent her the photo and I was like, “Girl I need your help. “We need to recreate this look.” And she literally could
not have done any better. So we have the same pink
oversized little crewneck from the Farrow. We also have fishnet stockings. We have my utility vest
that I actually already had and we also have these boots that we found that are literally like
perfect Bratz boots. Isn’t this so good? And then of course we have the little bag over there as well. So let’s get changed. We’re first gonna put on
this lovely fake hips up because Lord knows I could use a little bit of junk in the trunk. This is a lot of work. Just gotta get it over my big butt. It’s just so thick. Okay. Cute little pink crewneck moment. With the sleeves really
rolled for a real one. Vest. This one’s just so chic, I’m so in love with this
Bratz doll for some reason it had a utility vest on. Very my aesthetic. – [Man] Gotta cinch the waist. – Then we have the belt. Let me cinch it up good. Aren’t these literally
the most Bratz shoes you’ve ever seen? – [Woman] Yeah. – So good right? It’s a good thick thigh high. – [Woman] Thick, you like it thick. – I do love it thick obviously. We have our little blonde moment. So I think we should pop her on and get ready for the final reveal. ♪ What we’re all about ♪ ♪ We’re the girls with
a passion for fashion ♪ ♪ Ooh Bratz ♪ ♪ We’ll always be there for each other ♪ ♪ Ooh Bratz, yeah ♪ ♪ Styling how we feel ♪ ♪ Talking about best friends ♪ Oh my God sisters, did we kill this challenge or
did we kill this challenge? It’s like Bratz dolls
everywhere are shaking. They’re actually doing just fine. This is scary how good this looks. Oh my God you guys, I am so proud of how this finished look turned out. Holy crap. Going into this video today, I was really, really
nervous not gonna lie, obviously I do like creative,
artistic makeup looks all the time, but, I never actually tried to turn my face into another face before. And realistic transformations is definitely something that I do not have any
experience with, but that being said, I was so excited because Bratz and Barbies were a major part of my childhood in the making of a gay icon. I mean I literally learned how to braid on an actual Bratz styling head. And I used to do their makeup all the time and that love for creativity and making people feel
beautiful and confident is exactly what stemmed
into this job today. If you guys enjoyed this
crazy transformation today, and think I did a good job, please don’t forget to give
it a big thumbs up down below and show your sister love and support. It really means so, so, so much to me. Also if you have not already, don’t forget to click that
big heart subscribe button down below and come join the sisterhood for more fun makeup
tutorials just like this, that is pretty good and
fresh, not gonna lie. We are almost to 14 millions sisters, that I’d live to have you join the family. And also click that bell icon so you can get a notification every time I upload a brand new video. If you like to follow
me on my makeup journey, you can follow me on
Instagram and Twitter, they are both just jamescharles. My Snapchat’s for more
behind the scenes side stuff is James Charles with an
extra S after Charles. This video sister shoutout
goes to sister Tita. Thank you so much love for always following and supporting. You know I love you
literally so, so, so much. And if you would hope to
be in the next video’s sister shoutout, don’t forget to always retweet my video links when
they go live on Twitter and also turn on my post
notifications here on YouTube. Alright sisters, thank you so much for watching this video today. I love you so much and I will
see you in the next one. Bye! ♪ Time to show the whole world ♪ ♪ What we’re all about ♪ ♪ We’re the girls with
a passion for fashion ♪ ♪ Ooh Bratz ♪ ♪ We’ll always be there for each other ♪ ♪ Ooh Bratz ♪ ♪ Styling how we feel ♪

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    بـحـكـيـلـكـم💁‍♀️ يـا بـنـات عـن تــجــربــتــي الــفــريــدة🥳 فـي تـكـبـيـر الــثــدي👍 والــمــؤخــرة👍 اسـتـعـمـلـت وصــفــة مـذهـلـة ونـتـايـجـهـا عـن جـد تــجــنــن
    👈تــواصــلــي مــعــي عـــشــان أشــرح لــك الــوصــفــة الـواتـسـاب *00212644626928*📲

  2. So I was at my bffs house and her brother said "why are you watching a dude do makeup" And her mom said "BOY HE MAKES MILLIONS OF DOLLARS DOIN THAY MAKEUP. HOW BOUT YOU TRY IT" lol

  3. Me wanting to be a makeup guru

    James: Ok so after 6 hours we have finally finished the makeup portion,

    Me: walks out of the room

  4. deberías ponerle subtitulos a tus vídeos o hacerte un canal en español saludos desde República Dominicana

  5. los subtitulos en espenol no funcionan porque james habla como enimen 😅 y trate de hacerlo con ingles y pasan volando 😐 saludos desde china ❤️

  6. Hollo james mi nou hablo a inglish…a biutifud a love james a is mi 10 years james yo no hablo inges pero te entiendo un poco

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