Holding the camera with my hand Oh my. This feels like a vlog. Well, it basically is a vlog kind of Today’s videos are going to be a two-part series I am gonna be creating a custom doll based on some of my existing art So I decided to base it off of the art I call magical me It’s when I drew myself as a magical girl and I’m gonna transform that drawing into a doll A lot of people have been requesting that I do custom doll stuff and I’m gonna give it a try So today’s video is part one I’m gonna be hunting for the doll supplies and doing a haul of what I found and then in Saturday’s video I’m going to be Creating the doll making hair doing a face up making the outfit all that stuff. So let’s get into the hunt so my first stop is going to be Toys “R” Us because that’s where most of the dolls are and hopefully I can find something that Already has pink hair Okay, made it to Toys “R” Us not quite what we’re looking for there, I’m probably any one of the Monster High dolls It’s just starting here This one would actually be decent because it already has gloves on it and pink hair But I was thinking of going with the Monster High dolls. Not this why are these clearance dolls? The only ones I can find this one could maybe work, but she’s so tiny It’d be a lot more difficult to do all her details I’m now in the Bay simply because it was right by Toys “R” Us. I’m probably gonna have to go to Walmart though. I Did ask a Toys “R” Us staff member ew If they had any Monster High dolls, and they only had those clearance ones so I’m out of luck. Yeah Got a little caught in the rain there. Hmm, that’s so much for having my hair nice and straightened next up Well I’m at Walmart and I’m struggling Master hi where aren’t you? Don’t make me order off Amazon or something. Oh where Are they? Okay. I’m at Michael’s to look for some of the accessories and bits and bobs I need what if I just use this as the body of the doll, these stars are neat But they’re a little bit too big. It may be work for the big ones But even then it’s a bit much and I would like some kind of consistency between the various stars It’s hard because I want star beads, but I’ve two different sizes those stars actually three. There’s a medium-sized one Oh, well, I guess it doesn’t have to be exact. Hey, this could be the hair Mm-hmm. All I know is I do not want to reroute a doll I could take a blonde haired doll and dye it’s hair that might work, but I don’t know if that does work I could use my hair and I probably should have grabbed a cart thingy. I need this dowel Don’t fall through the hole I’m kind of mad cuz I used to have a bunch of teeny tiny beads And then I got rid of them because I never used them and now I need them. It’s just the way the world works Oh Maybe good for the big stars. I’m not paying $9 just this time. I’ll just take one I Can make the stars out of clay if I need to at least the big ones but the little ones I’d rather get beads if that kind of thing exists This is kind of kid beads section. If I go to the fancy bead section, we should find something sprinkles hmm I probably should have looked at clothes when I was at Walmart I was going to do that and I forgot this is one of the colors I need but $13.99 It isn’t it a tiny chunk to go to Value Village or something I’m running out of time today though because stores are starting to close I’m thinking of maybe using yarn or embroidery thread for the ruffled bits cuz I initially wrote lace But I’m not gonna find the lace that tiny, but I could just stitch on some yarn or something There’s actually done area 9 white one. I need some white and some pink. I mean I could color it pink. Let’s do that Oh Oh Oh my goodness what have I done? My dad would have this is one option for my little stars is Glitter if I can’t find little beads all strung beads 40% off. Okay, I need a Big pink one a small teal and a big tulle in a small pink one Why did I do this to myself and then really tiny white and blue ones? I mean I can paint some I guess I don’t everything gonna be painted, but I’m gonna have to be that way so the big size needs to be about that one These things are nice an oblong But they’re not smooth, but the smooth ones are too circular. Maybe I’m being too picky I’m probably better off getting white ones and painting them Sometimes you can find strings with multiple sizes on them, but I am not really seeing any Oh, I need a string like this for the white and maybe here it is But again, should I just paint? Baby, once by stringing white ones in paint. I’m not even seen an ultra tiny white one other than this variety pack here Oh, maybe this is just a single string though. Maybe I should go the blue then and then just paint some of them white Wait, is this a variety of sizes? Blue baby and it’s already turquoise And I could just paint some of them pink done deal. So got the small beads You got those ones and I need baby star beads if those exist. These may even be better than what I already Grabbed for small beads, cuz they are even tinier I’ll have to paint both colors then the white and the navy but it works This is the size difference here. I definitely prefer these Well, here’s the teenie teenies. But these are all around. This is what I used to have was this kit right here regrets Yeah, I’ll just have to use the star glitter I think I wanted beads because it’d be more stable than just gluing these on but I guess that’s what I get everything’s falling through the cracks My life, this is a little unrelated. But look how cute these are Needed I’m really tempted to use these for the bigger stars, let’s get them The edge of this ribbon is almost perfect for the thing around her waist except it’s supposed to be see-through But he doesn’t have to be also I was thinking of this for her bows. Just don’t know if it’s quite thick enough It’s probably good for the staff. But it looks a little thin for her chest ribbon again doesn’t have to be exact Oh, also if I got like a monster high doll or ever after doll, they have pretty tiny bodies So maybe that actually would be a good size. This is why I wanted the doll first We’ll probably repurpose this ribbon to be the frillies around her Just don’t know how to make it get that wave in it. So what else am I looking for? Really? I mean, I needed all the fabric and be I want to find boots, too I swear you used to be able to find all kinds of doll Accessories and now there’s just nothing like extra outfits for your Barbies and stuff It’s already dark and Wow, I look like a monster high doll right now. Seriously, why is that so green that light does not look green in real life I’m getting such a kick out of this. It’s me, Elphaba. I just said my hair pink, you know for a change I’m gonna do one more stop which is Superstore just to see if they have a doll I could use they don’t have much of a toy section But I feel like it’s my last hope right now cuz if I have to order a doll online I don’t know if it’s gonna come in time for me to do the video the day. I want it done The toy aisle is super teeny tiny here, but is there something if I just snag Rapunzel and dye her hair? I don’t really want a Barbie Sculpt I want like a monster knife sculpt I just take this Barbie what if I cut off her scalp and put it on another doll. I’d also prefer a doll That’s more poseable, but Oh beggars can’t be choosers So it’s now the next day and I’ll just summarize what went down yesterday Because I’m probably gonna cut out some clips at the end of the day I went to the Disney Store and picked up a Rapunzel doll kind of like as a backup and also, just in case I needed to use her hair, but then I just wasn’t happy with her and I really really want a Monster High doll so I went to order one off Amazon I ordered the day-to-tonight Draculaura which is actually kind of perfect because she has mostly pink hair with just a little bit of black in it and I could just Cut those pieces out, but it said it wouldn’t ship for two to four days and I thought okay Well, I’ll just put this video out next week But then it gave me an update that it doesn’t know when it’s gonna ship out It says like either means it’s a pre-order item or it’s out of stock, but it said there were eight left in stock So, I don’t know so now I don’t know when I’m getting this doll, and I’m like, you know, what? I’m just still gonna make this video so I’m gonna go out again today and look for more doll stuff I still need the body and I still need fabric for clothes. So I’m gonna go hunt for that I’m gonna try to hit up a thrift store first just to see if I could find a doll there We’re not gonna find the day-to-night doll And that means I’m have to make a wig which is gonna be a whole other thing and if I can’t find one at a thrift store, I might just Cut down to the states and go to Bellingham and check their Target and Walmart for stuff there. I looked online It seems like they have stuff so that should be okay. All right, Kiki. Sorry, but I have to move you It is so crowded here at Valley Village, I do not feel comfortable filming I don’t know if I really need this to paint, but I might need it to wrap boots or something. I don’t know It’s $2.99 I’m gonna grab it really I need a turquoise and a navy blue though, and I kind of want a blue to be shiny It’s possible. This one looks good for the turquoise $2.99 this is pretty much exactly what I want, but it’s a Two-piece for nine dollars. I might get it. Anyway if I can’t find anything else, but that was the exact kind of shinyness I wanted Also, there’s no toys here And then just came across this not as good that’s not quite dark enough, but it is shiny now This is a Value Village. Whoa Its massive. I really hope this isn’t the toy section because there’s Nothing here found some pink yarn though that I might use for the hair if I make a yarn wig I’ll buy it and case I ended up going that route Okay, found the toy section. Whoo. Yeah, here’s all the dolls Hmm Is this like an off-brand monster high doll? Don’t think it’s quite as nice like here’s a purple one. Oh She’s engravings all over her. Hmm. So we have knockoff Draculaura This I think is an ever after high doll She’s kind of cute and if I don’t want to go with pink skin, she’d be a good choice This one’s just clearly the prettiest. It’s face is nice and round though like mine I just don’t like how flat her face is like her eyes. Don’t go into her head very much This one just seems so much more high-quality, but it’s not good for me to use for this Although I might get her just in case I do some other kind of repaint or something this one I don’t like the face as much but She has a normal skin colors that are purple. So there is another valley village on the way to the border So I’m gonna hit that one up first and then if I don’t find anything maybe cross Well, that was quite the trek and way more out of the way than I thought it looked on the map But here we are one more attempt Why are they missing arms We found a Draculaura, but she is also missing her forearms why Found them with arms. They’re not bendy for arms But their arms is this one supposed to be like that or does she have someone else’s forearms? Just doing a little double check and I found a Cleo Oh she have arms? She do Now I have some decisions to make Since I have to redo the hair. Anyway, Cleo’s probably the best choice I still wish I had this one with arms though for another doll so I’m gonna get this one, even though I prefer the head sculpt a bit more on the Armless Draculaura, she had bigger lips. It was just slightly different Now I’m gonna get this ugly blue one And this one And yes, I considered getting both Draculaura’s just to pop the head off of one of them and stick them the other at all But I’m not gonna bother There’s still stuff in there Okay, let’s begin the haul of Everything I picked up for this doll That rhymes doll Haul. So there’s the yarn it’s got a little poop thing in there, but I’m sure that’s fine We have two kinds of pink in here and a black and there’s a white I got at Michaels and I was gonna color some Of it pink, but now we just have pink this Pink’s for the hair And then I think I’ll use this for outfit and then this for the outfit there’s also the pink ribbon Which I might not use I might use the fabric I got we’ll see there is the stick for the staff which I broke another Time when I was getting out of my car But thankfully a couple of these pieces are still long enough to use then there’s the star-shaped glitter Which I’ve been eyeing up for so long and I finally had an excuse to get it yay Yeah, there are also these little star pieces that I can use for outfit details There were these earrings also from Michaels kinda looks like a jellyfish actually Then I also got this string of beads here and some of these will have to be painted I picked up some 100% acetone because I needed more anyway for my gel nails and of course I’ll be using it to remove the makeup off the doll. Then there’s the fabric we have three colors the pink the Turquoise e color and then the navy blue She does have a little bit of really dark pink the reddish colors on her waist and in her little shorts But I figured I could just maybe paint that on then we have the dolls all of which are from Value Village I kind of want to leave them in the bags for now to keep them protected But these are the ones I got Yeah The fake jocular this dress look good spooky Like seriously, that’s just a straight-up Ripoff. Oh my god You guys I just noticed this It says Imagination life is your creation Belonged to the young people’s party until the evening really Carnival really carnival. So yeah, that’s her Then I have a few others This one has the engraved face, but hey I might use her for something And then there’s the Cleo which I think is the one I’m actually gonna use for this. It’s between these two But I think I might go with the Cleo So that was it for supplies. I had to purchase it feels like I got way more than that. I spent so much time accumulating all this crap Especially the dolls. I thought that’d be the easiest part is just going to Toys R Us and picking up a Monster High doll No Make sure you don’t miss Saturday’s video because it’s gonna be a mess me trying to do my first face up make my first wig Make my first doll clothes all that stuff. Oh, it’s probably not gonna go well, but we’ll see. We’ll see Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys on Saturday

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