Try Not to Laugh Challenge | Lego

[music playing] – [Isabella] Hello, everyone!
My name is Isabella. Today, we’re doing the Try
Not to Laugh Challenge with Steven pitted against Junior. Here’s how the challenge works: These two will see three videos in each round.
Meaning one video in one round. They shouldn’t laugh, grin or chuckle. There will be three rounds. The person with most points in
each round wins. Let’s get started. [button clicks]
[static] – [Elvis] Hey, Ben.
Can you call your mother? I just wanna talk to her for a few minutes. – [Ben] OK. Hey, Mom! Mom! Mom! – [Elvis] What are you doing? – [Ben] Well, you said to call
Mom, so that’s what I’m doing. – [Elvis] I mean, call her on the phone! – [Ben] Oh, I don’t have a phone. [groans] [laughing]
[dinging] [music continues] [button clicks]
[static] [chomp] [chomp] [laughing]
[dinging] [music continues] [static] [snarling] [laughing]
[dinging] [dinging] – [both] Good game.

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