Transformers: Why the Allspark Turns human technology into Decepticons (Explained)

(Mechanical Sounds) What’s going on guys? RBG here back with another Transformers related video. And there’s been this lingering question that almost everyone in the fandom has asked. And it’s why do electronic items become Decepticons and not Autobots after being brought to life by the Allspark. It’s something that’s never really been explained in the movies. And it’s just downright weird. Because you wouldn’t expect this highly revered ancient energy source to strictly create bad guys. So I’m gonna to take a deep dive in this particular lore’s history to figure out why this is the case. This version of the cube was derived from hybridizing the concepts of Vector Sigma and the Matrix of Leadership, but the term “Matrix” was off limits because the object had the same name in the live-action film series the Matrix In the original screenplay, it was going to be called the “Energon Cube” but they opted to call it the Allspark or The Cube instead. Optimus Prime’s description in the movie intro would suggest it also bears similarities to a Cyber Planet Key from Transformers Cybertron. Being the object that brought robotic life to Cybertron would also make it comparable to the Key to Vector Sigma of Generation One. Although its physical form differs across the universal streams in which it appears, the powers and history of the AllSpark remain common across the multiverse: By stating Cybertron and the Transformers were created by the All Spark, the movie retcons the retcon that Primus is Cybertron & the source of Transformer life across all continuities. Unless, that is, the All Spark is Primus’ proxy or means through which he acts. Though not mentioned in the movie, it’s revealed that Cybertronian lifeforms weren’t merely created by the AllSpark itself. But rather the Creators, unknown entities that once used the Seed, a bomb that turned any organic beings into Transformium that was later used to create the first generation of Transformers, and later Cybertronians. This means that the AllSpark was, in fact, a powerful object that was created by the Creators themselves. But besides that its origins are unknown, lost to the distant past sometimes predating even Cybertron itself but it often gives the impression that it possesses a consciousness of some kind and is either working towards a cosmic plan of its own divining or is carrying out the will of a higher power. . In truth, the physical AllSpark is but a shell to contain the incredible life-giving energies within; should that shell be destroyed the energies will remain as potent as ever merely waiting for a new vessel to inhabit. Any fragments that would remain in the event of the AllSpark’s physical destruction would still possess the incredible power that the original object did. It was found in 1913, 16 years after the N.B.E.-01 AKA Megatron was found. The glyph on the Cube were similar to the ones on the Iceman, indicating a link between the two. In order to hide the cube’s energy signature from other humans and, potentially, from other N.B.E.s, the President had the Hoover Dam built around it. The Iceman was also moved to the dam for further study. And this is where we enter the subject of Allspark mutation. A deliberate or unintentional way to reanimate Earth’s machinery as Transformers by the Allspark. This particular group or race of Transformers are known as gear bots. The term originates with the “Real Gear Robots” sub-line of Movie toys, which features Transformers created from real Terran consumer electronics brought to life. 1 of the first gear bots to appear onscreen is the Nokia-Bot. During a demonstration, Agent Simmons showcased the power of the Allspark by giving life to the Nokia N93i. Transforming into a spidery robot mode, the Nokia robot went crazy and started attempting to escape its glass prison by firing tiny missiles and shooting bullets, as well as slamming itself repeatedly into the glass. When it looked like the creature might break out of the case, Simmons had it blasted with an energy pulse, killing it. The cube also emitted a pulse when it was dropped by Sam Witwicky as he fled from Decepticons in Mission City, spawning more robots in The form of a Steering Wheel, an Xbox 360, and Mountain Dew Machine. After the destruction of the main cube, the fragment of the All Spark was kept in a vault on Diego Garcia until Soundwave learned of its location and dispatched Ravage to steal it with his Microcons. This shard was then used to resurrect Megatron. It is unknown what happened to it afterwards. A small sliver also survived on Sam Witwicky’s jacket and he found it when looking at the jacket. Shortly after he analyzes it he’s gets shocked and drops it. The sliver burned through the floor of his bedroom, landed in the kitchen, and discharged a burst of energy which brought several appliances from Sam’s house to life. The little mechanical monsters wreaked havoc on the Witwicky kitchen and drove the family out of their house, until Bumblebee was called in to shoot them. As you may have noticed the Cube seems to love creating homicidal killing machines. Some of the kitchen Appliance Bots even had the Decepticon insignia on them. So they were definitely aligning themselves with the bad guys. At first I chalked it up to the gear bots being created by an accident. Since we see multiple instances of Sam dropping the Allspark and it sends a shock wave of radiation to the technology around him. As I mentioned earlier these so called gear bots are formally known as All spark mutations. So hearing that term gives them a stigma of being these freak accidents. And in most cases a freak accident isn’t always the nicest. So maybe that could be attributed to their hostile nature. But then I thought back to Simmons deliberately using the energy to create Nokia Bot. And it was still this crazy bloodthirsty machine like the other gear bots we saw later in the film. And there’s the fact that the All spark has mostly been used more in favor of the Decepticons than the Autobots. After his head was severed from his body, Frenzy was fully restored just by coming into close proximity of the cube. But for some reason it made no attempt to fix Bumblebees crippled legs despite the fact that he is physically carrying it on his person. But on second thought that could be boil down to Frenzy’s size. Because we saw that Megatron still needed legs before the cube shard was used to revive him. Speaking of Megatron, it’s kinda weird that all human technology was reverse-engineered from him, who is a Decepticon, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that all human technology are inanimate Decepticons, and therefore, would only become evil guys. During an interview at Botcon 2007, TF1 & 2’s screenwriter Roberto Orci offered some potential explanations for this both, but was careful not to make any declarations. Stating and I quote “It is meant to power Cybertron, not adapt human technology.” “Also, since all earth’s tech is reverse engineered from Megatron, maybe that affects the outcome, too.” “Prime intended to use the Allspark to repower Cybertron as it was intended.” “Megatron wants to abuse it by creating Transformers directly, which makes souless, primal Transformers.” Both of these statements contain plausible explanations for the violence and hostility observed in the behavior of the robots in the films, but they do not make allowances for the fully-developed personas observed in the Real Gear Robots toy line and other supporting material. The toy line predated 2 years before the first live action Transformers film was released. They were created at Hasbro in line with the designs of the Cybertron franchise that ran through 2005 into the first half of 2006. Their release was held back, and this resulted in them being associated with the Movie marketing, since cell phones and other electronic devices become Transformers in the film. But none of the gear robots that appeared in the movie were in the leaked script except the Xbox 360 robot. In the script, they were an iPod, devices in a truck and plasma televisions. So this implies that the gear robots may exist in multiple continuities than the film itself, such that the All Spark may operate a bit differently. Alternatively, it could be that given enough time an Earth machine animated by the All Spark might eventually develop consciousness. Or, perhaps not all robots are created equal. It could simply be that, while most are feral, some are not. A final explanation can be taken from a mission in Transformers The Game. When the Autobots attempt to retrieve the All Spark, it produces drones from the local machinery to defend itself. As such, the All Spark-created transformers may have been feral as a survival mechanism. The exact circumstances by which the AllSpark created other Transformers with more ordinary personalities from Earth machinery is currently unknown. But anyways guys I’m gonna go with Roberto Orci’s claim. Given the fact that he wrote for the best TF film and went on to work of TF Prime after TF2, I’d say his explanation holds the most weight. Since most of Earth’s technological advancements were centered around and reverse engineered from Megatron it makes the most sense that they’d be Decepticons. We saw something similar when Galvatron’s energy was enough to bring the KSI bots to his will. Not to mention that by the time he was replaced as writer, the Cube and all of the Gear Robots weren’t even a thing anymore. Hell, continuity wasn’t even a thing anymore. Just look at all of the constant contradictions Michael Bay and Ehren Kruger shit out in TF3, 4, and 5. I’m just saying. But I think I’m gonna bring this video to a close and leave it to you guys. Do you think the Cube reanimating Earth’s technology into Decepticons should’ve been further explained in the films? And do you like Roberto’s explanation? Lemme know down in the comments below. As always I ask that you like or dislike the video. It doesn’t have to be a thumbs up, it can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve on future videos. But if you really enjoyed the video it would help me out tremendously if you shared it with all your friends and followers on social media. Sharing really makes a difference. Also if you’re an aspiring gaming youtuber who needs advice on what you need to get started I have links in the description on the tech I use from my Amazon affiliate program. So definitely check that out, you’d be doing me a favor by clicking on 1 of the links. But once again this was your boy RBG signing out on another video. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out. ♫ Gone ♫ ♫ cause you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ Oh you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ No you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ Until it’s gone ♫ “You wanna go back?” “Back to the heart of the war?!” (Mechanical Sounds) ♫ You’re at your best when when the going gets rough ♫ ♫ You’ve been put to the test, but it’s never enough ♫ ♫ Yeah! ♫ ♫ You got the touch ♫

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100 thoughts on “Transformers: Why the Allspark Turns human technology into Decepticons (Explained)

  1. Great video as usual. The best transformer movie was the best. The scene where the helicopter arrived at the base and had that hologram pilot was awsome. Great theories though. I figure that all transformers by nature would be decepticons by nature. Being an autobot would go against there nature. They are near extinct and have no home. Also humans are a less evolved species. How do we treat monkeys. It's in man's nature to rule over lesser creatures same for transformers. Only decepticons have that opinion on lifeforms though. So yeah who wouldn't want to be a decepticon. Plus the bad guys have the coolest transformers. Autobots are regular cars and medical vehicles, while decepticons have exotic cars and fighter jets.

  2. he is using the music from the Sonic Mega Collection on the GameCube for the video the reason I think the all spark makes everything transform into a Decepticon is because I think Megatron touched it before he crashed into the atmosphere

  3. Perhaps the Allspark got 'corrupted' after being around and touched by the human's technology (reversed engineered from Megatron's body, no less). Maybe that's why it can only create Decepticons-like robots.

  4. Bro I absolutely love your channel. I watch it when I’m at home, listen to it while I’m at work and always come to your channel for any new news on the transformers. Keep it coming my man your absolutely nailing it. Should be proud of yourself

  5. You know what it sucks the allspark destruction hasn't been treated like something living died everything had to focus on us silly humans also the image of the allspark getting into copyright disputes

  6. I have an idea
    The Megatron fights for cybertron
    The Creator wants wants to destroy earth but the cube is on earth
    Im not explaining it right but what if the creator was controlling the cube to make the bots

  7. I have an idea
    The Megatron fights for cybertron
    The Creator wants wants to destroy earth but the cube is on earth
    Im not explaining it right but what if the creator was controlling the cube to make the bots

  8. I feel as if the Allspark animating Earth technology could have been a main plot point in the later movies rather than just a throwaway detail. It could've explained the logic behind the creation of the hostile gearbots in the first two films while properly exploring both factions' intentions for the Allspark, with the Autobots looking to return to Cybertron to give even a little power to it with the Allspark shard they had while the Decepticons attempt to steal it to both revive Megatron as per RoTF and create more like-minded bots.

  9. They might as well be the Minicons (I think in Adventure they were already considered full-size cybertronian cubs), missed one of them (Especially Highwire) having a more striking personality (like that of Metabee), the closest to that was Hop, which was friendlier than warm

  10. As Jetfire said in ROTF : it's a choice… Is an intensely personal decision.

    If decepticons had their way they'd destroy the whole universe"

    Meaning that the things that absorb the energon can choose any side.

  11. Also in the official prequel tie-in movie story Megatron obtained his jet mode by directly interfacing with the allspark which was forbidden so he's the only being to do it.
    As Megatron is the only one to do it, his Decepticon mind could have altered some elements of the allspark so new tech created is influenced by that prior event.

  12. Maybe because all Cybertronians are inherently evil including the autobots. In G1 Vector Sigma gladly creates evil Stunticons, rebellious Aerialbots and tells Galvatron info on the Plasma energy Chamber. Cybertronians spread their fake war in order to infect other worlds with their technology.

  13. intresting concept here. as far as t 3 and 4….could have been better but the lore wise it is semi similar to the gen 1 era. they were made by the quintisan's then when they left for some reason cybertron gave them more than meets the eye. as for the all spark i think it is based off the last transformer who held it when active. yes bumble bee had it but there is more lore that hasnt been introduced that explains it more. it was mentioned in prime briefly this. quintessa mentions unicron when viewing the pillars. so if we factor that in then decepticon from earth tech makes sense since unicron is a corruptor in a sense with his blood. this means we came from unicron.

  14. According to mine theory the are not decepticons but instead they are newly created and hostile without any side choosing who keeps on killing as being hostile ..finally they aren't Autobots nor decepticons but new babies without mind having weapons and power

  15. Nice video man, you beat me to it, in my opinion the explanation you gave is the definitive one so nice work, cant wait to see more of your Theory videos 👍

  16. Can you please explain Why the allspark didn't fix Bumblebee's Voice box when he touch it, like when frenzy did when His Spider head crawl Below it ? And it fix him

  17. I thought transformers had a choice or Mage Autobots or decepticons. I also thought that transformers were already made decepticons and chose to go to the light.

  18. Allspark is a part of Unicron’s power. With Primus’ power, they can no longer destructive. There are many things that I don’t know but….All I know is the process of Cybertronian’s life.

    1# How cybertronians have been created in the first place?
    2# How cybertronians turned out to be good after they were created?
    3# What is the difference between cybertronians was created by unknown creator and new destructive cybertronians were created by Sam holding an AllSpark?

  19. Here is my theory. The new life the cube makes, is like a wild animal lashing out freaking out more like. And because it has weapon systems it hasn’t yet learned to control its randomly firing off, or attacking anything that moves for fear of its own existence. Every time we saw the cube “activate” it was by accident, maybe one needs to control the cube mentally en order to use it. If Optimus was to use it, I think it would produce calmer new transformers. Because it’s Optimus’s influence over the cube. Now reverse that when it comes to Megatron, then you have corrupt evil new life

  20. I could've swore that they said in the first live action movie that all our technology was based of Megatron. So my thought was maybe the Autobots are positronic and Decepticons are electronic.

  21. My theory is that all Cybertronians are born with these feral instincts and they develope their sentience later in life. In the case of the Earth machinery, they were being given sparks/life while being around humans, who were unfamiliar creatures to them. As such, they acted hostile in order to defend themselves from what they deemed as unfamiliar and threatening.

  22. I still say as many of us that Hasbro needs to give us a sequel to The Last Knight. It is sinister for them to leave that movie on a cliffhanger and not give us Unicron.

  23. Simmons said Megatron was the source of the modern age. Space flight, microchip, planes, cars, etc. reverse engineered studying him. I always assumed that because of this they share the same "biology" as Megatron making them somewhat Cybertronian technology. Hence the reason they could be transformed. Because they were literally Transformers without the robot part. Maybe I'm wrong. Also I'm commenting this before I've actually watched the video, so you might say the same thing.

  24. I honestly think that none of this is true, I believe that Michael Bay never really gave a shit on how shit happened, it just does

  25. I find it weird that the Allspark mass shifted when the writers wanted to avoid Mass Shifting, thus locking Soundwave out until they decided on a Satellite form.

  26. Well, here's the thing, the Allspark doesn't actually transform electronics into Decepticons, instead they are turned into beings that lack higher intelligence, hence why the randomly attack. They are not Autobots nor Decepticons, rather Feral protoforms

  27. my theory was that megatron or shockwave got to the allspark before it was launched into space, slightly altering it so that when it created new life, they were born decepticons.

  28. Here’s a theory: could the deception have made the all spark as a ultimate weapon and the autobots were trying to keep the allspark away from the deceptions for their protection and the human protection.

  29. Hi rbg I have a question,why did the cube only bring to life a XBOX,a Mountain Dew machine and a steering wheel?there were cars in the area and it didnt bring THOSE to life

  30. Interesting theories. One and all. Perhaps any inconsistency is simply bad writing and a lack of respect of the source material. I do not think Bay even looked beyond the first couple episodes of the original cartoon series or read the comics or collected the toys as a kid. Just sayin.

  31. Did you forget the the autobots were technically considered traitors of cybertron? So I suppose it makes sense.

  32. What if the KSI drones could combine their robot modes similar to devastator, unlike those triplets that combined into a vehicle.

  33. Primus is Cybertron, who created the first 13 Primes , sometime after that the quintessons found cybertron and from it created the two lines of Autobots and decepticons,

    (and depending on who’s writing the lore it changes somewhat.

  34. Hmm… Let us say that those "Allspark mutations", I don't think that can they be called neither Decepticons or neither evil. Unlike Optimus, Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream and all the other Autobots and Decepticons who have lived through of millenniums of Earth years (or even longer), these robots are rather new ones created from the Earth technology and are given their own awareness by the Allspark. In other words, they're more likely from Earth's technology born Cybertronian "babies" with animal-like intelligence. We all know how animals act when they're in middle of the environment that is completely strange/new to them… and they react to it out of curiosity and self-defense rather than out of the Decepticons' typical homicidal reasons. And also, Taking into account both their childlike nature and the bestial intelligence, Megatron would've manipulated these "babies" under his servitude and have a dozens and dozens of homicidal and battle-ready killer robots in a matter of a few hours… while in the Autobots hands these "babies" would've more time to become more intelligent and "civilized" and gain their own conscience. However, the Autobots are unable to do that without risking the humans getting hurt and killed by these babies and that's why they had to destroy them. And taking account of Frency the Decepticon getting healed by the power of the Allspark while Bumblebee remained crippled even after being in physical contact with the Allspark, I think that there's a reason why Frency got healed by Allspark and Bumblebee did not. Maybe that is because the Allspark's power was both activated and in the use at the same time when Frency used its power to heal himself, and when crippled Bumblebee was in the physical contact with it, its power was deactivated and off, so it didn't heal Bumblebee. These are at least my theories why the cube created "evil" instead good.

  35. Isn’t it canon that the all spark also created an autobot the tow truck used to move bumblebee was confirmed to have been turned and was a autobot

  36. I will go more with a teory based on the division civilian – warrior, the decepticons were mostly warriors of the cybertronian race, and the autobots were mostly civilians before the war, we never knew if the all spark created non violent life in any of the experiments of sector 7.

    But imagine this, the all spark has some kind of consciousness of its surroundings, and what is done with it, so it's been manipulated for years by organic creatures that share some energy with Unicron, and the only warrior that is around, that has probably been repeated by the all spark many times during those years, is not responding at all.

    So, the all spark is been forced to create life, and its looking for a way to stop being used, is it going to create a civilian?, I don't think so. It needs protection, so it needs warriors, but it had only been able to use small electronics, so the warriors are not that strong, add to that, the possibility that it feels, how the new cybertronian is killed right away, and you have a life bringing artefact that has a limited consciousness and knows it's in danger.

    Frenzy is fully repaired, probably because he is the first damaged but autonomus cybertronian to reach the all spark and has a possibility of getting help for it, then we have Bumblebee, manipulating the all spark into a more compact form and maybe the all spark feels it's finally safe, because a civilian is right there, but then it enters a war zone, it needs protection, but it doesn't know who the enemy is, so the new warriors will attack anything that is not cybertronian, it didn't repair Bumblebee, because it wasn't a priority, it needed it's energy to create warriors.

    Finally the vessel of the all spark is used by an organic as a weapon to offline a cybertonian, the fragments probably kept the last priorities of protect it's self and restore cybertronians.

  37. I remember in the movie, Agent Simmons explained to Sam and the group that all of their modern technology was created by the programming of Megatron. Cellphones, laptops, everything and anything that has to do with machines we're all Megatron.

  38. There's a question in my mind. How did the government actually got Megatron to stand up in the Hoover dam? Because he looked like he was in a different position when he was in the ice and there's no way the unfreeze him as well because he can just activate.

  39. The obvious reason is our tech is reverse engineered from Megatron thus has laten Decepticon tech incorporated and the allspark just is a catalyst in activating the Decepticon tech

  40. I'm currently watching transformers 3 and I'm wondering why Dino and sideswipe didn't see soundwave while they was pulling up to Sam and Carly. Can you please answer me this question rbg because I'm so confused, I thought Cybertronians can see through other bots and cons disguises

  41. Honestly I just assumed they were just ……. "feral" I guess would be the word. Having being brought in to existence with no knowledge of who they are or what's going on around them theyd act on instinct alone and view everything as a potential threat. Much like how a baby comes in to the world kicking and screaming but in a TFs case theyre fully functional from the get go and have in many cases built in weapons. Only through experience would they gain control and understanding and thus not be hostile afterwards. Also possibly in one of the sector 7 comics a vehicle was brought to life back in the early 1900s I believe and it was quite simple in brain power, possibly because the car lacked much of the required materials to form a fully functional TF, at least in terms of cognitive abilities. Lack of proper materials could also play a factor in it

  42. New transformers by default are Decepticon.
    Whether we're going off the lore of the cinematic universe or the OG G1 canon, The Autobot faction started as a resistance on the war for Cybertron. Decepticons were the over lords and the top dogs in charge of the planet at the time. It's made clear in the War for cybertron games, comics, and even the new Bumblebee movie that any Autobot was a traitor to cybertron.
    Which means that the cube makes Decepticons unless it was a dead transformer who needed energon to be reactivated, because by default cybertronians are Decepticon based on the hierarchy put in place by a hostile alien race. Once active from foreign technology their objective is simple. Destroy everything and obey their original leader.
    Least that's my thought on it. My G1 lore is a bit rusty but gives a good idea of how these things work.

  43. That's a good explanation that Cybertron is required to implement a "soul" in the tech, and w/o it, the Allspark just creates primal transformers.

    I don't like the Decepticon logo on them, but perhaps Decepticons are a throwback to an earlier primal time in TF history. But that goes against the Primes, or perhaps predates the primes.

    Also like the shade thrown at 3/4/5.

    1/2 are the only ones that matter.

  44. As I recall, the Allspark/Matrix is actually a fragment of Primus' essence, put into a container that Cybertronians can use without Primus having to do it himself all the time. Also, as pointed out, all the tech is based on Megs…it could be just that it's all Decepticon from the start, the Allspark just 'wakes it up'.

  45. When i wake up and all around me is unfamiliar with some giant strange creature look at me. I will also trow anything around me randomly. Even new baby born will shot a doctor in face if they have enought strength and gun at hand not just crying.. its a natural behaviour.

  46. From the first movie it's heavily implied that all or most of modern technology was reverse engineered from Megatron while he was frozen in ice, hence Decepticon tech.

  47. In my theory is they are the same species that is having a conflict that makes them into two different factions.

    Just like we humans, we have those who are opposed to the government, and those who support the government.

    I think its a choice for them which side they'll join, and their badge is just an identification like we have in our military. Like, the fbi and police.

  48. I believe that they had just been randomly made they don't know where they are or what they are and so are aggressive in self-defense which is also contributed by be reversed engineered from Megatron affects them as well. But after a bit they will grow a mind if their own like how wheels did he went from a bad to a good guy but he had lived longer then the others that had been created.

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