Trading a Paperclip for Legos!!

Hey guys! Logan here and today, we’re doing
the Paperclip challenge. Let’s go! So, the paperclip challenge is where you have a paperclip,
just like this one, and you have to trade it throughout the store to get bigger and
better items. And there’s this guy on Craigslist who started with a red paperclip and traded
all the way up to a house. My goal is to get something from the lego store. What’s up?
We’re trying to do a challenge where we trade a paperclip and try and get something even
better and we were wondering if we could get anything? Help! Tracy! 2 of these. Those are
cool. That’s perfect. These are way better than tea bags. You get to choose which one.
Pink. Here. Thank you. Thank you to Teavana because they traded both of these for the
pink paperclip. I don’t know if this will be useful so, let’s go. Our next stop is the
Body Shop. We just traded a paperclip for these 2 bags so do you have anything to trade
for these? I do. Here you go. Thank you. So we just traded those bags for these 2 cream
packets so this seems really good. We’ve had good luck so far so let’s see what we can
get. So we acme to this store and we saw that there are cards in here so maybe we can get
an card and trade for this. We’re trading items for a paperclip and we wanted to see
if we could trade anything for these packets. Ummm let’s see. I have a bird pen. Ok. Thank
you. Ok. So we just traded for this bird pen. It is really cool so someone will definitely
want to trade for this. Do you wanna let your sister try now? Why? She’s a good sales person.
Well, it;s just because this is for my.. She can probably score a good lotion or something
from Bath and Body Works. Well, I can do that too. Why don’t you let her try one? Let’s
see what she can do. Fine. One. It smells so good. Umm there’s a person on craigslist
that traded a paperclip for a house so I was doing an experiment to figure out if we can
trade a paperclip, ok. Do you have anything you want to trade for this bird pen? We actually
do not. There’s nothing in here that we can trade so. Ok. Can we trade this bird pen for
something that you have? Oh ok. You can ask up here if we can do that for you. I actually
don’t think we would do anything like that but you might be able to ask the store manager
herself and she if she could do that. Ok we got 2 Nos but now we’re going to ask the manager.
Oh I am actually the manager. Oh, Fail. We tried 3 times at Bath and Body works but I
guess we’ll have to try somewhere else. We’re trying to figure
out who to trade this to and I’m thinking a nature lover. Or we can also get something
small like chocolate samples. So after our rejection, we’re gonna try Godiva because
they have a lot of great chocolates. So we got all the way up to this bird pen and we
were wondering if you have anything you could trade? Hmm let me see what I can find. It
smells good, they do smell good. How’s that? Yes! Thank you! That is awesome. It’s a one
of a kind pen and it actually does work. It’s fancy, it’s very fancy. Thank you! Whoa! We
just got freshly dipped strawberries. I think we should go to Justice because they might
have a necklace or something they can give to their daughter or niece or best friends
daughter. But what if they take this and it’s worth $20 and they give a $5 item? Well then,
we’ll make even more money. We can try and get more items. If they give us a $5 item,
we could say “This is a bigger value are we able to get something a little more?” Maybe
we can try another food place like Auntie Annes or a coffee place or Starbucks. Do you
guys want mom’s opinion? What’s mom’s opinion? I would go somewhere like Express, Calvin
Klein, something like that and try to get a bigger item. Let’s go look around. Try Jamba
Juice? We have these chocolates and we were wondering if we could trade, no sorry. That’s
ok. They said no but we’re not giving up here. Let’s go somewhere else. Something to trade?
no. We just got rejected by another phone place but we’re not giving up yet, we’re gonna
go to Sephora to se what we can get. We started off with a paperclip and we’re trading our
way up and we got these dipped strawberries. We were wondering if you have anything you
can give. Ok let me get somebody who can help. This is Logan. We’re trying to do an experiment
and started with a paperclip and working our way up and we got these chocolates, so we
were wondering if there’s anything you can trade? I don’t know if there is anything we
can trade. I have some samples. let me show you what I have. Give me just a minute. I
have a perfume, skin care and a hair cream sample. The tote was actually exclusive, it
was made just for our opening and it’s not something you can buy. I think that’s good.
Alright. Enjoy, good luck. And you can share them with everyone. Thank you. We just traded
the chocolates for this tote bag, some perfume samples, some hair and face cream. I’m not
sure if that was a good trade or not, but what I think is cool is this tote bag is exclusive
and you can’t buy it anywhere. Do you think we should separate them or put them all together?
Well I think the samples should be together but the bag is separate so we have 2 items.
But the bag says Sephora on it. Ok. But this is an exclusive bag. So? It has Sephora on
it and these are from Sephora so it should go together. well all of these are good and
the tote bag. So if we put them all together, it’s better. We don’t want a better item,
we want 2 good items so we can then trade for a really good item. We got all the way
to these Sephora items, do you have a girlfriend or a wife or anything? and we were wondering
if there was anything we could trade. Umm like coffee or tea?If you guys want, you can
pick anything from those boxes and bring it to me and we’ll just… however, I don’t know
how it goes but.. So he just said that we can get any box of tea up here we want so
we’re gonna choose and show you guys. So we were trying to trade all of these but he only
grabbed one thing. Score! Here’s what we have so far, and now we’re gonna go for the big
guns, the Apple Store. We have a weird request, it’s all good. If you have that shirt, I don’t
mind. See that, that’s my wedding ring. So we’re good. I was wondering if you have anything
we can trade. Here’s the thing, I can’t take something but here’s something, hows that?
It is a keychain dog tag for the movie Civil War Captain America. Cool. Cool? Yeah. That
didn’t pay off as well as I thought it would, they only gave me a keychain but that’s fine.
We’re gonna go hit up Game Stop and see what we can get. Oh that’s so cute. We have request.
Ok. So have you heard about this guy who had a paperclip and traded all the way up to a
house? No I did not. I heard about this the other day. What do you got in there? Tell
me, yeah this is the person to talk to. Limited edition Sephora bag. We’ve also got some Oprah
tea. We have some face cream. Enzyme peel. We also have a Captain America Civil war dog
tag, ok. And we have this hair cream. ok. Umm I don’t have a whole lot that I can trade
but I have either one of those. Pretty cool. Umm I will take the Captain America dog tag.
Awesome. I’ll trade the Star Wars lego kit. There ya are, my darling. This is what we
got. We have all these items and we were wondering if you could trade… I have these dice. Umm
Good luck guys. Thank you. We’re doing an experiment today and we got all the way up
to these items. That’s something my manager could do. Ok, Thank you. So we started off
with a paperclip and we started trading up to all these items. we were wondering if you
could trade for a Lego kit? A Lego kit? Let me look. Maybe. I can trade for that for this.
You’ll trade me all these for all this? Mm hmmm. Yes! That is an exclusive Sephora bag.
Oh really? And Oprah tea. Oh wow. Well thank you. We started with 1 paperclip and traded
up to all that. I would call that a success. Challenge completed. That was the paperclip
challenge. i hope you enjoyed! Like and subscribe, it really helps.

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100 thoughts on “Trading a Paperclip for Legos!!

  1. Respect for this little kid I watch people with over 100,000 subs and the title that they use its like "trading a paper clip for a Samsung phone" which he does but it's one of those fake phones for about a fiver another one is when he says "trading a paper clip for a Xbox one which he doesn't even get the big youtubers just want views and money respect for this kid for not click baiting which u would think he would consider click baiting because he has not got many subs he's sound👍😎

  2. Awe… That was a Very Cute Video:D I Remember I use to always Play with Legos when I was about 10 to 14 years old:) They we're always so Fun to Me!

  3. What was the name of the chocolate store you went to and they traded for the strawberries? The chocolate looks really good.

  4. NICE JOB LOGAN! Keep up the amazing work! I'm still sort of confused why there's so much hate, but all i see in the comments are nice posts 🙂

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  6. The lady at bath and body works said to ask the manager HERSELF REMEMBER SHE SAID THE MANAGER HERSELF and then they went up to the the guy to ask for the manager and he said he is that he is so whattttt

  7. Great job! I don't know your age but I am probably older than you and I still wouldn't even have the guts to do this.

  8. The guy at bath and body works was totally not a manager besides they said the manager is a she

  9. Bro maybe ur sister wanted some of the girl samples. U gave everything for some Legos. Be nice to ur sister she seemed disappointed, jerk.

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