Toys R Us NERF Blaster Shopping!

Oh looks like we close our undisclosed
secret location is just around the corner dudes let’s go do this cuz it’s
gonna get crazy Bros what’s going on Danny Gunn checking
in another epic vlog coming your way today we’re meeting Tommy at a secret
secret undisclosed location we got hit hard with snow so uh I don’t know how
Tommy’s gonna meet me there but hopefully makes it there safe he wasn’t
at the house so I think you got Snowden’s wherever he was last night I’m
gonna have to do a little pit stop and pick up a few things this place is
packed can you see the car lineup can I get a large double-double and just a
honey cruller doughnut this will keep me warm this will keep me fed bros I see a
lot of comments on gun versus gun and on this big boy toy channel saying that you
know every time I say oh I just came back from Toys R Us people are saying
Toys R Us doesn’t exist you’re a liar you’re making this thing up only in
Danny’s world does Toys R Us exist well my friends you guys are all noobs who
ever said that he’s a noob you know why because that right over there
his toys are undisclosed secret location is Toys R Us now how does this store
exist how does it feel impossible where I’m in
Canada we live in Canada Bros that’s the only one master advantage we have over
us right now is that we have Toys R Us and every single Toys R Us in u.s. is
closed ‘banahna Canada they’re still available
and dudes we’re gonna go inside we’re gonna go see what kind of Nerf blasters
they have now I’m still waiting for Tommy so hopefully the guy shows up in
the next half an hour if he doesn’t I’m going in solo dudes it’s roll up the room time I
didn’t even know oh now why do we call it rock the rim well because you roll up
the rim and you see if you win let’s check this out play again what kind of
garbage is this why is this Tommy guy sick of waiting for him let me know in
the comments below where you guys think Tommy is you guys gonna have to click
like for this store right now click like right now alright dudes it doesn’t look
like Tommy’s going to be showing up anytime soon I have a strong feeling
he’s snowed in somewhere and now I haven’t had any contact with them so I
don’t really know but we’re not gonna wait anymore I think I waited about an
hour so far and I’ve had enough we’re gonna go spend some cold hard Canadian
cash and we’re gonna roll inside solo without Tommy what are you gonna do
can’t do much else can’t do my chucks cuz I’m not gonna wait for him anymore
I’m getting hungry again let’s go this way the target got it big rock to strike
double-barrel well that’s um a keystroke blasters mediator rampage sonic ice on
retaliate er a new one in the Thunder Hawk but everything else is like five
years ago Rhino hail fire man oh well the next day
the Prometheus I already got died this is quite lame every single gun in
here I have so there’s nothing new I’m not sure what to do
you might have to rethink this or maybe there’s a secret somewhere that I don’t
know about let’s go check it out alright let’s see oh we got some here
let’s check these guys out whoo I have this one score I don’t have this one so
that’s plus I’m gonna pick this guy up and now we just gotta find some rival
round balls Wow they only got this That’s not me
all right dudes so this this was pretty lame my friends we went in there in
hopes that we’re gonna find some new blasters that that nerf put out we were
unfortunately unable to find anything new I am missing four hundred rival
rounds I need to get those today because I wanted to show you how that nerf
prometheus looks like the modded one when you fully load it all the way to
the top when a load of 2000 rival rounds to it so I’m gonna go pick that up we’re
gonna go home hopefully we’ll find Tommy somewhere around there as well I bros we
were able to successfully make it out of here to our local Walmart and I’m gonna
park now let’s go inside and see if they have 400 rival rounds that we need boots
you’re kidding me this is all they have all right bro so I had to go talk to the
customer service and they were able to look go in the back and look for some
more nerve stuff and they weren’t able to find any blasters but they were able
to find some more of these well their adventure force rival style balls so I
ended up buying four facts of these that’s four hundred at least we got that
done all right we’re back at home I just yell out Tommy three hundred times and I
was not able to get a response I don’t think he’s home so anyways you have to
just plug away but let’s let’s show you guys here what we purchased or what I
purchased today at Toys R Us I was only able to get this one thing which is the
Roth vault is the zombie strike wrath vault it’s like another crossbow style
blaster got that because that’s the only thing that I did not have and then we
also picked up 400 of The Adventure force rather rounds balls and we’re able
to now load up this blaster all the way to the top and put in 2,000 rounds into
it by the way let’s see if we can unbox this rat ball quickly and see how this
thing looks so let’s just take a look at it quickly you see what it’s all about
emboss that okay so I see that it’s not actually using the regular Nerf darts
it’s actually using these arrows all right put this over yeah this like that
okay and then you put the arrow you slide the arrow inside here I guess you
pull this back first yep do that and that’s what it’s not a bat shoot it out
too bad so this rat bolt reminds me a lot it’s a
miniature version and run your mind this this thing over here and this thing
is the deadbolt so check this thing out a lot bigger version of this thing now
these two blocks are both use the same type of arrows so that’s kind of cool
they’re interchangeable anyways guys let’s move on let’s go load up the
Prometheus and see how that’s gonna look now alright dudes here we go now here’s
our modified nerf Prometheus as you saw in our past video if you haven’t seen it
yet I’m gonna post a link to it up top here you can check it out now in that
video we took out these 1,600 and shot him up at some red cups and we unleashed
holy hell in the house pretty much now I grabbed all those balls that we unloaded
loading them back into the blaster right here it’s locked and loaded with 1,600
rival rounds right now and so I was able to shoot like I said in the Walmart
today by 400 more so we have 400 more here as you can tell and I ordered 200
more of these online is just these actually came today so we have 6 anger
right now so let’s see if these 600 will fit in there and if we can go over 2000
on this blaster that’s gonna be epic now if you haven’t seen this mod and how it
works go check out this video like I said I’m gonna post a link to it up top
here go check it out or check out at the end whatever you want but let’s load
this thing up and see how many more it’ll take we go those this is a hundred
more 1,700 this is a hundred more 1,800 right in here alright so I loaded the
hundred in here let’s load that up 100 more 1,900 dudes let’s pop in a hundred
more this will be 2008 right to the very top
Wow there we go so guess these were
extracting popping probably 50 to 60 more but we are at 2000 rival rounds
right there right inside so there you go this thing will take 2,000 as you can
see the only thing I have to do now is I actually have to make a little bit of a
lid up top here that actually closes and so that these balls now don’t fall out
so we’re gonna have to kind of do that as well but one thing I wanted to do at
the end and show you as well is how to return this blaster this Prometheus and
it’s pretty heavy right now – its stock shape and look so the way to do that is
we’re gonna have to actually unload all these balls out back into this hopefully
they’ll all fit in there so that this thing empties out and then
I’ll show you how to remove it quite simply and then you can actually pop it
right back as well so let’s go do that actually guys what do you think of this chop
stock that I got it’s actually pretty cool you can actually extend it as well
like that looks like an axe you can actually take it off obviously take it
off obviously and possibly use as an axe as well and chop some zombies away so uh
yeah let me know what you think of it in the comments below if you liked this
attachment or not if you want to see more pictures of this attachment and how
it looks on this blaster go check me out on Instagram ad machine gun Danny I post
a lot of nerf small pictures and just blaster pictures and stuff and
behind-the-scenes stuff as well check this out this here is a twin slice
attachment as well you got two blades spinning at the very front of the
blaster it looks pretty cool I like it let me know what you think in the
comments below click like for it and like I said if you want to see detailed
pictures of it go check me out on Instagram and machine-gunned Danny
alright there’s to check it out if you want to remove this mod quite simply
just come down here you cut this these two on each side they see there’s four
of them you cut them up that like that and this
whole piece just comes off here we go just like that so just like that
this bus is back to its original stock look it looks like nothing has ever been
changed to it or modified check that out you always have this extended hopper
that you can pop on to it when this bus is loaded up with 2,000 rounds of this
mod nothing else comes close no other blaster compares to it so why would I
keep it stock I wanted to have 2,000 rounds all the time locked and loaded
ready to go so I’m gonna put it right back and just like that the mod is right back
on we just have to load it up with our rival rounds let’s do it Wow
and here’s our blaster fully loaded 2,000 rounds right up in there ready to
be shot out thank you for watching I guess we’ll figure out where Tommy was
in the next vlog he was probably stuck somewhere in the
snow I bet you and like I said if you haven’t seen some of my past videos some
of the models that we’ve done in the past or more of this prometheus go check
out our previous videos we’re gonna post them at the end of this video we go post
links you can check him out but for now make sure you guys click like make sure
guys subscribe to this channel and I’ll see you in the next one you

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  2. i now you live in Canada i was watching the toys r us nerf blaster shopping and i got sad from you bragging about it i ive in us if you do one please do not brag i am a sub to all i boy toys and a loving fan of gunvsgun and if anyone reads this sub to mark and tommahawk gunner vs gunner i am super funny and tell tommy i said hi

  3. Oh my god grown men running a channel called big boy toys and doing a vid called "toys r us nerf gun shopping". I liked gun Vs gun but this…

  4. Toys r us in canada that only has nerf guns but not other toys and something else that a regular toys r us has

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