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(Tis the Season to be Jolly begins to play) Kinder Playtime at ToysRus! We’re picking out our favorite toys today. And who are we giving them to? Toys for Tots! (Christmas song continues to play) Reading is so important so I thought it would be fun to give away these interactive books with toys in them. Whoa! Look at this one! That’s a cool dragon. That is cool. Hey daddy! That’s neat too. What does this one do, Jake? Down here. (Chase starts talking) That’s pretty cool. (Jacob pretends to bark) Awesome! You like Scooby Doo? Pretty neat Kitty cat Peppa Pig! Lot’s of Peppa Pig stuff, huh? Oh a train, cool. And a car and a puzzle. All these things. You got a puzzle? All these things. Look! Oh, what you got there? This! Wow, that’s a huge playset. Yeah Wild Krats Look at all this Ninja Turtle stuff. All of this Ninja Turtle stuff. Do you like it? I want to get that. Look at this I found. Look at this. Yeah, you like that, don’t you? It’s a Shellraiser. What is this? A train! Pretty neat looking. (punching sounds) That’s pretty cool. They even have a blue one. (Jacob screams) What’d you find? Animals! Yeah, is that cool? Yeah! Little People animals. What’d you find Jake? Woo, a catapult. (the toys begins making sounds) Look what I found! What?! It’s the Megazord. Do you like Power Rangers, Emmy? Yeah! Yeah, you like the Power Rangers? Yeah! What you got? Is that Sponge Bob? Yeah, it’s Sponge Bob house. Wow, look! Lots of Doc McStuffins toys, huh? Yeah! I found this! And another one! Do you like that one? (Doc McStuffins theme song plays) (Jacob screams) Ah, you got me! What do you got here, mom? Minnie That’s neat. Do you see this? Cups and plates, huh? And bowls. Look what I found! Sheriff Callie? Yeah! Do you like Sheriff Callie? Yeah, I didn’t watch that movie before. You haven’t ever watched that movie before? No, I have to get that movie. Okay, we’ll have to do that. We’ve got some princess dresses. And look what I found! Is that a tea, whoa! What is… no! (Emily chases Kinder dad and laughs) Ahh, you got me. (The Mickey Mouse toy begins to play) Ha, that’s awesome. (The puppy toys pant) Those are silly. Here’s another one! Those are so funny. Cars! Cars! Let’s get in these cars. Cars! Let’s ride in the cars! Whoa, that’s a cool truck! (Kinder dad laughs) That’s so cool! Jacob, you going to do yard work in that? What’d you find, Emmy? I found my Little Pony. It’s a My Little Pony one, huh? I wanna drive it. Oh, is that a Spiderman car? Cool! (the car honks) Just your size, isn’t it bud? (the car honks and plays noises) Whoa, you found a Frozen car. Yeah, I’m in it. Wow What do you think Chloe? You like that one? Yeah Yeah? Beep-beep beep-beep! Where are you Jacob? I’m over here, dad! Oh, you’re over here? You want to see these lights go? Do the lights go? Where? Right up here. But they’re not going yet. (car makes accelerating sound) There they go! Cool! That’s pretty cool. Those are so cool. You see this? Look! Awe, are you scared of Chewbacca? He’s a nice Chewbacca. Look how fuzzy. Yoda! Do it in the camera. Oh, ouch. That a cool Hulk, Jake? (the Hulk toy makes noises) It’s a zoomer. That is awesome! That is one scary dinosaur. Rawr! I found a Bumble Bee. You found Bumble Bee? Yeah! (Jacob starts screaming) What do you got there, buddy? Spiderman! Awesome Look at what I have. You found some string? What does he do? Does he talk? Rawr! I’m Spiderman! It’s Spiderman! Hi! (Jacob and Emily laugh) Probably Spiderwoman. A walkie-talkie! Want some Spiderman Walkie-talkies? Yeah! Those are neat looking. We’ve got lots of stuff here. Those are neat. What are they? I don’t know. Wall climbers. Here’s Link! That’s cool! That is way cool! Cowabunga dude! Cowabunga dude! (everyone giggles) Life size Ninja Turtles. You like him? Yeah! (the Thomas trains begin talking) Which one do you want to get, Jacob? For Toys for Tots? Wow that shoots a fire ball. That one shoots a fire ball? Cool! That’s a good one. What you got there mom? Volcano drop. Cool, alright! I bet somebody will really like this. I bet they would. I want to give this one away. That one looks cute. What are those? Zoomer Zuppies? Cool! What’d you find there, Chloe? You like those Chubby Puppies, don’t you? I got this…. It’s a teacher Barbie! Oh, cool. What’s that behind you? What is this? It’s a carriage! Wow! Yeah, do you think a little girl would like that? Yeah! Well let’s get it! Alright, go ahead and put it up there. Thanks mommy. Wow, what a cool toy. Look at all the Minions! Those are cool. (the Minions start talking) (the fart gun farts) Of course we’d pick a fart gun. (the gun continues to fart) It says open me, but then they tapped it shut. Here goes the fart guns. What do we have on the other side? Is that Lightening McQueen? Yeah! Cool, remote control Lightning McQueen! Wow, that’s gross. Look at the Good Dinosaur stuff. What do you got there? Wow, that movie looks cute. What does this guy do? It’s Spot! Oh, he’s eating something. Whoa! Is that a Snoopy car, Jacob? I found it. Cool! Yeah, we wanted to find it! There’s lots of neat cars out this year. This one is my pick. I love Hot Wheels. I’m sure someone will love it. Look at this. What is that? It’s a Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty? Yeah, and it’s got something inside. Oh does it? Wow! Oh, it’s like make-up and nail stuff. What did you find? You found Anger and Sadness. Yeah, and they’re kind of different. What you got there, Emmy? I got a ballerina Belle. A ballerina Belle? Yeah, and a ballerina Rapunzel. What’s on this side? Frozen! Frozen! Elsa! What you got baby? I got Elsa. Elsa? Does she do anything? No, you just cuddle with her in your bed. You just cuddle with her? That sounds fun. Who is that? Is that Olaf? Yeah, that’s cool. This is what Chloe wants. Olaf! Do you like those dresses, Emmy? Yeah, she’s pretty. Look at Olaf. You found Olaf down there, huh? Yes, I need him. Yeah, it’s Olaf with flowers. He’s ready for summer it looks like. Look at this cool nail polish set. You like that Emmy? That’s pretty. Looks fun! What you see Jacob? A cash register? You see Snow White? Yeah and Cinderella. Oh, are they beautiful? Yeah! And two ballerina… And Lalaloopsey! My Little Pony! Oh, Lalaloopsey! (Jacob screams) Whoa! Who is that? Is that Rarity beating me up? Hello! (Jacob continues to scream) What’d you find? I found Apple Jacks, umm, farm. Do you like that one? Yeah! I want it. What is that one, Jacob? That’s pretty cool. What’d you find mom? These cool Princess Celestias. Oh and this one too. You found Pinkie Pie’s house? What?! What’d you find? What is that Jacob? Oh, it’s a Crystal Surprise. Look! Shopkin ornaments! Wow! Those are cool. They are cool. Alright, we about done? I think so. I think we’re ready to check out. Okay, let’s go check out! You ready, Emmy? Yeah! Let’s go check out! Alright Emmy, go ahead and put it in. Whoa, it’s heavy. Good job, Emmy! Okay, awesome! Good job buddy. Here Jake, we have another one to put in. Good job! You can put Chloe’s in. Wow! It’s heavy, isn’t it? There you go! It’s so much fun to give! Thanks for watching, BYE!!

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