Toy Tales | Lele Pons, Juanpa Zurita & Liza Koshy

[MUSIC]>>LIZA KOSHY: I’ll be right back guys! [MUSIC] [EVERYONE GROANING]>>RAGGEDY ANNE: [BLEEP]. My head hurts. [EVERYONE GROANING] [EVIL SOUNDS]>>KEN: What the [BLEEP] are you…?>>LIZA KOSHY: I think you can breathe! Can you breathe underwater?>>LIZA KOSHY: Try to breathe!
>>BARBIE: I can’t!>>RUBIK’S CUBE: Monster! Stop changing my colors!>>LIZA KOSHY: So fluffy!>>RUBIK’S CUBE: You know what guys? It’s so hard being a toy. [MUSIC]>>PENGUIN: What’s up boy?>>RUBIK’S CUBE: Uh, nothing much you know. Just trying to solve my life problems and everything.>>PENGUIN: Shut up! You need to get your block off my block!>>RUBIK’S CUBE: I’m a Rubik’s cube!>>PENGUIN: We’re the only toys on this block. Man! Let’s smoke this fool!>>RUBIK’S CUBE: Woah! Wait! Look man. Do you know how hard it is being a black cube with colors? And I’m color blind! You should understand! You half black and white. I don’t know what the [BLEEP] you are, but can we please work this out?>>PENGUIN: Let’s smoke them fool.>>RUBIK’S CUBE: [BLEEP].>>PENGUIN: I’m a bird and I can’t fly!>>RAGGEDY ANN: You’re such an idiot.>>KEN: That’s very sad.>>RUBIK’S CUBE: What is she trying to tell me?>>RAGGEDY ANN: What the [BLEEP] is she doing?>>KEN: He’s trying to tell us that we should defend our ??, stand up like he stood up in that toy store.>>GIRL: Which one should I pick? Let me get my purse. [MUSIC]>>RAGGEDY ANN: Oh. I like how you think.>>RUBIK’S CUBE: I should have done what you did.>>RAGGEDY ANN: You know who I look up to? Annabelle and Chucky.>>BARBIE: Chucky?>>RAGGEDY ANN: I try to be like them… but it never works. I’m gonna scare the [BLEEP] out of her!>>LIZA KOSHY: Raggedy! What am I gonna do with you?>>RAGGEDY ANN: I’m trying to scare you, you little [BLEEP]. [LIZA SCREAMS]>>LIZA KOSHY: Raggedy! What am I gonna do with you?
>>RAGGEDY ANN: Come on! It was me!>>LIZA KOSHY: Raggedy! [RAGEDDY ANN SCREAMING]>>RAGGEDY ANN: She never gets scared!>>RUBIK’S CUBE: I mean, I could…>>RAGGEDY ANN: Get away from me you dumb cube!>>BARBIE: Well at least she helped us get together.>>LIZA KOSHY: And welcome back to Miss Barbie Universe! Kenpa! What do you choose? Wait, no. First, you guys are going to fight>>BARBIE: [BLEEP]!>>LIZA KOSHY: Barbie slap Tiffany.>>TIFFANY: No! No, no, no, no!>>LIZA KOSHY: Now Tiffany punch Barbie in the boob!>>BARBIE: Tiffany, no! [KEN LAUGHING]>>LIZA KOSHY: Whatchu laughing at? Tiffany! Barbie! Kick Ken behind the ball!>>KEN: No, no, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no! [KEN SCREAMING]>>LIZA KOSHY: Kenpa chooses?>>KEN: Tiffany! Tiffany!>>LIZA KOSHY: Barbie!>>KEN: [BLEEP]!>>LIZA KOSHY: Now for a kiss.>>MOM: Liza!>>LIZA KOSHY: Yeah?>>RAGGEDY ANN: Aw. That’s so romantic! And pathetic. You’re making me sick. I want to throw up.>>BARBIE: You know what guys? Let’s leave. Honestly, let’s leave, we have to- [EVERYONE SCREAMING] [EXIT MUSIC]

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  2. "He stood up in that got store." And that was a huge mistake. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. At 3:50 The bragedy doll Should've been happy that Amara (imma call the child that) got scared! Cuz she explains she want Amara to get scared

  4. Who sees the little girl in the background when the lion and the panda fight


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