Toy Story Color Changers & Slide n Surprise Playground Playset Colour Shifters Disney Pixar

Hi kids! And welcome to Slide n surprise playground
from Toy Story! With color splash buddies. The playset comes with one color changing
toy story character. But guess what? We are going to open three more sets of characters!
Yay! OK let’s open this up! Yay! Ok what’s in here? This seems complicated! There’s so
many pieces! I’m getting so frustrated! Alakazam! We’re going to open up several different sets
of color changing characters. Each one changes color in cold or warm water. There’s many
different sets of characters that you can collect. W got Shark and Rex, Bullseye and
Slinky, and Buzz lightyear and baby! OK this is what your playset should look like when
everything is set up. You want to put cold water in the bucket up here, cold water down
here in the dumpster, more cold water in this bucket, and we’ll put warm water down here
in the bath tub. Ok which one of you guys is gonna go first? Hmm, hey how about Woody!?
OK Woody since you came with the set I’m dumping you first! Alright! There he goes! Splash!
This is just so cool! I like it in the water! I can’t wait to go back in! Weeee! I’m gonna
get you baby! Ya splash that baby with lots of water! Oh look his shirt is changing color.
Any last words Rex? Please don’t put me in! You’re going in Rex! Nooo! I’m putting you
down! In you go! Ooo I’m all wet! Oh it’s the magic fish! Hi magic fish. Let’s see what
the magic fish brings us today! Oh we get a bonus character! Zurg! OK Zurg! You’re all
wet! Yay you can’t get me Zurg! I’m gonna get you Buzz! No you’re not! Weee! Buzz lightyear!
Ok so now once again just get your cold ice water out dip your brush in and look we can
make Buzz turn green again! So cool! Alright kids that completes today’s review! Remember
just add cold water and watch your characters change colors! Yay! See you next time! Bye
bye! Ooh hi kids! It’s me Fuz! Thanks for watching today’s video and remember all these
toys are gonna go to sick kids in the hospital. So if like today’s video please hit the subscribe
hit the like button and tell me what toys you want me to review next time! Bye! Hey
kids! Wanna have a free video chat session with me Fuz?! Make sure you hit the subscribe
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