Toy Story 4 Toys are Missing! Benson the Dummy Plays Tricks on YouTube Families!

Ducky and Bunny isn’t it funny we
bought you with money Whoa Oh Oh bunny and ducky I am so lucky I’m glad you’re
not Chucky Whoa Oh Oh singing to your stuffed animals again that’s perfectly
normal you’re just jealous because Ducky and
Bunny are so cute well they are pretty cute but aren’t you worried that Gabby
Gabby is gonna take them like our other Toy Story 4 toys
I am worried very worried and that’s why I made a sign a sign yes to keep Gabby
Gabby away of course uh I gotta see this now Ducky and bunny you stay here and
don’t get into any mischief while I’m away see Jillian Gabby Gabby keep out if that
doesn’t work I don’t know what will I have to admit it’s a pretty nice sign
but what if she can’t read well even if she can’t read that red circle with a
slash through it should send the message just for the sake of argument what if
she sees the sign and says you know what I’m going in anyway do you think even
Gabby Gabby would stoop so low as to ignore a sign and a well made sign at
that well she was pretty jealous of all those other Toy Story 4 toys last time
I don’t know if a sign will stop her I have a feeling she’s pretty far away you
saw how she was taking toys away from other youtubers I guess so wait did you
hear that yeah I did hear that and it’s probably just ducky and bunny up to
their usual shenanigans or maybe it’s Gabby Gabby coming back to take them
come on Jillian look Oh No ducky’s missing maybe he just fell off
the couch do you see him anywhere no he isn’t anywhere I wish bunny could tell
us what happened I’m pretty sure Gabby Gabby’s behind this you mean she ignored your sign yeah that is pretty harsh come to think of it we didn’t even hear her
giggling this time well maybe she learned from last time that’s what gave
her away hey did you hear that come on what are you stopping for I just
realized I left bunny behind you mean he’s alone now this is a trap come on Addie Bunny’s gone Jillian look ah the
ventriloquist dummy I think his name’s Benson and he looked more like a
Morrissey to me let’s get him do you see him anywhere
no it’s like he disappeared into thin air
well he couldn’t have gotten very far carrying a bunny that’s twice his size
maybe Gabby Gabby helped him maybe there’s even other dummies other dummies
we better let our other YouTube friends know about this already on it
Naiah and Elli this is Addie this time the dummies are stealing our toy story 4
toys can you spread the word thanks you forgot to tell them I said hi you snooze
you lose anyway let’s find that dummy well how do we do that well we do have
one more toy story toy we can use it’s bait he seems kind of nervous about the whole
thing the dummies might be listening so I’m gonna whisper the plan into your ear mm-hmm oh yeah I sure hope the dummy
doesn’t take the last toy yes I too sure hope the dummy does not take the last
toy that’s sitting on the couch aha caught in the act say hello to our
bigger friend well he’s never coming back yeah but
neither are Ducky and bunny yeah I guess not
Addie look Ducky and bunny I think we scared that dummy so much he must have
left them behind looks like we won this round daddy daddy
Oh ducky and bunny it’s so good to have you guys back now everything can go back
to normal yeah who’d have thought it takes a dummy
to defeat a dummy wait a minute Jillian where’d that cowboy
go oh no this whole thing was a distraction and we fell for it
I guess Gabby Gabby wins this round after all
don’t worry Addie we’ll find a way to get all our toys back be sure to head on
over to the Naiah and Elli channel to see what happens when the dummy comes after their toys we’ve provided a link here and if you haven’t watched our
Gabby Gabby Toy Story video yet you can watch it here thanks for watching

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