TOY STORY 4 Movie Art Challenge!!! DIY FORKY and 3 Marker WOODY! KIDCITY

what’s up everybody
it’s me little flash in Ava star today we’re doing a Toy Story 4 art
challenge movie making a DIY for ki and ducky three marker challenge this is a
creativity set you can get at Target and you want to do this at home
so first guys we’re gonna make sheriff badges for ourselves with our names on
them so go ahead and put your name big chunga’s what in okay and Ava go ahead
and put your name alright I’ll put those on you so these
have sticky backs and you can put them on here
big chunga’s and Avis star and next we’re gonna make our bunny and ducky and
everybody will be able to comment below and tell us who they think has a better
bunny and a better ducky so we use these pom-poms to make them there’s two pieces
to bunny and one piece to ducky we use the glue uh-huh it comes with glue your
that and there are some photo stickers what you add and buddy what is that
first ponpon the first pom-pom that’s um okay that’s you might want glue for each
pom-pom so he’s gonna add another piece there while she’s working on her feet perfect perfect so so I just believe
that those two feet oh there’s the feet I see it okay there you go
so you’re adding the bunny now this is the duck email whatever and you’re gonna
add what what are you adding Wow she’s working on ears for bunny okay
that’s uh that’s fine so she’s gonna add the ears right to the face there okay all right
actually it’s nothing it’s not that far off for the picture Mach city’s gonna
help glue on the mouth I’m just using moody blue the eyes because I don’t like
sticky stuff is coming off it seems so far okay pretty sure you just made a
cookie monster perfect that’s enough yes that said it
more than perfect oh no I know what you do okay so you
you’re gluing use ears together I like it good okay it’s not stand you don’t
want to stay just give it a second okay something sit in his head you just made
it cross-eyed okay put him on the clearance rack all right diamond builder
what does that have to do with anything that’s bunny bunny and duckie and what’s
yours diamond builder and what’s his name I am in Google and Bob and King
Cookie Monster also a huge announcement we just relaunched the run believe right
now you can see a toy story 4 shake rumble and they can also see some
mystery figures we have mystery cages and the shake rumbles now subscribe to
our first three marker color sheet is bunny Lightyear with ducky it’s a bunny
and Buzz Lightyear mashup for our three marker challenge each kid will pick a
three markers at random and then you can use those markers to color this
everybody comment and judge okay close your eyes Ava very windy out here we have not the best
coloring conditions or your favorite you have pink peach and like a lavender
purple Katie Oh Katie and for Lala okay what’s yours Ray Charles Charles okay he picked so I got in builder Bob
the end builder all right anything well made good progress guys okay she’s gone
she’s getting a pink ducky so far pinky oh wow okay looking good looking good we
are on location at a lovely Park it’s a beautiful windy not too hot day
he’s going with green eyes the Martian approached a Martian we are and over
here let’s check back in still one pink glove ok what’s the update over here
purple legs and arms take care take care ok we’re going to this significantly
slower rate over here okay while she finishes hers a little flash they’re
gonna do some calisthenics have no idea why are you doing Justin Hicks oh that’s
how he waits ok the kids are done now and ok so what do you call this
masterpiece icon this is done the Avis star okay oh you caught little flash come on Ava
star and little flash down here okay big pirate choice big pirate chunga’s
alright looks like the Ninja Turtle Lightyear green and purple green and
purple attack hello where’d she go what in the world
weak okay now it’s time for our second color sheet and then we’ll get to our
four key crafts and this is woody whoa Pete would evoke Pete it’s vote piece
except woody and look at her little sheep here it’s got both buzz Bo Peep Bo
Peep okay your secret markers marker colors for woody Bo Peep Brown red and yellow for live no.3
cirthree oh my god big pirate showing you that is actually
the chunga’s color that’s gray blue and orange let’s do it I’m using big right
now okay he’s gonna use big get in his this is my first time using imaginary
things yeah okay what’s its significant for you so we’re looking at both Pete
woody Bo peeps staff here over here she started there – why that’s like is that
the easiest why are we yelling we’re the only people in the park
hey the woody dog hey the right there Oh woody okay staff
hat and now mask take care of everything that’s in the
blue color breaking news breaking news breaking news that was the breaking you
don’t have no breaking news breaking news with he tied his mustache he dyed
his mustache blue breaking news okay there’s woody both feet right there what
do you call him another Ava star with mom pants what’s your last one here a
break oh you call it breaking news breaking
news woody has a great face Gracie you only use two ok so you use the orange up
there all right dark bo-peep dark buzz lightyear in
Doogie kaboom Dukey kabooming the body made for ki with a spork two googly eyes
he has a an eyebrow a mouth and some pipe what do they call pipe cleaner yes
pipe cleaners for arms and some yes in clay Pinkley stand well and stickers yes
so she made him out of that but you guys don’t have to follow that completely you
can make your own for oh are you starting to look like porky
you don’t you don’t eat with this one this one’s a craft okay so they give you
as tools some of these popsicle sticks with color on them
generic popsicle sticks pipe cleaner wax sticks for molding like facial
expressions and things and they give you this glue over here or this clay that
acts as like a molding glue you can stick things together oh I see okay got
it oh my good always got a little rainbow mouth God’s promise you doing
with that I don’t know if that’s gonna work you need a little nervous his feet
are on backwards Ava there we go okay there we go 4q passed out okay what are
you making hair it’s actually a bandana red dreadlocks okay now for key over
here he’s standing up that’s a good start I’m gonna claim pipe with this
pipe cleaner she’s putting some hair on oh I love it blue hair over here let’s
decorate it yeah let’s put some legs and facial expressions so she’s got the
rainbow sticker one red arm and one blue arm going on happy America got some
eyebrows going over there eyebrows over here to you know stick me
just a he looks evil you’re making an evil no yeah your eyebrows your scare
people more key what a teardrop tattoo right it’s crying okay it looks like the
kids are about ready let’s see yours whoa
four key from little flash has some stuff going on in his face sadness he’s
got long popsicle sticks his legs his butts falling apart and his he’s
pointing this way something he’s he’s presenting over there yeah I like it
and over here she’s making final touches on her four key craft
okay okay that’s a head view okay whoa look at colorful four key you
what’s all the red stuff on his face Ava he got spots so many spots he has to go
to the twisty arms very nice she’s got a little wedgie there and I love the
twisty arms and the feet and the googly eyes shake his eyes a little bit oh I’m
so nervous nicely done guys
thank you we have I hope you guys did too hope you found some ways to have
fighting with some Toy Story 4 characters remember to subscribe to kids
city remember to check out the rumbling where you can watch a Toy Story 4
shake Rumble

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