Hey guys! It’s Jana! And I am in the toy
room we’re gonna finish this room off get Quin’s side of the desk totally cleaned out and get the game closet totally cleaned out but we did get all the art off the wall we got Emma’s desk all cleaned out last time so if you missed it I will link that down below yeah it’s coming along it’s coming along
moving is a lot of work so I hope this motivates you to get your kids toy room
totally cleaned out and purged go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up
check all the links down below be sure to share this video with all your friends let’s finish off this room today let’s dive right into these drawers so this is Quin’s side so there is stuff in here
but not as much stuff as Emma so we’ll go through all this and get it all sorted out so to get the drawers out I have to
unscrew a screw inside and I did not bring my little screwdriver
so I’m using a plug hey use the things around you man
keep it simple so now we’re just gonna sort everything
keep any art or notebooks that I think he would want and any toys and stuff
everything else garbage can
my favorite place onto the spring-cleaning side of things I’m going to clean up all of these blinds get all the dust off of there
because it just settles right on the blinds doesn’t it? it’s such a tedious job be sure to go around your whole room
and wipe up those floorboards I think I may need to paint a little bit on here because yeah there’s some marks
but that’s okay then I’m gonna get my finger down into the crease
where the carpet meets the floorboard because dust gets stuck up in there you got to get all those bunnies
out it’ll look so much better look at all those bunnies, ewe onto the vacuuming this carpet needs
cleaned is so bad I can’t wait to get the carpet cleaner guys in here
and get all these stains up I almost forgot to dust off the ceiling fan so I’m just using my little Swiffer duster here it’s kind of nice because it has the little extender
and I could put the head however I want so we’re just going to go around and dust off all the blades before we finish vacuuming oh the game closet oh my gosh
I cannot stay organized so I got to get everything out of here I’m going to get
rid of the stuff that we don’t play with I’m gonna pack the stuff that we don’t
need to play with and I decided to go ahead and keep out just the games that we got for Christmas because I don’t know they’re newer and we need to check them out so I will sort all of this out oh my gosh Emma made like a dragon mask
or something that’s super cute guess that’ll go in her art box so anyway we’ll just keep out all of the games
that we got for Christmas and that is it
seriously I’m so sick of this stuff so while your closet is all empty go
ahead and wipe down all the shelves and every surface of this thing there’s one big scuff right here I’m
gonna use my magic eraser and just magically make it disappear alright time to sort so everything’s
getting packed up that we need I’m gonna have a little donation pile over there and then the pile of all the ones that we got for Christmas that will just keep out so we can keep playing games we love playing games and just like yesterday I’m gonna get
rid of all these markers and pens and everything I’m just gonna keep this one art set
because Emma just got it for Christmas and it’s really good and not a
lot is missing out of it I just got to find a few of those markers but I will
find them and get it all put back together alright that’s all that’s left in thecloset OMG that looks amazing okay so now it’s time to pack up and pitch
whatever is necessary by all means necessary right? who needs a Stairmaster when you got to
take stuff up and down the stairs back and forth back and forth get my workout today and we got three bags of trash bye! I forgot a couple spots for the
floorboard so get that all done and I think we can officially say this room
is done whoo okay we made it we finished the toy room everything got wiped down everything got cleaned out everything we don’t need gets donated and everything that we don’t need between now and moving got packed oh boy so Emma still needs to go through all of her in little notebooks and pick which one she wants to keep because she has a zillion of them
halfway going that’s how they do and other than that I think we’re doing pretty good so I hope this motivated you to get your kids toy room totally organized cleared out huh feels good so thank you so much for watching go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up
check all the links down below be sure to check out those videos
I picked out just for you and I will see you next time

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