Toy Review: Avengers Infinity War Toys! ep. 024

Hulk! with the time stone Thanos! The Infinity War one! Hulk Buster is bigger we have Thanos Bobblehead (Funko Pop) here’s my other Infinity War characters these 2 we got yesterday at Target oohhh HULK! with the Time Stone. LOOK! it goes onto his weapon …the stone but in the Infinity War movie he didn’t have a weapon this is cool he’s flexible this actually the first flexible I seen no it is! wait lets put on this Hulk Smash! Thor! Thor was Awesome in the movie! because he’s cool! and he made his new hammer Stormbreaker!! Thor! He’s flexible … but the legs are not flexible there you go Daddy (put it down, I got some more for you) what? you got some more for me? (Look in the bag?) (Don’t look, just grab one) CAP! Yes! its the yellow Infinity Stone wait … it looks like Hulk smashed Thor what the … he’s just gonna fling these toys are from Hasbro Hasbro Marvel and there Awesome! the Infinity Stone I wish he had the other one too the other one from Wakanda (don’t look) (just grab another one) (…just one more) Is it just one more (just grab it, don’t look) No way … a weapon his weapon is different we need 2 more did you get 2 more? Yes! No way … his weapon looks so cool! woo hoo! It’s really cool guys! (Star Lord) (okay put him away, you got one more) (who is that?) IRON MAN! Yes! these are Marvel Toys from Hasbro (oops) Infinity Stone! here you go … I want you to see it again Hey Guys! All of these toys are from Hasbro … all of this …this whole collection we need one more. This is Star Lord … Iron Man, Captain America …this is Thor … and this is HULK This is Marvel from HASBRO … and there Awesome! and these are my Funko Pops! another Iron Man and another Captain America and another Captain America 3 Captain America’s did you see all of them guys you got another one? OH ya Baby!! we got this! it’s Captain America’s Nerf Sheild gun my Dad’s getting his Ninja choppers you can connect the whole thing here 4 different ones and we can connect it, together! so it can be a GI-Nomous Blaster! (this is Hasbro too) these guns are Hasbro too! but how do you load? it just came back and hit me (whoa!) awesome everyone! guys these are awesome! we got one last surprise guys! where is it? Whoa!! (it’s the one you wanted remember) (you can even attach it) OH YA! Check it out Guys! this is Iron man’s Nerf Gun! …that’s right here * Bonus Review * Guys, I’m gonna open this …this is the next day this is adding on to our video. Bonus Review! oh its Groot! guys, we got Groot! bobblehead (Funko Pop) yea, Groot next toy is …. the next one is …. Groot and Rocket Racoon! with a stone Groot looks like the tallest one here’s Rocket Racoon his tail can move groots thing doesn’t fit that good

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