Toy Hunting UK – Meadowhall Sheffield Vlog – HMV, Disney Store, Lego, Avalon Collectibles & more!!!

Toy Hunt Vlog – Disney Store, Lego Store,
Toys R Us Final Visit, NECA Predators & Pop Vinyls – hey guys its me your host SUPERSORRELL
and I am going shopping again in my favorite place of all the MEADOWHALL SHOPPING CENTRE
in Sheffield!! In this vlog we go to LEGO STORE
and check out the new TRON LEGACY LEGO set 21314. We check out DISNEY STORE and grab some DISNEY
ANIMATOR Littles Minis, we check out some awesome ALIEN & Predator NECA products! even
an awesome RAMBO Action figure and Annabelle from Living Dead Dolls!! Then we go to HMV to check out the POP VINYL
Offerings! from Jurassic Park, Infinity War & sooo many more!! Then we take one final stroll around TOYS
R US as it prepares to close its doors forever! thank you for watching guys I do hope you
enjoy this toy hunting vlog! thank you for watching guys if you enjoy this
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Toys R Us Final Visit, NECA Predators & Pop Vinyls Let me know your thoughts in the comments
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14 thoughts on “Toy Hunting UK – Meadowhall Sheffield Vlog – HMV, Disney Store, Lego, Avalon Collectibles & more!!!

  1. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below;
    #toyspotting #toyhunting #toys #neca #actionfigures #ToysRUs #hmv #thelastjedi #starwars #TronLegacy #LEGOIdea2018 #LegoIdeas #legostore #lego #popvinyl #funko #FunkoPops #disneystore #shopping #vlog

  2. Awww, Princess SuperSorrell, she is too cute. Great video. I still have not seen the last Jedi. So sad about toys r us. i need to take the baby soon so we can make a for memories.

  3. nice video mate keep up the good work and which toy are you at cause mine for the last past 2 years has not even got those yellow eternal daleks such a shame that stock does not carry/share through each of there stores one of the reason they failed in my opinion because use geek who would wait for stuff to come out and when there suppose to come out and they don't it make you go I will order it online or what not but the stuff you want in only in one store half way across Yorkshire such I Shame now I know why I could not find the 8th doctor figure from time of the doctor last year. thanks for the great and informative video mate even though I dought you made it to informer people but love you videos mate keep up the good work

  4. Super Sorrell Jr. is so cute! It's been a long time since I've seen Care Bears plushies too. They looked so cute, brighter & with a bit jollier faces than the originals maybe? Oh! & Star Wars! I didn't know if you guys knew, but there's a a cute "Chewie and the Porgs" kids book. From 1 parent to 2 others I just thought I'd share in case you wanted to get it for Super Sorrell Jr❤😊

  5. My little girl loves dolls too! Just wanted to let you know that I stuck around for the whole 18 mins last time! 😉

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