Toy Haul – Bloodshot DC Multiverse, Exclusive Funko Pop, DC Multiverse, LootCrate, Yu-Gi-Oh & More!!

hey guys mio supersorrell thank you very
much June hey look I got I got some boxes so I got some stuff to show you
guys from this week’s haul of goodies and the stuff we’ve kind of had to
deliver though last few days so let’s quickly get into it um I went on to
Amazon shopping this week I was looking online and you know I grew up
dramatically in price this is yugioh legacy of the Duelist
that is the link evolution version with three exclusive cards on the inside
which I can show you happens to be bug Leo mowgli holographic
micro coder and a sign it codec now I don’t actually play the physical card
game of you you know I’ve not played the physical card since I was a kid but I do
love playing the actual video game versions of yu-gi-oh and this includes
all of the expansions if you buy this on Xbox or Playstation in the stores and
then you’ll have to download all of the game packs the content the trader card
packs the booster packs whereas with the Nintendo switch the switch version it’s
all included and if you buy the version from overseas including Japan it is
actually a region unlocked and it’s got full English compatibility decays you’re
interested to know that but the best part is about this version of the game
guys like cities it’s got all the content already installed for you
including an entire season that was never actually dubbed in English and
sent it over to the West so that’s pretty cool to play through as well am i
emergency going back and playing the Duelist Kingdom and seen Yugi and Seto
Kaiba and all that kind of stuff yes it’s a great game
picked it up on Amazon for $24.99 so I’m happy with that and that thought with
the game it will keep me entertained and while I’m on my flight to Florida
later on this year next up guys another prime bag as you can see here I get
scared when they send GT bags but you know what it actually arrived in it’s bloodshot couldn’t resist getting
this guy’s it’s basically Vin Diesel the app-v action figure and again this is by
McFarlane’s toys you will have seen this during the toy fair updates and content
as it did they actually show it off during the toilet xxi stuff even though
it’s already out this again it’s very interesting to see this one it was there
getting distributed by Bandai so bundai are doing the distribution in the UK in
Europe for McFarland’s which is very interesting
obviously the UK stock as well cuz it only cost me $21.99 and Amazon so happy
with that guys got a good figure there for 20 quid basically well $21.99 so
yeah that’s it good good figures have the boxes go so first box yeah this is
from popular box guys so pop in a box this was a pre-order that I put through
ages ago I’ve been dying to go on this this is the Little Mermaid number 714
its Herschel it has Vanessa so this is your remembering in the in the movie
when ursula transforms into a human she becomes what what is known as Vanessa
and she uses Ariel’s voice very nice figure it’s actually pop in a box
exclusive as a part of the Little Mermaid’s 80th anniversary I will be
keeping her in my collection she will be going up on the shelf guys I’m gonna
take her out the box that will save the box probably taking her out of the box
because this figure is too awesome not to keep you they don’t make the the
merchandise for Vanessa I know they released the doll reasonably it but that
was a convention exclusive I believe it it’s yet to come out in the UK and we’re
still waiting on the Ursula animators dolly the UK as well that has yet to
surface you know how much I love my Disney Villains so
hurlers Vanessa will be firmly staying in Michael collection if you want to see
me reviewer she will be gained a full review treatment over on my Instagram so
please check us out and give us a follow over an Instagram at supersorrell link
is in the description for that guy and she’s again it’s gonna be a great
pop to review so Instagram for that guys make sure you follow I’m putting up a
lot of exclusive content on Instagram these days alright guys another box here that’s
been sent to us let’s open it up oh this was something I actually won on
a on eBay it’s a Marvel legend guys is one that we’ve already already got in
the collection but the only ones a 2-pound ninety-nine for it and and it
was free postage in packaging so I got myself another Sharon Carter it comes
with the back leg of a red skull as well so I do have that if anybody’s
interested he picking that up from me but basically she’s gonna be going
straight into my photo box because I want the bits from her body piece I’m
gonna basically try and build potentially my own white clothes version
of what we know or I might do something else I’m not sure yet but either way
it’s a great figure so definitely having low to power 15 cap you can’t pass that
up they’re out Robin Luke we got a lot of business but yet they’re still
sending stuff through it’s got the loot great logo there but yet they’re still
sending boxes this must be the last one anyway let’s take a look inside she’s
got a t-shirt guys first of all it’s a Masters of the Universe shirt so you
know I’m gonna check that out you can’t beat masters of the universe
oh that’s a very nice shirt I hope that fits what size is that two XL American
wear might just about fit hopefully will I’ve not asked to slip into that bye-bye
but yeah isn’t that the logo for Castle Grayskull with the two swords looks
phenomenal like that shirt and we’ve Masters of the Universe coming
back to our sets we’re gonna be getting and run a brand new series coming to
Netflix that’s been headed up by Kevin Smith now wait for that oh my god sales
well got a shear a pin which is a little unit on which my dog I think will be
dying to go oh look it’s a unicorn yeah that’s cool it’s a little sheer a
pin got some Star Trek USS Enterprise coasters ooh something with power ranges
we’ll check that out in a second because I’m a little item there what’s that
Oh a Jurassic world poster featuring blue paw print I supposed up the column
a print these days they’re posters just fancy posters why can’t I open this so
that is blue that’s pretty cool water after that do like me a velociraptor I
know we’ve also got this thanks for being a looter what’s it one more info
about the epic gives you some bucks learn what’s in the crate at loot crate
CFO’s left my loop team loot PS questions chat friendly blah blah blah
blah weather okay looks great I don’t like this as well what’s this
so this is power rangers Saban’s Perrin joe’s Dino Megazord
exclusive to loot crate isn’t at all collectible not a toy
so let’s open up my mother’s eyes cool new dinosaur power
now you new new new new new oh my god just
push sort through there we go strong new new new new new
I’m keep it up that’s badass suppose they can go back at the box if I post up
so that was a loop great guys not sure when that loot crate box was ever sent
to us but it’s been sir customs for a little while this was shipped on the
11th of the 819 it’s only just reached us what is going on with the world how
is that taking that long we traveled the world in that time that’s so bad that
main transport how long of customs been randomly holding on to it like a little
hostage either way he’s going on my desk Corinne yeah all right guys final box
it’s my comics and cocktails we got some goodies buoys nicely bubble wrap all
we’d like to see that oh yeah it’s the final two for my Batman
DC Universe lineup sorry DC Multiverse lineup so guys we have the Batman who
laughs this is a quite a big box for him as well it comes with the back the
Batmobile build a piece yeah look at that it looks so cool and then we’ve got
my favorite it’s Batgirl with Barbara Kings Batgirl
really happy about I again distributed by Bandai for the UK it says on the back
this is the final piece we need for a bobbin bill got Nightwing back well
armed man ooh laughs so I’ll be able to build the back the Batmobile like I said
guys as soon as I have done the full reviews Nightwing will be up for grabs
as I’m not keeping him in my collection so if anyone out there wants him please
let me know all right guys that will do it for this video I hope you enjoyed
that and it may be a little while until we get the next sort of bunch of stuff
delivered so about to take a week away a week off so cuz not me I do a weekly
update of everything that’s arrived but I don’t think I actually have anything
arriving now for quite some time and so it might be a few weeks before we get to
the whole of stuff but that’s okay because we’ve got to catch up on
everything we’ve currently got outstanding so got a lot of gear
together them I hope you enjoyed my coverage from Toy Fair I’m looking to
really go to New York Toy Fair next year because it looks like a lot of fun and I
think I could I think I would actually have a really good time there and yeah
that I just think New York Toy Fair would be great for the channel and I’d
be able to get some great footage and meet some American youtubers as well
which would be awesome maybe bump into shadow is prime who knows but anyway
guys hope you enjoy this video thank you very much for watching if you did enjoy
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let’s make sure you add as on gamers thank you for watching guys until next
time may the force be with you you

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  1. This video was amazing how are you I'm not very happy with my YouTube videos they're getting no views can I send you one of my videos so you can watch them and give me some advice about my I review figures as

  2. Nice pickup with the Yugioh game SuperSorrell. Glad to see your getting back into it. It's a real fun game. If only we could duel that'd be fun.

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