Toy Bonnie All Voicelines! FNaF AR Special Delivery

This is my chance to shine.. ..and your chance to fall! There you are! Why ever is this creature.. ..hiding from little old me? No kidding! You thought you could survive me? It’s not my fault I’m so much more famous than you. Six.. Seven.. Five.. Three! Four.. Two.. One! Aren’t I just the shiniest? Did you actually think YOU, could hide from, ME? Closer.. Closer now! Just a little closer! Clear the stage, for the star of our show is now here! Now, I’m a super star. Ladies and Gentlemen, the stage is now, mine.

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39 thoughts on “Toy Bonnie All Voicelines! FNaF AR Special Delivery

  1. If you pitch his voice down by 20 in audacity, it sort of sounds like Gumball. (The Amazing World of Gumball) This is now how I'll imagine him.

  2. "Night Guard! I need you to stop confusing me with your mask! Night guard, you've reset my voice module! Night guard!"

  3. I was kind of expecting this voice because of that Toy Bonnie voice leak from a while ago, this seems to meet the description well.

  4. So Okay Toy Bonnie finally got a voice just like papa Freddy but i didn't expect to be like that , i though he will have the same voice you know like Bonnie from the VR but more small and cute

  5. Toy Bonnie's lines
    This is my chance to shine and your chance to fall
    There you are
    Why ever is this creature hiding from little old me
    No kidding you thought you could survive me ?
    it's not my fault i'm so much famous than you
    6 , 7 , 5 , 3 , 4 , 2 , 1
    Aren't i just the shiniest ?
    Did you actually think You , could hide from ME ?
    Closer closer now , just a little closer
    Clear the stage for the star of our show is now here !
    Now i'm a super star
    Ladies and Gentlemen , the stage is now, mine

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