Tour FrictionPin’s complete Lego MARVEL Super Heroes minifigure collection

Friction Pin: Hey YouTube,
Friction Pin again, doing another collection video. This time we’re looking at
the Marvel Super Heroes. And I have my DC and Marvel split into their own separate display cases. And these cases are frames
that I got from a craft store. And then it actually uses a design which I found on the internet,
which I will post a link to in the description, that
gives you the instructions. But basically uses little
wood slats and then some Lego on each side to actually
build the shelves. So I use some little zots,
some little, basically pieces of sticky, gummy little round
things that you can stick the actual Lego bricks that
make the shelves onto the side. And then you slide in your wooden shelf and you set the next one on,
you put one on each side. Basically, it’s all outlined in the video, so I’ll go ahead again and take these out of the case because of
the glare and the size. So we can get a little
bit better look at them. So see you in a minute. Alright now let’s take a look at our Marvel figures outside of the case. We’ll start with this row,
which has the taller figures. I have this one on the
top, the top row has just a little bit more
room in the display case. So I put the big fig’s on
there and the ones that have arms and the
tentacles [unintelligible]. Let’s take a look at them. Alright, first we’ve got three
versions of Doc Ock here. We’ve got the old version
and there’s more than one of these but basically
the only difference is the expression on his face. So I didn’t see the need to get two or three versions of that. So this is the oldest one
from the original Spiderman. Actually I can’t remember
which set this one came from but this is the newest one
in the 2013 super heroes set. I want to say this is an
older Spiderman set as well but I’m not sure. Okay, we’ve got the
Hulk with his tan pants. I’ve got the Hulk big fig
and then the last one is Venom with his tentacles
(makes swoosh sound). So that’s the first row. Next row, we’ve got Spiderman with all the different
Spiderman merchants. So let’s take a look here,
we’ve got original Spiderman. This one the only difference
here between these two is this neck brace piece,
that’s the only difference. I had two of those so I just went ahead and put that on there. It’s actually listed in the
catalog as two separate figures, but essentially it’s the same thing without that piece on it. So we have the wrestling
mask, balaclava Spiderman. We have dark blue
version from Spiderman 3. And then we have the newest version, which is the is the super hero version, which is this one right here. The one that’s in the sets now. Then we’ve got both versions
of the Green Goblin. The one that has the
gold printing on the eyes and the eyebrows and it’s
got gold teeth as well. So you’ve got the regular
mask and the unprinted and the printed mask, that’s the
difference in that one. And then, we’ve got J. Jonah Jameson. What would Spiderman be
without J. Jonah Jameson? Probably a lot saner. Alright, so then the next one we’ve got Ironman related figures. Those are hard to get in the
picture, there, there we go. Alright, so there’s lots of
different Ironman figures. Let’s take a look at them. Number one here is Ironman
with a triangle on the chest. Number two, Ironman with
circle on the chest. And these two are pretty
much the same figure expect one just has a white head. So that came in the Malibu set, I think. So those are pretty much the
same thing except for the head. And then you’ve got
the heartbreaker armor, which is this one right here. We’ve got War Machine, Iron
Patriot, which came with the Lego Marvel Superheroes
game when you preordered it. We’ve got both versions of the Mandarin with and without cape. He does have different leg printing, he actually has a different shirt on too. Then we’ve got Tony
Stark, Pepper and Killian and I don’t what this is, I
think that’s a generic dude. I think that’s just an extra soldier. So that’s our Ironman related row. And then this row is everybody else. So we’ve got a lot of
different stuff on this row. Let’s take a look, we’ve
got Avengers and X-Men. Lot’s of good stuff. Alright so we’ve got, we
got the good ol’ Thor. I need to give him his hammer. And Loki, I need to give him his staff. And Hawkeye, where’s his crossbow? Yeah, I should put all
that stuff in there. I just haven’t ever gotten around to it. We’ve got Black Widow, Nick
Fury, some alien dudes, that as soon as I have more actual figures those will come out, cuz as I
like to say I don’t do little, the minions and the stuff
like that, the henchmen. There just in there now for filler space. As there’s not as many Marvel
figures as there are DC. So it helps fill out
the case a little bit. Then we’ve got Captain America,
superhero Captain America. We’ve got the Hulk,
the regular sized Hulk, that was a giveaway from, when you ordered so much
you got one of those. We’ve got Wolverine, Magneto, Dead Pool. I love the X-Men figures, I
really wish they’d make more. Really wish they’d make more. Got Iron Fist, Nova,
Doctor Doom and the Beetle. You know they really have some nice figs. Before the licenses expire I
hope they make a lot more figs. Alright and then the last
one are the exclusives. Put that on there, because I keep these in their own separate little bags. They don’t actually stay in the case. Alright, so let’s take a
look at what we’ve got. We’ve got, oops we’ve got it off camera. Okay, we’ve have, focus
that in, alright we’ve got Jean Grey, we’ve got Phoenix, right there. And then we’ve got black suit Spiderman and these are from the
2012 SDCC convention. They were two giveaway
figures and also got the DC ones, Bizarro and Shazam. And they made 1500 of each, or no they made 1000 of those, excuse me. 1000 each of those, they
came on a cardboard backer. And I can show you that,
I’ll just show you that. Let’s see, there they are. They look like this,
there’s Bizarro and Shazam and the little things they put them on. They look like this, a little
two by two plate on there. And then the little cardboard
comic book looking thing. So each one came with one of those. And I just keep them in
this bag, I don’t actually keep them on the card because
the weight of the figure actually will make that two
by two plate come off there. And if you have these and
that has happened to you, all you really got to do is
there’s a piece in the middle, in that center circle slot on the back. It’s just this little
rubbery, plasticy piece and just put a hairdryer
on that, you know, for a few seconds and when
that warms up a little bit it’ll get tacky and then you
can push it back on the card. Just be careful not to
heat it up too much, because if it gets really sticky
and you put it on the card and it tries to fall off
again, or you bump it, you can tear the card, so
just be careful with that. Alright and then these two, these are actually very difficult to find. These are Ironman and Captain America, the Bucky Barnes version
of Captain America. And then the Ironman
with the printed head. These were Toy Fair 2012 giveaways and they gave away 125 of each. So they are very sought
after, very expensive figures. We got those so then the
final two are the 2013, oh [unintelligible],
I knocked myself over. The final two are the 2013 figures. There’s Spiderman and
Spiderwoman and these were from SDCC 2013, San Diego
Comiccon and now you have seen all the figures that
I have, which is most of the figures that they’ve
made so far in Lego form. And once again, we’ve got
the Marvel Super Heroes. And they all aren’t going
to fit in the shot but we’ll get a bunch of them
in here for one last look. Alright and that’s what we’ve got. Thanks for watching and we’ll
see you in the next video.

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