TOP RV TRENDS 2020 (Camper Van, Toy Haulers, Super C, Off Grid) Full Time RV

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my name is Charity in 2018 my husband Ben and I set off to
travel full-time with our family and explore the United States in our
motorhome oh and if you want to see some funny bloopers keep watching today we are going to talk about some of
the hottest trends for RVs for 2020 so be sure to stay tuned …Music playing… so another one of the hottest trends for
2020 are camper vans now campervans can be a great way to be
able to travel and still live the RV life on-the-go campervans can be
extremely easy to maneuver you don’t have to worry about some of the things
you have to worry about with the traditional Motorhome or a trailer setup
they’re also very good for stealth camping so you could pull into a parking
lot or next to a lake camp inside of your camper van and kind of camp on the
stealth if you will they also tend to be a little bit lower priced to get into
them and they also tend to have less maintenance costs overall than a
traditional Motorhome so one of the things it’s definitely trending for 2020
are these camper vans another one of the hottest trends for 2020 in the RV world is these smaller lightweight campers now there’s all sorts of options from the
smaller teardrop ones that basically just have a bed with some electricity
with an outdoor kitchen or these like the ones behind me in the max line where
you can still go inside have a place to change have your kitchen inside but
they’re super lightweight which means RVing is now accessible for anybody
because these can be towed even with most SUVs you always want to check the
towing capacity on your particular vehicle but these are so lightweight
that it really opens up the possibility to be towed with most SUVs and small
trucks on the market another one of the hottest trends for
2020 in the RV world are these off-grid type campers now these are built to be
able to go places your traditional camper can’t so if you are somebody that
wants to be able to get way out in the backwoods or go to those remote
wilderness areas and kind of have more of a true camping experience with a few
feature comforts then these are something that you should definitely
check out it’s actually not that bad pretty spacious that is pretty spacious
my feet are not touching the bottom and probably could set up and change clothes
in here if I needed to another one of the RVs we see trending for 2020 are toy
haulers now these have become very popular in the RV community and amongst
a lot of full timers and for good reason you’ve got areas like this and a lot of
toy haulers that you can set up as a patio as a porch set chairs out enjoy
the Sun a lot of full timers will even take the garage area of toy haulers and
convert that into whatever is needed for them whether it’s a mobile on the road
office or a bunk room for kids a spot for the toys really the sky is the limit
because these types of spaces are very versatile the other thing you’ve seen a
lot of toy haulers is two bathrooms so you have a bathroom in the back and then
also a bathroom in the front which is very conducive to full time RV living to
have those two bathrooms when you’re on the road full time another trending RV
that we see for 2020 are the super C’s now these are trending because they’re
very very comfortable to drive with that wider wheel base most of them have a
diesel engine which means they are very powerful have a lot of towing capacity
to tow either a trailer or a vehicle behind it they also just are very roomy
on the inside and pretty versatile is why
for an actual drivable Motorhome so be on the lookout for super sees to be on
the rise in 2020 thank you so much for watching this video about the hottest
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