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I see you have constructed a new lightsaber If you had a lightsaber what color would your crystal turn for you comment your color in the comments right now Now here’s a video I’ve been wanting to do since the channel’s birth but just felt like everyone already knew the answer and there are so many videos like this on YouTube that I felt that that’s just No point doing it but much to my surprise It doesn’t really seem to be as known as I thought. Do you all remember being a little kid after watching Star Wars? Imagining that you had a lightsaber, I’m sure everyone here can relate. What color was your lightsaber? For me It was always green or red well in this video We’ll finally learn the different colors that are in Canon, coupled with what they mean now the new Canon explains lightsabers as turning the color of their users force powers and Turning red if they are forced to bleed by the Sith. In legends however the colors were sought after on different planets awarded to the user by their skills and color preference now to Understand a little better before we embark on these colors We must know why lightsaber even emits colors so to begin all Lightsabers house a crystal and this crystal starts as colorless until the users personality and force abilities help determine what color the crystal will emit. Now not just any Jedi can take any crystal if it is a match the crystal will make a soothing hum However, if the match isn’t compatible, then it will remain frozen to the touch Let’s start this off Unconventionally here as usual in Star Wars Theory let’s begin with purple now purple is the color that wasn’t supposed to exist However when Samuel Jackson got the part of mace windu he wanted to stand out So he asked George if he could have purple. Now I’m sure you can guess what the answer was there purple signifies a user of the light that harnesses some dark side attribute and attacks while Synergistically using them to defeat the dark side just like how Mace uses of a pod which is a variant of the seventh lightsaber fighting Style one that Darth Maul mastered as well it allowed him to turn the dark side energy around him towards his attacker Blue and red makes purple the perfect balance now Disney still has yet to reveal How Mace Windu made his purple lightsaber since they’re extremely rare which will require some backtracking? But I’m sure it’ll be done at some point at least hopefully next up. We’ll cover blue, now This color is used by most Jedi as it’s symbolic of guardians and protectors of the Peace. They are like the Warriors of the Jedi Order by far the most well-rounded of all the Jedi good at everything but Master of none now blue lightsabers are yet to be further explained by Canon in Star Wars as to how a Jedi turns it blue instead of green But in legends the blue crystal was abundant on the planet alone some popular blue users were Anakin Skywalker obi-wan Kenobi ki-adi-mundi and plugg Koon although platoon if you wait a few minutes will get the yellow you’ll also see that he had a yellow lightsaber so basically any jedi padawan before they really start to exhibit their favorable force powers and talents would have a blue lightsaber the next color is one of my favorites Green now Green was used only for those who were Extremely powerful in the force and ones who offered a different view than other Jedi a Jedi consular as they called them typically used negotiations instead of using their weapon however if need be They have no problem using it and what a force they were to be reckoned with In conjunction with their lightsaber training which would start at the early age of a young league as they would progress and own their force Powers creating the green blade that we see their force powers would definitely help them with their attacks and their fighting style Everything from speed to acrobatics to power would be implemented Against their opponent this makes for one of the deadliest Jedi in the galaxy as their force powers aided their attacks and strikes popular green light Yoda qui-gon jinn Kit Fisto Quinlan vos and of course Luke Skywalker by the way how many of you think Luke will have his green lightsaber in Episode 8. I hope he does red the next color I’d like to talk about is red now of course We don’t see light side users with red lightsabers as no organic crystal is red to begin with In order to make a lightsaber red one must make it bleed Against its will I have a video covering the Canon Darth Vader comic and how he made his first lights hit return red from green Which he stole from a Jedi I’ll have him pop up as a cart now And then at the end of this video again now red signifies if you didn’t guess already anger hatred pain suffering and destruction basically everything a Sith stands for perfect for a Sith Lord hell-bent on killing Jedi some popular users include darth vader darth maul darth sidious Count Dooku the inquisitors and Kylo Ren how many of you here think Snoke will have a red lightsaber or perhaps will he have a black one or? Will he don’t even use a lightsaber is he just too powerful and way beyond using a lightsaber I’m excited to find that answer out in December yellow. Now this lightsaber was more rare Not as rare as purple But it was typically only used by scholars and Jedi Temple guards or in other words Jedi sentinels it involved the user’s crystal to identify their unique intellect and see them as somewhere in-between Guardians with blue and forced to in consulars with green now There is no Canon explanation yet about how a lightsaber turns yellow or why? but what I can say is that Jedi Temple gaurds rotated throughout the order and With this impermanent position the yellow lightsabers would be passed around as well You could think of it somewhat like shifts so if Jedi sentinels had a shift to be Protectors and Jedi Temple guards then they would take the lightsaber that was there waiting for them from the last person These lightsabers never belonged to any guard in particular. They were just used amongst the order We’ve seen guards use them along with the rail poof and blow Koon Who’s appeared more orange at times, but I figured I’d mention it Anyway, is due to the closeness in color until we have a cannon orange explanation the next color We’ll examine is silver or rather white ahsoka used this color lightsaber in rebels and until the ahsoka novel came out It was a bit of a mystery well This is a lightsaber color that exists when a user reverses the bleeding method and frees a crystal from its pain that the previous user forced upon it in other words if you heal a bleeding crystal then it turned white Ahsoka, took the red lightsaber crystal and freed it from its pain and turning it a pale white color I also have a video explaining this very topic in detail how it’s so good turned her lightsabers white which I’ll have to pop up now and At the end of the video the last but not least lightsaber is the color black Which many speculate to be snoke’s lightsaber as he has a black Kyber crystal ring on his finger? I think that he won’t even use one But that’s neither here nor there a black lightsaber blade has been seen in the Clone Wars used by the dark saber it’s an ancient weapon stolen from the Jedi hundreds of years prior to the Clone Wars by the Mandalorians Even more distinctive than its color or lack thereof the dark sabers flat Curved blade is just like a real sword it eventually came into the possession of Darth Maul during the Clone Wars until we see it later again And rebels a little Easter Egg is that we can see the dark saber written in the files in rogue one When jyn erso is trying to steal the Death Star plans? Now to throw in a bonus fact for all those who made it this far in the video Comment below if he did did you know the earliest? Lightsabers also called proto sabers didn’t include internal power cells mainly because they hadn’t been invented yet Proto sabers had external power sources this meant that Jedi had to carry around Huge backpacks on their backs or around their waist which were attached to the lightsaber by a power cord if the cord was cut Or severed in any way the lightsaber would shut off in battle the Sith were eventually the first ones to develop Power cells that cut through the lightsaber cords also Did you know that Luke’s green lightsaber in The Return of the Jedi was going to be blue? And it was even shown this way in episode 6 promo But George Lucas made the call to switch to green solely because the blue blade was more difficult to see during the fight scene above the Sarlacc pit while Jabba and his palace watched the Blue lightsaber was apparently getting lost in the blue sky, that means. We’d never have seen green. I’m glad they changed it It’s much more cool This way now the real question is what lightsaber Would you have what color would your crystal turn and why I hope you guys enjoyed this episode? I think this is one that you can refer back to later down the road if you ever forget or you want some more clarification On it. It’s one that I wanted to cover for sometime if you want me to do legends colors Let me know as there are literally hundreds of different colors Which I think would be pretty cool and fun to do also for tomorrow’s episode Do you want me to cover the reason Luke Skywalker went into hiding there are some spoilers in this room? I wanted to take a breather from leaks and theory videos I just didn’t want to saturate you all or bored you or kind of spread it out over time anyways Thanks for watching this video leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed it to help the channel grow And I’ll see you all in the next episode of Star Wars Theory until then my fellow Jedi ins and friends remember the force will be with always You

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